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I mentioned in my last post that one of my cafe buddies likes crossword puzzles.  I used to do them myself.  Not so much any more for some reason.  The thing about puzzles is, the mind loves them.  It loves solving things.  Complexity and challenges keep the mind engaged in life.

But going forward, in this transformation from human to divine human, that adds up to resistance.  Wanting life to be challenging won’t hold up well.  Best to stick to crossword puzzles for that.

One of the biggest challenges in this process is the mind gets easily bored.  It’s got ADD.  It’s finding it can’t create the same buzz it once could.  That old, human passion isn’t cutting it.

In fact, it may try to step up the drama somewhere so it can still feel it’s in the game.

We may be saying we’re so done with drama, but the drama can be an internal battle.  Between mind and heart.  Drama is drama.

It’s so tempting to overanalyze things.  To try to figure out this process from the mind.  But that just leads to exhaustion, depression, and even wanting to leave.

But the good news is, the mind doesn’t have to try to create passion.  Neither does the heart.  That’s all the soul’s job now.  But it does require a trust from the heart and mind.  And it also still requires making choices.  Choosing what we want to do. Or not do, each day. Each moment.  Doing what feels the closest to a sense of joy, and not obligation.

But as far as trying to manufacture joy, or passion, forget it.  It’s not going to work.  Our only job is to quiet the mind.  Release the resistance.  Someone wise said that spirit comes in through the path of least resistance.

So how do we quiet that mind that has ADD.  That is kind of neurotic, and compulsive?  That’s the challenge.  There are a variety of techniques we can practice.  I have covered some of them in this blog.

But no doubt you have found a favorite way of your own.  (If you feel comfortable sharing your own ways of releasing resistance, feel free to do so in the comment section.)


Admittedly, resistance is all around us, isn’t it?  It’s in relationships and politics and just about everywhere else. There is a pushing against others, and against self.  Duality at its best.  It’s familiar.

To just allow feels foreign to the human mind.  In fact, if things come easily, the mind feels like it didn’t earn it.  Or it’s not as valuable as it would be if there was struggle involved.

We have been taught to value hard work.  Persistence.  Hmmm.  Persistence and resistance are awfully close sounding to each other.

Someone once complimented me on one of my songs because, he noted, I put a lot of effort into it.  He said I didn’t just ‘phone it in.’  I was a bit perplexed by the statement.  Because for me, the success of a piece of music is how it best expresses the soul’s passion.  Many of my songs are multilayered, and somewhat musically complex, absolutely.  But those are the byproduct and not the essence of the piece.

But it’s common to value things, even creativity, from a place of technical skill and hard work involved.

This ethic extends to relationships.

In relationships there is often the dynamic of one person working hard, trying to prove worthiness to the other.  We all know how that ends.  Or both believing that relationships are hard work. Again, how’s that working out?

The value of just being, of just feeling and experiencing, isn’t recognized in the 3D world.   Even among those awakening, there is a tendency to drag the old value system into the new consciousness.

The concept of working hard for good results.  Not that there isn’t work involved in this process.  But ironically we are also discovering that it’s a simple principle.  It’s allowing energy to serve us. Receiving that energy, without guilt.

Simple, yes, but not easy for the mind to grasp.

Doesn’t there have to be struggling and suffering involved?  Isn’t there some price to pay for the joy?  In duality, it seems so.  But where we are, the struggling and suffering only serve to delay our freedom.

And that includes trying to analyze things, trying to figure things out.  Again, crossword puzzles are great for entertaining the mind, as is a good murder mystery novel.

I enjoy watching  courtroom thriller TV shows.


Our consciousness uses energy to create.  And contrary to common belief, consciousness isn’t energy.  Pure consciousness doesn’t contain energy.  But consciousness summons energies to create.  And the purest form of energy is what we have access to now.  They can be called the crystalline energies.

They are a higher form of energy.  And they have no force, no power dynamic to them.

Let that sink in.  There is no force in the crystalline energies.  There is no push or pull to them.  They are not cumbersome, or sluggish.  It’s why many of us have noticed that some things manifest quickly right now in our lives.  They seem to come almost immediately, and with little or no effort.

And it’s easy to dismiss them as random, or luck, because there was no big effort involved.  Creating without effort is highly suspect to the human mind.  Without going out and making things happen, the mind feels that it’s own value has been diminished.

Remember, the mind finds its value in doing, and analyzing.  Even in overcoming things, in perseverance in the face of great resistance.  It’s not willing to give up that identity easily.

But our mind is still very much a part of our life after awakening.


My mind is still very involved in my life.  I need him as much as ever.  But in a different capacity.   For instance, he is helping me navigate my iPad, and is assisting me in typing and publishing this post.  He is also contributing his own wisdom along with my soul’s wisdom.  But, and this is not too fine a point, she (my soul) is the primary author.  And he, my mind, is a contributing one.

It’s a great team, actually.  As long as he doesn’t try to take control.  He is a bit of a control freak, so I have to keep checks on him.  I sometimes bribe him.   I promise him, if he behaves, that we can watch Law And Order when we get home.

Enjoy My Divinity from Simply Divine


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3 thoughts on “Author, Author

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Love love love this!!!!!!

    BEING! That is where it is at and all we have to DO. Is BE. 🤣

    My favorite things to just be are chanting. Reading. Watching crazy ass 3D soap operas with fun music. Nashville. Costume dramas. The Crown. Etc.
    Cooking. Eating and playing cards with my honey. We laugh a lot. DANCING!!!!!!! And I love word games. Scrabble. Words with Friends. Walking with the puppies. Chanting……. Chanting……. Chanting…..

    My favorite chant right now. I put my mp3 on repeat…..

    Love you dear Sistar!

    Loving us all.

    Thanks for this great reminder and for sharing the beautiful blessing that is you and for connecting all the lovely kindreds here.

    Muah…..E ♥️😘🎉🎶☕

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