Not Doing, Not Fixing. Just Allowing

Graphic credit Maria Chambers

Many are wondering why certain physical issues are not healing.  Various methods and modalities are used, with little to no results.  Those same methods may be working for others, so there’s a lot of frustration.  Or things that may have worked in the past no longer do.  In fact, the conditions may even worsen.

Even alternative healing therapies, like Reiki, and other types of energy work don’t seem to have satisfying results.

For those who have chosen embodied enlightenment….becoming enlightened and staying here on the planet….there is something else going on.

There is an integration process taking place.  The natural, original body, or light body is becoming integrated with the physical one.  There is an awakening of the physical body, and all of its natural balancing abilities.  Which means, it’s not about fixing, or putting band aids on disfunction or diseases.  It’s not about getting rid of disease by applying force to it.

In fact, that can make it even worse.

And, even though this process of integration takes longer than conventional methods of medicine to effect change in the body, there is something else, quite profound happening.

The underlying imbalances that created the dis-ease are resolved.  Because if there is an attempt to fix the issue and the energetic discord isn’t resolved, then another condition will emerge somewhere else.

I like to watch, from time to time, these miracle healings on YouTube.  It’s truly amazing that people are instantly cured of diseases that are labeled incurable. New organs replace damaged ones.  Blind eyes and healed.  Hearing is restored.  New teeth grow.  People walk out of wheelchairs.  Pain dissolves.  They may have been afflicted with ailments and diseases for years, even their entire life.  And within minutes they have been transformed.

And I am thrilled for these folks, that they can walk away and feel restored.  I’m even a little jealous.  Where’s my miracle?  Or two or three?

But, I also realize that it’s not the path I chose this time around.  I am here as an advanced soul, who knows their own ability to master their reality.  And further, I am here to do something, along with a few other souls, that has never been done to this extent before.

Image credit Maria Chambers

We are here to claim our mastery.  We are our own faith healer….which, isn’t really about the healing.  It’s about trusting our soul, and our body to do what it’s meant to do, what it’s designed to do.  To reclaim its light body, and rebalance all the energetic discord.

And, the imbalances can be rebalanced even before the complete light body integration.  But it requires a trust in the body, and its ability to rebalance itself, without any interference from the mind.

But that doesn’t mean rolling up our sleeves and trying to figure out the underlying emotional causes of the illness or disease.  That will just stop the flow.

The mind feels like it need to do something, anything, but just allow, and yet, allowing is exactly what is required.

As long as there is one more book to read on healing, one more course to take, one more video to watch, one more surgery, or treatment, or faith healer to go to, we will never allow the energies to flow and do what they already know what to do.

Some of us have had to hit the wall, and have nothing left to try, before we surrendered to the natural flow of energies available.

The very imbalances we curse at are in their own way an opening to go deeper.  To access the permanent rebalancing.  The permanent integration of the energies.  

Image credit Maria Chambers

These imbalances came to the surface in the first place because they needed to be cleared.  Most humans carry their wounds around all their life, whether they are emotional or physical ones.

But we are here in a different capacity.  Many of us wanted to release old, ancestral patterns.  Patterns that expressed as emotional or mental imbalances, and also as physical ones.  And of course the physical are always a byproduct of the emotional.

Some of us may feel we are too late in the game, that we are of a certain age, and have had issues for so long, and the mind wants to convince us it’s too late, we’re too old, it’s too far gone.

Which is not true at all.

It doesn’t matter when or where it originated. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve had it. It doesn’t matter what stage it is. It doesn’t matter what doctors say about it.

It doesn’t matter what we have thought about it or what we think about it now. It doesn’t matter how much resistance we have had around it. None of that matters.

And it especially doesn’t matter if it seems to be getting worse.

Unfortunately, the longer we have been in a physical body the more resistance has been built up.  It’s not that the imbalance or disease is harder to release, but the resistance to releasing it is more present in our consciousness.

The body is responding to our light body, and to our emerging I Am, and it’s also still responding to our old, carbon-based mind’s programming.

There is also the resistance of being in a 3D environment, that is dense, and filled with old programming.  There is also aspects of us from this and other lifetimes who are trying to sabotage our moving forward. Perhaps not intentionally, but they want to hold onto the past, to an old lineage.

But at the end of the day, as long as we keep allowing this natural process to unfold, all of that gets resolved.

And, by the way, we are also not here to walk around trying to heal others.  The laying of hands, Jesus-style, isn’t really about compassion,  in fact, Yeshua didn’t really do miracle healings.  He just radiated his presence, his Christ light, and if others were willing, they were healed.  In that moment, their body responded to that frequency of unconditional love.

He knew that others had to be their own light, their own inner healer. Their own unconditional love for themselves. Otherwise they would be forever dependent on someone or something outside themselves.

You know that whole, teach a man to fish thing.

Yeshua’s message was not so much love thy neighbor as it was love thyself.  He understood that unconditional love for self was the elixir for resolving every dilemma facing humans.

And, that’s what this whole ascension, embodied enlightenment things is about.  Loving ourself so deeply, and so unconditionally, that the body…..and all of life has no choice but to respond to that love.  And, it’s not to any longer burden the human mind with that responsibility.  It can’t fulfill it.  It’s all about letting the I Am, and our soul take care of it.

It’s not doing, not fixing.  Just Allowing.

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15 thoughts on “Not Doing, Not Fixing. Just Allowing

  1. vmaxnik

    Another super article Maria!
    So much wisdom in such a tiny text.
    Fully receiving the whole of your teaching under the principle of self love. The self healer of all !

  2. Bruce Tompkins

    This is something I really needed to read. I have been battling MS (multiple sclerosis) for over 2 years now. I’ve tried a few things and gotten some improvement but still the condition persists. I was baffled when I first got diagnosed because I am in such a high vibrational state and rarely get any kind of illness these days. I always suspected, deep down, that there was more going on than meets the eye. Thank you for bringing these things to my attention.

    1. Bruce, it can be baffling to have these conditions come up. Especially if we feel we have let go of so much old energy and programming. It seems the delicate part is to not take it personally. And, to just allow whatever condition to just be, to not try to battle it, fix it, or psyche it out. Because in that concern, we are sending the body the message that there is something wrong, something that needs fixing, and then that’s the frequency it continues to create. One in which there is something wrong….so there is something about the acceptance of the condition, of all the emotions, that works to free up all the stuck energies. And yes, there is something going on underneath, and it’s coming up to be released.

  3. Annette

    Oh My Maria, SO very blessed to be on the receiving end of your divine wisdom!!
    I truly resonated with this on such a deep level, thank you beautiful friend! 💞🤗

  4. Dearest Sistar! Oh my gosh! Perfect post. Beautiful. Filled me with joy and pure Bliss. Pure ananda.*

    There it is again…. Profound allowing. ♥️♥️♥️

    I’ve been saying for awhile, how can we love our neighbor if we don’t love ourselves? Yeshua totally fucking gets it. 😉😉😉♥️♥️♥️

    My hubby and I have been super sick for the past 2+ weeks. We are mostly doing nothing. Anytime I start to feel better, I do a little and it smacks me……NO…… You’re supposed to chill. And it has brought me to a deep place of Peace and Joy. I cannot even begin to describe the ineffable joy and peace. (It does help that we are retired and need go nowhere. 😉)

    * I am filled with ananda, which in my practice means pure Bliss. And one of my favorite authors described it this way. “Madeleine L’Engle wrote: “Ananda: That joy in existence without which the universe will fall apart and collapse.”

    I think that as I notice the instant little things that gratify, I notice them more and more. And they come more and more. I AM worthy. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #wallowingingratitude

    Loving you so very much dearest Sistar Maria.

    Loving us all!!!!!

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