Pennies and Calories: Follow The Joy, Or Follow The Fear

Image credit Maria Chambers

Two interesting things this morning at Starbucks.  Small, but at the same time significant:   my friend Christina said she wanted me to help her make a decision….should she go to Target, or to the deli section at Publix (grocery store)….I asked, “Why Target?”  She said the yoghurt.  I ask “Doesn’t Publix have the yoghurt?”  to which she replied, “Yes, but it’s cheaper at Target.”

And so I said that the difference in a few pennies is inconsequential, why not go where you really want to go, which, she confessed was the deli at Publix.

She smiled at me as she left and thanked me for helping her do what she wanted to do all along.

Then a few minutes later a young barista on her break was on line and looked like she was undecided on two food choices in her hand.  One was hard boiled eggs with crackers and cheese.  The other was a grilled cheese sandwich.  She said to me, “I just lost a couple of pounds, and I can’t decide which one, Maria.”

So, naturally, I asked her, which one would give her the most pleasure to eat, and without skipping a beat she said, the grilled cheese.  And so she put down the egg selection promptly, and thanked me as she picked up the grilled cheese.

When I thought back, it was interesting that Christina’s dilemma was about finances, and the barista’s was about her physical body.   Two subjects that have given most humans consternation, including at times, those of us moving into our integration.

And, while it may seem like those were small choices, a few pennies more (yoghurt), and a few extra calories (the grilled cheese) doesn’t it come down to the same thing for all of us?

Follow the joy, or follow the fear?

On my way out I said to myself, “My work here is done.

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5 thoughts on “Pennies and Calories: Follow The Joy, Or Follow The Fear

  1. And also your blog post came in divine timing for me..
    I was looking at flight tickets for the trip back home for Chinese New Year festival, and contemplating between the flight timing and cost. I asked my heart and got the answer..

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Totally right on!

    And you made me laugh out loud. “My work here is done.”

    And these are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC examples of going about our day.

    My only resolution has been to:
    Be in Joy. It’s the only way. 🌠🌠🌠🌠🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Love love love to you dear Sistar!

    Love to us all

    1. Yes, my dear siSTAR, all in a day’s work, which isn’t work at all, is it? And I agree, the only way is to be in joy. It’s definitely the best way to move through life with grace and ease. Love you my friend. 🤗🦋💜🧚‍♀️

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