No Identity in The New Consciousness

Art by Maria Chambers

For most of us growing up on this planet, our perspectives were shaped predominantly by our early years.  Whatever gender we incarnated into, our thoughts and behaviors were profoundly affected by the collective attitudes toward those genders.

As challenging as it has been as a female in a patriarchal system, I chose the female gender because I knew, as a soul, that we are the leaders of the new consciousness.

And once awakened, I realized that in a significant way.

Growing up in the 50s and 60s especially, before women’s liberation, I was indoctrinated with the belief that girls and women should not enjoy their own sexuality or sensuality.

By the way, women’s liberation actually backfired on the female gender, because they thought they had to be more like men to become heard and recognized, especially in the workforce.

So it was easier to lean into being more masculine than feminine, for survival purposes.  To play down the sensuality.  Which the latter is simply the joy of physical experience, and really has nothing to do with sexuality or sex.

But to an obtuse chauvinistic consciousness on the planet, that registered to them as leading men on, trying to play hard to get, or worse. There was so much shame and guilt connected to it.

So, over time, the sensual nature of our being, especially as women was suppressed.

Yet, as we awakened, we realized that our soul is predominantly a sensual presence.  It loves to experience and express sensually.  And our human self loves it too.  Which has its own challenges.  Because spirit will not compromise its joy, and we are going to appear very sensual and free to others who don’t yet feel safe to do so themselves.

And the male gender too, will be challenged to express their sensual nature.  We all know how this planet still has a problem embracing the male who embodies the feminine qualities.  And, sensuality, for whatever reasons, is associated with the female gender.

Art by Maria Chambers

Those here who identify as gay have been terribly discriminated against, and yet they carry the balance of the masculine and feminine.  They have brought in the balance and the sensuality that this planet itself desperately needs.

But, over time, as my awareness expanded, I no longer identified as a woman, just as I no longer identified as an artist, writer or musician.  In fact, I really no longer identify as just the human.

These are just expressions or facets of my being.  But they certainly aren’t who I am. And that’s liberating.

But having said that, I would never incarnate here again in the female gender.  There’s just too much disrespect for the feminine,  Although, this is my last lifetime on this planet anyway, so it’s moot.

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15 thoughts on “No Identity in The New Consciousness

  1. Beautiful post, I love your artwork. I agree with you on how women have done ourselves a huge disservice trying to be like men when we so obviously are not. It should never be a competition because like you said, a truly balanced person embodies both masculinity and femininity. I myself identify as a women while fully embracing my masculine energy. My partner points that out often. He respects that about me which is quite empowering.
    As we enter into this new paradigm, I have never felt better in my own skin. Having been forged in the forest of misunderstanding, trauma and abuse to emerge the powerful force I am leaving others opinions and judgements where they belong. As the human vessel I embody ages, I care less and less about those types of things and more and more about my soul’s purpose here. I am most content when I am leading and leaning into that. Thank you my friend for such a thoughtful post🙏❤

      1. It’s my pleasure my friend. I really have enjoyed connecting with you and others who share our experiences with higher consciousness 🙏 it’s quite comforting and reinforces the connection we all share in this world. We are all interconnected and what happens to one of us affects all of us as a whole. I believe humanity is being forced to recognize that principle now. Some won’t make it yet the rest of us will be United in that fact moving forward😊❤

  2. Barbara

    Thanks, Maria. I identify with your non-identity! And so good to see this statement again, “Although, this is my last lifetime on this planet anyway, so it’s moot.” Sometimes I forget that… well, actually, not sometimes, most of the time and I so needed your reminder. The ascension symptoms are also a reminder, along with a majorly stubbed toe! Love, B.

    1. Yes, Barbara, there is that sense of completion, isn’t there? That the cycle of lifetimes has come to an end for those of us, the front runners, the old souls. I may pop in for short visits from time to time, infusing myself in a bird or butterfly, but I think I’ll be over there in one of the New Earths, where there isn’t so much density to deal with.

      1. Barbara

        Just a note to say I’m so enjoying getting caught up on your posts, I particularly liked “Pennies and Calories” of January 8, 2020. With less and less choice at grocery stores, I’m trying some foods that I never would have under so-called ‘normal’ circumstances, and wow, sensual taste bud explosions of yay or nay! All part of the adventure and thank you again for the reminders. Love, B.

        1. Oh, glad you’re enjoying the posts. And, I agree, it’s been interesting that this event has actually created some new experiences, including new foods. In fact, a neighbor of mine (a really cool person) has been bringing over her amazing home made meals to share with me. Her recipes are cook-book worthy. She uses all fresh ingredients and buys from a small family-run business that sells locally grown produce.

          It’s making me rethink the whole LEAN CUISINE thing.

          1. Barbara

            “It’s making me rethink the whole LEAN CUISINE thing.” Good one! Took me a while, but I got it! Love, B.

  3. senlinsays

    Maria, your writing is as usual a saving grace, and your artwork is gorgeous. Today I want to say that it took me a long while to realize that some of the commenters here have blogs of their own, but now that I have found them, I feel so blessed to have new inspiration & camaraderie! Elizabethsadhu and Ladysag77, I am just thrilled with your musings and artwork. I am sure there are more excellent blogs/vlogs for me to discover as well. Thank you, everyone!

    1. Yes, senlinsays, we are very blessed to have the inspiration of our kindred soul sisters and brothers. It makes me much more aware and appreciative of the breadth of Wisdom and creativity in this special community of ours. 💜

  4. This is good. Thanks dear Sistar!

    I have wondered the same thing about women trying to be men and calling it liberated.

    Once I saw a lesbian couple having a fight walking down the street, the bigger and stronger woman kept hitting the other woman who was cowering.

    We are all such a mix of gender energy. And so often we see people fight it. Parents telling their sons to stop crying, parents telling their daughters to wear a dress.

    And we do it to ourselves, probably mostly unconsciously.

    I do identify as more female than male and I can remember times where I was strong and outspoken (male like 😛) and tweaked the shit out of people. I can remember times even as a young teen doing that. And I lost a lot of jobs because I wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Ha!

    I worked very hard to treat my son and daughter equally growing up. No cry shaming or insisting on certain behaviors or clothes. I didn’t want to influence how they were by assuming female or male interests or assumed behaviors. Anyway, they are both quite balanced and wonderful human beings. And I do admit to extreme prejudice in this area. 😉😉

    Ok, I’ve gone on long enough. Good stuff to ponder.

    I don’t want to come back female or male, but maybe come back as a dog. 😉😉😉♥️♥️♥️🐾🐾🐾🐾 If I have to come back.

    Love you dearest Sistar!

    Loving us all!!!!

    Senlinsays…. Thank you!

  5. I’ve been cogitating on the whole female and male thing.

    We so often go by how someone looks.
    Or how someone acts.
    In the type of dancing I do most all of the women and many of the men wear skirts that twirl. And no one thinks anything about it. It’s just fun because we spin a lot.

    Why put anyone into a category?

    We are all just human, eh?

    This is one of those “let’s get a cup of coffee and chat” topics.

    I can’t begin to discuss here all the things this makes me think of.

    You are good at that Maria. Love the pondering.

    Love to us all.

    1. Awesome, siSTAR! Dancing and twirling……I love that concept. No gender barriers. Just all enjoying their own sensual nature.

      Now that I thInk of it, the Greek men wear skirts of sorts when they do the traditional Greek dances. As many nations do actually, some call them kilts.

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