Coronavirus-fear of pandemic, or pandemic of fear?

Image credit Maria Chambers

There are a few different perspectives on the Coronavirus, and we can only speculate at this point.  But one thing is for sure, it’s a catalyst for change.  It’s definitely a wake up call for portions of humanity who have been imbalanced, and stuck in old belief systems that no longer serve them.

Especially in parts of the world where those systems have been in place for a very long time.  But the tendency is to panic and try to prevent being infected by means that are not very effective.  And that causes life to become even more difficult.

The fear itself becomes the epidemic.  Fear has a way of going viral.

We have seen this many times, especially in our own lives, and it really makes things so much worse.  But it’s what the mind does.  It goes into fear and survival mode.

The more concerning issue is will people panic and go extreme on preventive measures and we are already seeing that around the globe.

Nothing has power over us that we have not assigned it. Fear is easily perpetuated in those who feel vulnerable. It’s infectious.  The spread of the Ebola virus, and the current Coronavirus is also a product of fear. It’s significant that it’s termed virus.

Relative to our computer technology, we say things like a message has gone viral. Data software and hardware are also subject to viruses.  The human mind is a feeding ground for, and can be corrupted by fear.  Sometimes that fear can become so encompassing that it literally can kill us.

A virus no matter how potent cannot exist where there is no fear.

Claims by some in the spiritual community that viruses including AIDS were created by the dark forces to eliminate mankind are just another form of fear and victim consciousness.

More potent strains of viruses that become immune to antibiotics are symbolic of the mind becoming more clever in how it creates bigger and better fear and propaganda.

Fear, not viruses are pandemic.  Feeling vulnerable to something outside ourself, even something that is microscopic in size, is ironic, considering how potent and huge our creator abilities are.

But as long as we see ourselves as puny little humans who have no control over our bodies and our lives, we will be susceptible to all kinds of fears and diseases.

Most people don’t realize that AIDS was a virus that emerged from guilt.  Many in the gay community felt a tremendous sense of guilt for their sexual orientation, which was perpetuated by the closed minded culture around them.

Two people can be exposed to the same deadly virus and one could die while the other wouldn’t even get any symptoms.

And it’s mostly because of the consciousness and intent involved in those individuals.  There is nothing that just happens without on some level our consent.

That is how potent our creator abilities are.

Viruses spread like fear….one person contaminates another.  But only if one is susceptible.  If their immune system is down, including their emotional one.

They say our body becomes a host for viruses.  A host typically invites a guest into their house, albeit on a subconscious level.

And many viruses are already there in the body, latent, waiting for the right conditions to be activated and ‘invade.’

Some viruses are a way for the body to flush out toxins.

And the good news is, as we integrate our light body into our physical body, we become relatively immune to viruses and diseases of any sort. It’s no coincidence that this integration also involves letting go of fear.

Viruses are contagious, and so is fear, depending on how susceptible the host is to a fear-based reality.

If someone is alarmed over the possibility of contracting the Coronavirus, for example, we may ask, what part of them is afraid of being invaded?  Armies invade territories.  Our mind will try to invade our peace with its fears.

Parts of us feel vulnerable, compromised.  Fragile.

We try to fortify our system with the right foods, supplements, even mantras.  But all of that is based in fear.  And, if the fear is unchecked, it will inevitably win.

The best defense is none at all.  It’s to just relax, and cultivate a sense of peace and joy.

The more we try to defend ourselves from something or someone, the more power we give it.

There are all sorts of viruses. There are viruses going on in politics, in big business, and in the churches.  These are literally breeding grounds for imbalances. They attract those who are greedy for power and control.

The divine feminine now on the planet is in the process of correcting that imbalance.

But, people die from viruses all the time, from the flu, if they have been compromised, and if they are ready to leave the planet.  But most people get sick for a period of time, and recover.  And  such is true for the Coronavirus.

All is well.

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12 thoughts on “Coronavirus-fear of pandemic, or pandemic of fear?

      1. You are right. The media loves to create drama. And this is ripe for drama. Elicit fear and the ratings go up. In fact, the story wasn’t really of interest to me until someone I know began talking to me about it, and expressed a real concern. That in turn inspired the post.

        1. vmaxnik

          I feel that acknowledging and honoring the divine feminine can bring us away from this “drama”.


          The real issues (if any) aren’t where the finger points to…

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thank you Sistar! Your post is an oasis in the midst of what appears to be some crazy ass hysteria.

    I’ve been seeing so much hysteria. Oh my gosh. But I don’t feel it. And even in my dance community (there is a lot of touching) people seem to be going hog wild talking about what to do. Sheesh……

    I can see how it would be so easy to get caught up in the fear.

    Someone sent me a link to a woman on YouTube who talked for almost an hour about what the Corona virus really means. 5G waves. And she was quite amusing in that she would actually not say some words for fear of being shut down. She used acronyms for China, world health org and the United Nations, and spelled virus, etc. I looked her up later and she is a fanatic Christian who is anti “new age” etc. Very pro conspiracy theory, and some of that may be true. Who knows? There are a lot of fanatic humans out there.

    All I know is that I must trust my inner soul higher voice. Follow my joy path.

    So that is why I continue to follow my heart.

    Love you very much dear Sistar!

    Loving us all!

    1. Dear siSTAR…..what you said, Those four little words …”But I don’t feel it.” That to me is a sure sign you are not in that world, the 3D one where people are being triggered by the fear. And, yes, it seems the hysteria is closely akin to a conspiracy theory consciousness. Fascinating.

      Love you my dear friend. Muah! 💕💕💕💕

      1. elizabethsadhu


        I just got an email from my former primary caregiver. She is pretty alternative practitioner, being an herbalist and nurse midwife. She is retired now.

        She wrote all about how to counteract the Corona virus, using all natural things, of course. And be prepared to stay home and watch movies etc if it comes to our town. Wear a face mask if you go outside.

        I’m getting this is just another piece of Armageddon. Shall we buy into it or not?

        Feeling pretty peaceful.

        Love all y’all! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


        1. In….ter…est…ing. Hmmm….yeah, it’s almost surreal to hear people talking about it from a place of concern. I too feel removed from that concern. Like, even the thought of having to stock pile dried and canned goods, and water, and be quarantined, that feels tiresome, and of no interest to me. Like, that’s not my world.

          The weird thing is, most people who contract it get flu symptoms, and are well again in a couple of weeks. More people have died from seasonal flues than this new virus. Maybe because it is uncharacteristic compared to known viruses. (They named it the novel Coronavirus)….people are most fearful of the unknown, I guess.

          1. elizabethsadhu

            Pretty crazy ass surreal is for sure.

            I just DON”T feel it. The fear. The need to do anything.

            Pretty interesting……

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