Hanging Out With The Masters

Art by Maria Chambers
Art by Maria Chambers

As you may have noticed, embodied enlightenment is solitary work.  It’s not a group effort, and it’s not something you learn from a book. It requires 100 percent of your attention.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have families and mates and children in your life.  But it does mean you need a lot of solitary time, sacred time for you to allow this process to unfold.

Some of us have chosen a more solitary life than others.  There is no right or wrong.   Just what works for each of us.

Over the years I let go of family ties, and even two very close relationships.  Those two people couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t want to continue the relationships.  I tried to explain that I needed to devote myself to this process 100 percent, and that being entangled with them was interfering because we were in very different places.

Because they were not going through their own awakening, they took it to mean I chose to deprive myself of any relationships in my life, and that, they said, wasn’t balanced.

But unless you are going through this major transformation, you can’t possibly understand exactly what it takes for a human.  One of those relationships tried to compare enlightenment to a hobby, like tennis, golf, or stamp collecting.

But, at that point I thought, if I have to explain it…..

It’s at once amazing, and strange that this process feels so all-consuming at times, and so incredulous at other times.  So much so, that we question, is it real?

Which is why it’s so important to connect with kindred souls, so we can reassure ourself that it is real.  That, in fact, it’s more real than this reality.


As we go deeper into this process, we may find ourselves spending more time with those who do get it, even if it’s online, or with those in the other realms, such as Ascended Masters, or Archangels.

We need to remind ourselves that they are always available to us, and we can invite them in.  They are happy to assist us with our energies.  There are times we need a boost, or we need to just feel their unconditional love for us.

They are real.  And they are in full support of who we are and what we are going through.  You don’t need to know their names, as long as you ask them to be present, and open up your mind and your heart and body to them.

Your soul is of course always available to you.  But sometimes it feels easier to call on an Archangel, or Ascended Master, since they can help you to connect with your soul.

If you enjoy an activity, like tennis, or chess, would you want to play with someone who is not very good at the game, or would you prefer to play with a pro?

Wouldn’t the pro help you to hone your own skills?  And wouldn’t an Ascended Master help you bring your frequency higher?

So maybe it’s time to make some new friends, if you haven’t already, and start hanging out with the Masters.

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6 thoughts on “Hanging Out With The Masters

  1. ♥️♥️♥️ I love this. And there are so few humans who I can talk to about this. You, Sistar, you! My alone time is so sacred. A dear friend, who is a very busy-take-care-of-everyone person, told me I was depressed when I said I didn’t really want to be around people. Heehee. I just smiled and laughed later.

    I thought you would enjoy this message that came to me a couple of years ago from The Beans. It was a Facebook flashback:
    “This comforting brilliance just came to me. ♥️♥️💖💖♥️♥️💖💖💥💥

    The Beans (my guides) wanted me to elucidate a bit more about our path and how we see it. They say that forwards, backwards, good, bad, etc are all 3D terms. We are all past that.

    Our path wanders and meanders…….. up, down, all around……

    We humans think that we must move in a linear fashion, but they say that is old news…. The beautiful stuff of 3D. It served us well and we are grateful to it.

    Flowing, at times, in infinitesimal steps. Guided by our beautiful and brilliant higher selves.

    Thank you Beans! This is very helpful to me, and hopefully all.

    I love us all!


    Thanks for who you are and all you do!

    Love you!

    1. Oh, wow, siSTAR goddess, what a beautiful message from The Beans! And so it makes sense that we have already arrived! We are already Master Creators. Because in 5D we are not constrained by time and space.

      And, yeah, me too. A friend suggested, years ago, that I had all the symptoms of clinical depression.

      And thank you dear friend for shining your light in a world that very much needs it. 💜🦋🧚‍♀️

  2. Totally agree with you, Elizabeth… In my immediate proximity of humans, there’s no one of similar vibration that I could talk to or share with. Apart from the online resources that I resonate with and my “four legged” friend (my pet doggie) 🤗🐕💗
    Frankly, I’m happier this way than having to explain to others why I Am the way I AM…

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