Brand New Day

Graphic by Maria Chambers

Will the current global pandemic, Corona, awaken the masses?  Well, the potential is there, of course.  Some will awaken to the realization that they were playing a game called survival.  They will begin to recognize that there is much more than the human mind and body.  But for most, they will just continue playing the game, and replace this crisis with something else.

It’s no different than the physical body getting a disease, or a condition.  If it’s treated with medicine or surgery or anything outside the self, it may also clear up the underlying energetic discord, but often it doesn’t, because that discord is never addressed by the human.  And what often happens is the condition is replaced with another one.

If the human is running around trying to find a cure, he’s just playing that game.  It’s a game that never ends.

And, it’s a major distraction from really and fully enjoying life.  Unless you consider many people find their joy in the struggle.

Right now, as I come into contact with other humans, I see some who are just doing their thing, adapting to the current disruption of normal services.  Others are feeling lots of anxiety.  And are going to extremes in precautionary measures.  Many are not so concerned with contracting the virus as they are of making sure they have enough food and provisions in case of mandatory quarantine situations.

And being at home has shifted people’s usual frenetic schedules, which is good.

Slowing down is always a good thing.  But will they use that time to really go within.  Again, some will, but most will find other distractions, because that’s where their mind finds the most comfort.

But the virus will do what it’s designed to do, and then it will move out.  As long as the focus is on survival, though, and not on what the real issues are, there will be something else that comes along to serve the same purpose.

And most will never make the connection that the virus was something within the human consciousness on an energetic level first, and then was manifested in the physical.

But it’s understandable.  When things seem to just happen to us from the outside, it’s very frightening.  Especially when it comes to the human physical body.  It makes people feel especially vulnerable.  But in that emotion is a wonderful opportunity to explore the depths of that and go beyond the fear.

Many of us who have already awakened are also dealing with some uncomfortable or frightening physical conditions. And it’s so easy to slip into doubt and fear.

But it’s good to remind ourselves that these conditions are coming up now to be cleared.  And it’s also important to remember that the conditions themselves can become a major distraction.  The mind can slip into survival mode, just as we see others doing regarding the Corona.

The fear can actually draw the condition to them.

So it’s to acknowledge the fears and doubts within our mind, and to share our soul’s love with them.  It’s to allow our soul and our body to do what they are truly capable of doing.  And to remember that we are here now to fulfill ourselves first, and as we do so, we are the highest standards for each and every other human.  And especially for those who are ready to awaken from the dream.

For them, and it doesn’t matter if the numbers are in the millions or just a few, it’s a brand new day.

Enjoy my new video, Brand New Day

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22 thoughts on “Brand New Day

  1. Beautiful song. It IS a brand new day. Brand new WAY!
    I started getting a flash that this enforced social distancing will be revelatory for some folks and less work will feel so good and they will survive, that they will figure out how to work less and have more quiet, more fun, more enjoyment of life. I foresee lots of changes coming.

    It is funny but we are making little changes in our house partly precipitated by the current world situation but also things we really like. Silly little things in some sense but indicative of bigger. We ordered a bidet hose kit for our toilet. WE are both excited about it. Pretty darn cheap and appears quite easy to install.

    Jim and I are feeling quite peaceful. We laugh that we have been in social distancing training for the last six weeks. We were sick enough (not COVID) that we had to really lie low and stay home and not be around people. Jim is almost completely well and I am pretty close. If I do too much, like yesterday, or talk too much, then I start coughing and coughing…….ha! So, today back to quiet and chilling.

    It is fascinating to see so many people out and about. Trying to continue doing what they’ve always done. I agree with you that even with social distancing so many will not go within. But I see glimpses of it here and there and often in surprising places that it makes my heart feel happy.

    I am totally digging on this time. Jim and I were going to still have a little interaction with friends outside at a distance but we have now decided against that. WE will still go out and ride our bicycles and walk, etc. But we are being very quiet and I LOVE IT. I have told people that out in public I am an extrovert. ON the rare times I am out in public. Of course, not now. But I am really an introvert because I love being quiet at home. AND I don’t get energy from being around lots of folks.

    Thanks dear SiSTAR……I am rambling a bit but sending you and all of us so much love and PEACE.

    xoxoxoxoxo VERY hygienic…….ones of course.

    1. Hey siSTAR, the bidet idea is truly great! Maybe it will catch on. And I agree, it’s nice to be quiet. In fact it feels like Sunday every day now. It’s really QUIET out there. Not much traffic, and the streets are empty of people. I rather like that. The consciousness has quieted down to a degree.

      And that is what has been so much needed.

      It is interesting you talk about social distancing. While I was getting my coffee to go this morning, a customer was commenting to me on the whole situation, and as I responded to her she kept walking away with her back to me, and I found that very odd. Then she would come closer and talk to me some more, and as I responded she would walk away again.

      Later I thought maybe she is just trying to be cautious what with the social distancing thing.

      I don’t think it was me. I didn’t have any garlic for breakfast. Lol.

  2. senlinsays

    I find myself of many minds during this Covid Shift. There is joy that the world is changing, and my needs are currently met and so many things I didn’t enjoy or find necessary are crumbling or fading away…and then fear arises when my husband points out our livelihood has for the time being been erased & we can’t live on savings indefinitely— and of course there is concern for others less fortunate who are already facing hunger and homelessness. I honestly don’t know what to think, even though there is definitely a feeling that any change is better than the world just going on as it was… not sure exactly what I am trying to say, but I love you, Maria and cohorts, and I am as always grateful that this blog exists. ❤️

    1. Senlinsays, you actually very wisely answered your own question as you said,

      ‘There is joy that the world is changing, and my needs are currently met and so many things I didn’t enjoy or find necessary are crumbling or fading away…’

      And then the dear mind comes in, and tries to confuse with its antics. With the bit of gloom and doom. We are all very familiar with that one.

      But your heart and your soul know. They know all is well, and that as long as you follow your joy, all of your needs will be met easily. And the mind is using these trying times to bolster its defense, that all is NOT well.

      So the challenge for all of us is to allow the mind its fears and concerns, but when it comes to our truth, and our guidance, we are asked to allow the heart and soul to be our guiding light.

      We’re not part of the vibration of the Corona virus, but yet it’s all too easy to pick up on the collective’s energies. We are reminded that we are in the world, but not of it. And at the same time, it’s an opportunity to release anything within us that no longer serves us.

      That may include pain and suffering. Guilt, fear, and anything that can’t come with us into the new energy. There will be things that surface for each of us now to lovingly release. Whether it’s a lack consciousness, disease, abundance issues.

      Thank you for sharing so honestly with us.

      Love to you my dear friend.💕💕💕

        1. That’s a great message, indeed! I liked this….

          “ If you are deep in the process of meeting your own personal challenges during these times, be aware that this is an experience to be expected, no matter how awake you may be. Know that you are on track in your ascension process. It’s a time of clean-out for many of us: everything that cannot go with us into the Fifth Dimension has to be faced, accepted, and balanced, so it can be released.

          The high-frequency waves of light coming in are bringing these issues up to be healed and released; but they are also carrying profound love and joy to make the healing faster and easier. Tune into them, and you will see: it’s now much easier than ever to let go of old patterns and traumas and to experience healing and relief. No more need for long, protracted healing processes.”

          And maintaining a sense of humor, so true.

          It’s so amazing to me that we already have access to the higher dimensions, and how often one can forget that and still respond in a very 3 D way to life. Work in progress.

          Thanks for sharing the link!💕

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