The Mind-Blowing Experience of Enlightenment

Image credit Maria Chambers

Many of us are becoming more and more detached from the world outside our door.  From the news, from other people.  But it doesn’t really trouble us, because we know that it’s being replaced by something profound.  

We begin to feel life in a way we have never felt it before.

Not everyone on this Consciousness journey is committed to staying here after enlightenment.  Which is honored, by the way.  Whether we stay or leave is deeply honored.  Staying as we know involves hardships we never anticipated, at least for awhile.

Preparing these ancestral bodies to accommodate our eternal self, not so easy.  But we know that without an upgrade to these carbon-based bodies, staying would be impossible.

And the reward of such an integration is to experience life here in a way we have never done before.  To be here as both human and divine, is to be here in one of the most sensual and ecstatic states a being could experience.

Humans are capable of enjoying life in a sensual way, of course.  And many do.   But this way, with our full consciousness integrated within us, there’s nothing to compare it to.  Words alone could never describe the orgasmic quality of the experience.

It’s mind-blowing.  No drug could ever get us there.  And it’s all totally natural. No bad side effects.

Many of us have been experiencing it on and off for a while, and it may have been more subtle early on.   But we have noticed it is more sustaining than before.  Our eternal self is more and more present.  It’s more fluid.  We don’t necessarily have to prepare ourselves through meditation, or even quieting the mind, although it’s easier when the mind is quiet.

But it can come in even on the heels of feeling kind of down.  Which can be confusing to the mind.  But it does indicate how far we have come.

It’s mind-altering.  The mind begins to acknowledge it, and is actually less and less fearful of it.  And the mind enjoys it more and more along with the heart and soul.  We can say that’s the trust part.  The mind begins to trust the heart and soul.

It begins to feel safe in that ecstatic state, in that highly sensual state.  It begins to get comfortable with a blissed-out state.

We discover we don’t have to be fully integrated before we feel the presence of who we are.  We don’t have to have all our s**t together.  We don’t have to prove worthiness.  It’s amazing, but who we are is right here already. It’s not like we have to summon it.

And maybe that’s the mind-blowing part.  That the part of us that created these bodies and the universes, the exquisite and magnificent eternal self, is right here.

And, yes, it’s completely frustrating when we feel disconnected from that presence.  From ourself.  In fact, now when we feel disconnected, it feels more terrible than ever.  Because we know how it feels to be connected.

It can feel unbearable to feel that disconnect.

And we will now do whatever it takes to get aligned.  We will not grapple with all those doubts and sadness and fears like we have done before.  And, that’s mastery.  That’s what separates us from the asleep human who spends so much life force trying to suppress or battle those emotions generated from the mind.  We don’t feel so intimidated by those fears any more.

As a result, our emotional bodies are becoming freed up.  And when that happens, it makes creating so much easier.

So when we continue to detach from the world outside our door, that’s a good thing.  It’s freeing us up to be the creator-gods we have always been.  And it brings to us the unbridled joy of who we have always been.

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8 thoughts on “The Mind-Blowing Experience of Enlightenment

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Ahhhhhhhhh……….. Beautiful.


    It comes in little waves at this point. Occasionally big waves. For the most part, I know I don’t have to work hard at this any more. The Universe certainly reminds me IMMEDIATELY if I do too much.

    Hitting the easy button.

    Thanks dear Maria, Sistar!

    Love love love

    In joy, E

  2. Lyn

    It’s interesting.. I always assumed enlightenment would mean feeling blissed out all the time. I have certainly felt that at times throughout the journey.
    More and more I am feeling more and more ‘removed’ than blissed. Like being poised and suspended in space – not as a body though but more an awareness. Feeling very open and expanded.but not full of feelings like bliss though. It is certainly enjoyable but not as I expected. It’s something like everything being silent and you opening awareness as if being attentive for any tiny sound or something.
    It is a state I want to stay in when I’m in it . I agree, it is even more painful to feel separate.
    I am very aware of what different places we are all in. I have heard some predictions for 2020 that made my heart sunk even when they were positive. Kryon talked of wonderful new inventions to solve environments issues. My reaction was ‘too small as aim and vision. All of them still involved mining the earth for components, and nothing seemed focused on remembering what we really are or removing inner issues. He also takes if extended timelines and coming back for other lifetimes, whether we thought we would or not.
    I haven’t been following Kryon stuff for a long time anyway. However it reminded me that others in spiritual circles ( apart from those falling off their pedestals) may be aiming messages to those with other deeper plans than me.
    Anyway I’m committed to remembrance and Home for me, and interest in anything else has well and truly gone. To me, even remaining here briefly should mean something a lot more multidimensional and pushing into experiences much more magical that we have ever experienced or imagined with limited minds before here.
    Thanks for the thoughts Maria.

    1. Lyn….thanks for your insights and perspective. It’s interesting about Kryon’s messages. Me, too. I was into that energy awhile back, but it’s just not relatable to me now, as with other teachers out there. And yes, I’m sure it’s directed toward others who are at a different place than we are at this time. Some of us are truly done with karma, and have arrived at the end of a cycle of lifetimes, and are not interested in another lifetime here after this one. And yes, even being here now has to be more that just existing in a mundane world. We want to experience our multidimensional selves.

      And that was the expectation. But it seems to be unfolding much more slowly than we expected. Partly there’s still resistance from our human self, and these carbon-based bodies are more resistant to change than we expected.

      Those of us who want to stay, who have chosen embodied enlightenment, are on a different trajectory than others in the spiritual community. Our joy is in being both human and spirit. To feel the joy of our I AM while in human form.

      And for each of us, that joy will look and feel different.

      And I agree, the solution to energy problems on earth do not lay in old, fossil fuels. Or in relying on this earth. I believe eventually they will come to understand energy as separate from force, from catalysts and explosions.

      And that’s what we pioneers are playing with. We are reuniting with our own energy. And we are learning how to use that energy in a way that is magical. How to allow that energy, our energy, to serve us. We are learning how to be the Merlins.

  3. Lyn

    Thanks Maria.
    In fairness to Kryon the scenario was about removing need for carbon fuel. However it was replacing them with machines built around magnets in various ways. That may be a step up on what we have but still involves machinery and concrete solutions – and needing to send a lot of other old machinery to landfill. It just seems to concrete and slow, and not looking at it with a ‘cradle to grave’ view of what is still involved. It’s still not about multidimensional creation and something more magical.
    Howver throughout this journey, once I ‘got’ that something was possible, or sensed a deeper reality, I wanted to jump there immediately. 30 years ago when I had my initial awakening experience, i sensed that the Earth I was perceiving wasn’t the ‘true’ version of Earth and it wasn’t my home. Couldn’t see why It needed to take time!
    Of course, since then I discovered I had a transmuting role and a lot had to be ploughed through first. I still have a desire for it to just just be a choice now. There were deeper things though I had to make peace with as I only knew what I knew without the deeper perspective.
    Again, today there is that deeper stillness and ‘removal. I guess even those thoughts could be disappearing soon as I just remain more and more that until it shifts in some way.

  4. Lyn

    Further thoughts. Of course, unless there is a substantial shift into awareness of what humans are, any solution has to be limited.
    It’s the trap of only being able to create and build from old experiences as things have stood before.
    It also means people are seeking solutions to create things they really don’t need, focused on the concrete and not higher things. It aLso means to creating based on old duality dynamics of greed, attack, defensiveness, and wanting to enhance self image and compete with others… and based on no real sensitivity to others or Gaia.
    I was really hoping for a huge Shift at this level rather than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
    Of course channels and psychics can only see based on where they are at. Also there are is a possibility many may stay with more 3D stuff, and even 4D for some time. It’s just that tracks may now be laid for a way beyond this, and more people may be now triggered to truly wake up as I was.
    I’m just disappointed that, particularly after all we hoped for, there may still be limited futures for many for some time. Of course Kryon is only one voice in this example and predictors may
    be surprised at what realities of earth experience do pan out .

    1. There has been several Earth scenarios over the years. Some predicting the Earth will split into two or more Earths. That there will be The one in which humans want to continue to play in density, and in the lower vibrations. And there will also be one in which those who want to go higher with more consciousness can reside. In this way, all are honored.

      But these are just potentials, and over time those can shift. There are many in the higher realms who are surprised we even were able to come this far in our ascension. We continue to surprise them as we bite off more and more.

      And, there is what some refer to as the New Earth, which is a quasi-physical Earth that is being created for those who want to experience many of the attributes of this Planet without all the density and gravity and lower consciousness.

      A place where there is a kind of initiation for those who are in the non physical and want to come to this Earth. The New Earth is kind of a training environment for newly minted wanna be humans. Many of us teach and mentor there in our off hours.

      And I hear you about humans creating things that are not related to any type of higher consciousness. I believe it’s why we are here as pioneers of that consciousness. So we can infuse that into the technology. All the excitement over Artificial intelligence but without consciousness will not play well.

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