Inspiration or Incubation?

651FA147-4AEC-4DC5-ADE6-87131D9FF737For many of us there seems to be more incubation than inspiration,  meaning, we feel very insular, needing more time than usual to ourself.  We may not be especially inspired to begin new projects, or travel, make major changes in our life, at least on the outside.

Which can be disconcerting, because our mind interprets it as we are stuck. And will forever be stuck.  Which of course isn’t true.  In fact there is a tremendous amount going on at inner levels now that the mind could never comprehend.

Each of us is at a different stage of this embodied enlightenment process, of course, but for many of us now who are at the later stages, we are at a very delicate place where we need large amounts of quiet space.

And if we trust that, our soul will make sure we get it.  If we don’t trust it, we may find ourself in a situation where we have no choice.  Even if it feels like it’s coming from the outside, like a temporary illness, or just lots of fatigue, trust that you are orchestrating it on inner levels, for your best and highest good.


All of the trials and tribulations you have gone through, and you may still be going through, you took on for humanity.  You were stronger than most humans, and were capable of processing the imbalances of others because you saw they could not do so for themselves.

Almost all of the issues, the physical, emotional, and financial, were not yours.  Feel into that for a moment.

And, I have written extensively about letting them go.  That it is no longer required, and in fact, it can’t be a part of our new consciousness.  But there are parts of us that may still want to hang onto the past, onto our heritage, our lineage, out of fear, and a misguided allegiance.

But it bears repeating again and again, until it truly sinks in.

Otherwise we end up taking things too personally.  And we end up trying to resolve those issues through self-analysis and trying to heal ourself, which is a waste of time.

And that’s exactly why none of that trying is working,  there is really nothing to heal or fix.  And as long as the mind has something to ‘work on’ it still feels relevant.  Because the mind is the hardest hit in this process.  It fears not being relevant anymore.

But even that is not our problem.  The mind does what it does, and the sooner we are o.k. with that, the better.  Because the mind is getting more evidence from our heart and our soul that this trust thing really does work.  Life really does flow when we allow the energies to serve us.

Allowing the mind to be as it is, and allowing everything to be as it is, is the most accelerated path to realization.

So, let’s honor ourselves for all of the work we have done this lifetime, on behalf of humanity and this planet.  For taking on so much, for being the way showers and the pioneers of a new consciousness.


And let us now be o.k. with allowing others to do that job.  To hold energies for the planet, and for humanity.  Because they are here in larger and larger numbers now.  And we have paved the way for them, through our inner work.

Let us pass the torch to those who want to do the work we have done, with joy in their heart.  And let us move onto the new work we are doing, with joy in our heart, of being the sovereign beings who carry the Christ Consciousness within.  Which means we are in partnership with the awakened and enlightened part of us.  Which means we carry that eternal joy in our heart, mind and body.  And, it’s really not work at all.  Because there is no more heavy lifting.

And, if that means being in incubation for a while longer, so be it.

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25 thoughts on “Inspiration or Incubation?

  1. vmaxnik

    Yes, trying leads nowhere. It’s like a mouse that is exercising in his wheel. You are again and again in the same spot.
    Trusting will make us more at ease and to let go what’s not ours. It’s as I feel a self healing procedure. We have plenty of time.
    Passing the torch and entering in the eternal joy in our heart, body, spirit. Sounds great. I try to do it with my sons. And they respond. How nice !

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Dearest Sistar… Thank you!

    This does speak to me. And comforts me.
    My hubby and I have been sick for more than 3 weeks now. I know it is because it is the ONE thing that ensures that I will stay at home, rest and have lots of quiet. 🙂

    I do feel and I’ve been getting that this is a huge re-engineering of our DNA. A big old shift of energies. A new way is percolating. I have felt mostly quite peaceful. And mercifully, only a few agitated moments of antsy boredom. 🙂

    I have been pretty darn silent for the last several years, in terms of telling anyone anything about my journey. Even folks who are on some kind of path, tend to be in another zone, and can’t relate. So I say nothing. No need to convince anyone of anything. That is an old old way. It does make for a very quiet and alone path. And that is definitely what my soul chose. ♥️♥️♥️

    And it is lovely and sooooooo peaceful to not have to TRY anymore.

    Yesterday I was thinking that I might go back to my exercise class tomorrow morning. This morning I woke up and was not so sure about that. And partly I think the incubation is in a stage with me where I’m not really ready to go out in public. I do love talking to humans but have an old compulsion to lift them up. Be a fun person. This is quite obvious in my class. And I’m laughing a bit because several of the women from that class have texted me…”where are you, it’s been so quiet?” That tells you something. I need to find the balance of thinking I need to lift humans up (pass the baton) and me finding everything funny and not necessarily needing to share it. 🥳 Share for the pure joy if it. This is an old old pattern for me since I remember as a tiny kid, entertaining the family.

    Ok, clearly I’ve processed the heck out of myself. Hahaha…. Thanks for this and for all you do, dearest Sistar!

    And thank all y’all for also being here.

    Love and wallowing in gratitude.

    1. I had to laugh about you being the uplifter, and the folks missing you in your class. I get that too, and I don’t always take it complementary anymore either. It’s like, shit, I’m still doing that old thing I did for all my life. And, as a Seinfeld would say, “not that there’s anything wrong with that….”. But it’s really not so much me anymore. Lol.

      Now I’m finding myself, as you are too, saying things just because it feels good to share it, and not to try to change anyone.

      Sometimes, though, I’m not sure people miss me because I was such a caretaker before, or because of my radiance. I like to think it’s more the latter. But, one thing is for sure, it has been a solitary road.

      1. elizabethsadhu

        NO wonder I love you so much! YOU ALWAYS understand.

        Laughing about the last paragraph. I was such a caretaker…..and I know that my trying to uplift is part of that. And it sure has been a solitary road.

        I don’t think my trying to uplift is completely gone yet. But I don’t need to try and do anything, eh? Just following my dear soul’s path. And I get that it will SOON be gone. Being at peace……

        xoxoxoxoxox very hygienic hugs and kisses…..heehee

  3. Hey Maria, a timely post for me… Thanks!

    Personally, my current theme feels more to INCUBATION Mode.
    Sleeping in a lot, staying away from drama, media, etc., kinda in my own world, without the guilt.
    And like ES said in previous post comments, the hype on the current pandemic has no effect on me too..

    In contrast, my creativity seems to be flowing back. Been of late, enjoying home cooking, clearing some clutters and rearranging my home 💞

    1. I.S…. I like it. In your own world sans the guilt. And, the more I think about it, it makes sense that as we detach from the media, and world events in general, the Corona virus should really be no different. We are simply not invested in it.

      And I’m glad to hear you are feeling more creative at home. It feels good to clear out the clutter and some old, stuck energies. But, don’t go overboard, you’ll make the rest of us look bad. I’ve been wanting to tackle a walk in closet for a while now, but…..

  4. Hahaha Maria, I chuckled instantaneously when reading the part on “don’t go overboard…” 😂😂

    As I go with the flow of energy, realized that it’s not a linear progression and after a while, we may be nudged to be creative else where, which is joyful too.

    Hence, it’s “unlikely” that I will go overboard with clearing the clutters… and my closet is also one area I have not got down to… 😁😁😂

    1. YES, good point…it’s not linear anymore where we are and good to remind ourselves of that. To follow the bliss is critical. Even if it feels counterintuitive to our mind. But creativity follows its own path, indeed!

  5. Siri

    Hmm… This resonates. I feel like I’m done with this reality and yet I’m still here. I don’t know why I’m still here.

    I would like to leave but I guess I’m supposed to hold frequency, but I’ve been purging lots of anger and rage due to life filled with trauma and abuse.

    I’ve usually been in isolation most of the time. Over the past two years, I really noticed that I became even more detached than I’ve always been. I think I will be leaving within the next few years.

    1. Siri, many of us have gone through the anger stage, and it’s good you allowed yourself the emotions.

      And, you have good company, because many of us have been detaching more and more from the old reality. And find ourselves more solitary than ever.

      It’s a natural feeling then, to wonder, ‘am I done here?’ As we awaken we feel that we are done with what we came here to do.

      Many do leave shortly after their enlightenment. And there are a few of us who wanted to stay to embody our I AM, to walk the planet as sovereign beings, and to radiate our light, but mostly to just enjoy life here without guilt, without compromise, and without pain and suffering.

      But it’s very challenging. Even on our best days, being on a planet that has a young consciousness is not easy.

      Most Ascended Masters left pretty quickly after their enlightenment for that reason. And their bodies were not prepared to stay.

      Which is why we are going through the light body process, to prepare our bodies for spirit. And for a more joyful physical experience.

      And of course it’s completely honored either way. Stay or leave.

      But for the most part we have done what we came here to do, as enlightened beings, and if we stay it should be a joyful experience. There should be no suffering in the new consciousness.

      Thank you for sharing your perspective.

      1. Siri

        Thank you for responding. It’s wonderful to feel that you are heard and understood.
        Most of my life that has not been the case. Although I would always listen with compassion to others, I’ve scarcely felt that I was understood and or heard. Most people have been dismissive and judgmental readily projecting their mostly false assumptions.

        I still LOVE music, dance and eating but otherwise, I do feel like I’m done here.

        As an aside, the idea that a woman can be happy if she is not married and doesn’t children doesn’t sit well with a lot of people.

        The trauma and anger had to come up. For the past few years I’ve been doing a lot of self therapy. For most of my life I thought It was bad to be angry that I was supposed to ‘nice’ all the time. Some of the spiritual books that I read reinforced this erroneous belief to my further detriment. After going through some hardship and life changes 2009-2017, I finally started to truly acknowledge my anger, and the betrayal, and abandonment that I have experienced at many points of my life. I pretty much ditched my relatives.

        The Seth books by Jane Roberts have been very helpful. Co-dependent No More by Melody Beattie is another book I would recommend. I didn’t even realize that I was codependent until I read that book.

        I am so happy to have this discovered this blog. I’ve shared the link with a few others. So much of what you say deeply resonates and you are an excellent writer.

        1. Siri, yay for allowing the anger and rage a voice. Especially as women we have been conditioned to be nice and accommodating and smile. If women got angry they were seen as ‘hysterical.’

          And, the sense of abandonment we feel, as not just male, female, but as all genders, is a byproduct of our galactic story. There is a part of us that felt abandoned by spirit, by our own soul.

          And we have been playing that out in our lifetimes, and projecting the sense of abandonment we felt onto others, onto spouses, lovers, parents, children, friends.

          And it’s part of our integration process here in this lifetime, to acknowledge our soul’s unconditional love for us. Because she is right here. She never abandoned us. But we had to keep her at arms length in order to fit into a world that didn’t feel safe to be fully ourself.

          Also it’s interesting because 2009 was a pivitol year for many of us, when we began a major shift in our life and our consciousness. I had a major loss in 2009 in my life and I too realized how dependent I had been on that person.

          Yes, I also found the Seth material extremely inspiring.

          And thanks for sharing the blog messages with others. 💕

  6. Annette

    Siri and Maria,
    First Siri, omg I so resonate with what you have shared, and just recently awoke from a dream screaming ‘ I want to die’, yes, and I thought, YES I do, done, tired, no more! Can’t do this anymore, cannot carry the energies of others another day, Not to mention my own….. No passion for Jack shit, no LIFE, so it feels, like what’s the use, dammit!
    I now understand completely why Most Ascended Masters left quickly! I feel like the walking dead, I know this sounds profound, but this embodied enlightenment had better start feeling better than this crap, because I’m about ready to ‘visually tear up this debilitating contract’….

    Love to us all, something has to give, right!?

    1. Yes, my Annette, there are certainly days I feel that way. Like so many others, i have been at this for decades. Gone through all the iterations, and now finally I just want to enjoy life here. I’m not interested in pain and suffering. Or compromising, or just existing. But truly savoring life. At. Least, that’s the message I’m getting from my soul.

      But when it feels bad, it’s really rough.

      In fact, when they were talking about the Coronavirus potentially killing people, and that it is pretty aggressive and quick, I thought for a moment, hmmm, if I’m going to leave, that could work for me. Lol.

      No, but seriously, I plan on going peacefully in my sleep. Or just dissolving into my light body.

      People will ask, “where’s Maria? I found her clothes lying on the ground, but no sign of her anywhere.” 🙃

    2. Siri

      Whatever you feel from moment to moment is fine and yeah I often feel like that too, that I am tired and that my body is a cage that I am trapped in. Music and dance are what I find to be the most therapeutic and bring me the greatest joy.

      So I don’t know what if anything brings you joy but whatever it may be I would dig in as the spirit moves you.

  7. Doris

    Incubation … yes I am in. It´s very quiet …
    Maria, how do you deal with repetitions? I have to leave my home on March 31. Wanted to live alone again. That’s good for me. But nothing new is opening up. No apartment, no house. I don’t know (since November) where to go. I think it is an old topic of mine – unable to find a new home by myself.
    It is scary. I mean, if you don’t know where to live in less than a month, how to clear the house? Pick up or throw away furniture, etc.?
    There are only so few days left, I was very patient, and I (as always) hoped that something would open up for me.
    I have the feeling that there are only 2 options: back to my partner (I don’t want to) or follow the path of a spiritual consultant (expensive coaching, dissolve energies) and then probably work again on my own (I don’t want to either).
    I feel left alone with this.. No inspiration, no whispering from my soul.

    So I would love to hear – because you recently mentioned the eternal repetitions of the mind – How do you deal with such eternal repetitions – especially if you have the feeling that soul does not speak to you?
    Love to you all you guys here!

  8. Doris

    … or is it more the question of: how to differentiate in these times between a Repetition and a true calling of the Soul ?

    1. I have the deepest compassion for you. Doris. ..It’s not easy to navigate life sometimes when these things happen, whether it’s a financial, or a physical issue. And in the past we used old, 3D ways to attempt to resolve it.

      But those ways don’t seem to be working now, and like you say there’s no feeling of which way to go, which way inspires.

      But on a deeper level, you set it up so you can move through those fears and feelings of being alone.

      You said it’s been an old pattern, of where is home? Because you want to be sovereign. And it reflects an inner issue of not feeling that sovereignty.

      And, many of us feel that way more and more as we move into our enlightenment and realization. We want to feel that sovereignty. And things will come up to challenge that. Lots of resistance.

      But you do have all the tools you need and the way will be shown to you. It may not be the perfect solution for now, but it will be perfect for you, and you will be o.k.

      It takes practice to not allow that mind of ours to get the best of us. It will do its best to try to figure things out, and so we need to be especially aware of what feels like a mind emotion, and what feels like peace and joy.

      And when the fears and concerns come up, to acknowledge them, but not get seduced by them by making them our truth.

      You don’t have to try to connect with your soul. It will happen naturally as you show your mind that you are o.k. with its concerns, but you are not going to give into them.

      You are definitely not alone, my friend. And you will be teaching others how to trust their soul. You want to experience it for yourself first.

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  10. Doris

    Thank you so much for your respond, Maria! It really resonates with me.

    sovereignty … that word is highlighted to me.

    I chewed on it since yesterday, since I read your answer. Chewed … in a good way, not from the mind.

    A lot interesting Information came up for me .. so thank you. For taking your time to respond … and hand on a puzzlepiece for me that was really needed 🙂
    Love to you.

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