Show’s Over

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We’ve all heard our lives being compared to a play, or a movie.  You know, the ‘Shakespeare said it best…..’  ‘All life’s a stage,’ bla, bla, bla.  We get it.  We’ve all been acting out our galactic issues on this terra firma since we came here eons ago.

And, it’s been a hell of a story.  We have been trying to resolve our inner conflicts by projecting them outside ourself, onto others, in this incredibly tangible and sensual dualistic system called Planet Earth.


We’ve been battling the dark and the light, the male and the female, the heart and the mind, over and over, lifetime after lifetime.

The cast of characters may have changed over time, but the story remained pretty much the same.  And, in a dualistic, polarized system, there is truly no real resolution.   That’s because solutions are always sought outside self.

Most humans haven’t been aware that they are scripting their reality here in order to resolve their inner conflicts, their sense of guilt, shame, lack of self worth, their sense of abandonment.  This time and space reality was an incredible opportunity to come face to face with those inner demons, and to move past them with love.

This Earth was the place to learn about love.  Love for self, especially.

The only way out of this movie called life on Planet Earth is to awaken, and to take ownership of our creator status.  To leave duality behind, along with victim consciousness.

Those reading this and relating to these materials have left that system behind, along with the drama.

So, essentially, the play, or the movie, is over.

Now, most of us would agree that without some conflict and some drama, a movie or tv series would be kind of pointless to watch.  Even documentaries have to have something we can sink our teeth into.

We probably wouldn’t stick around too long to watch that movie if the script was predominantly light and fun.

We would want some real pathos, and even if it’s a comedy, some real ups and downs.  But many of us have noticed that those movies and tv shows aren’t as satisfying to us anymore.

We have a harder time relating to the characters now that drama has left our experience.

So when we watch now, it’s mostly from a place of boredom, which comes from the mind, and the mind likes the drama, which helps it feel alive.

Because the mind in this process can feel bored, and think it needs something to engage in.  Which is fine.  Why not?  But even the mind knows that it’s watching someone else’s story.  That our life has turned a corner in which drama no longer serves us.

Because as we awaken, we know that duality isn’t our movie anymore.  We also become aware of the incredible transformation we are experiencing, and the awesome nature of our own soul.  And we realize that just being here now as ambassadors of light is something to feel excited about.

Being the forerunners of a new consciousness on this planet.

But, to be here without the old, 3D script, the one based in fear and survival, is a strange place to be at first.  The old drama and pathos is gone for us.

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But we discover that we don’t need drama in order to feel alive.  That we have our soul who already feels passionate.  But its passion isn’t extracted from the old, 3D sources.  The new passion may involve this physical reality, but the true passion comes from within us.

Which, it always did.  We just thought it was coming from out there.  From another human, or a job, or any number of physical experiences.

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping any of us from writing new tv shows and movies and have them be all about our own experiences on the way to enlightenment.  All the hell we went through, each in our own way, to get to a place of awakening to our own divinity.

And leaving those stories……whether they are tv or movie  scripts, autobiographies, children’s books, blogs, or any of a number of art forms….. as our legacy, to help those coming after us to get through their own dark night of the soul, and to make their own awakening a little easier.

With some real, human experiences shining a light for them.

We forerunners didn’t have that support or human examples as we went through our own awakening.


But ultimately, the primary event for our soul is to just enjoy our experience here.  We already accomplished what we came here to do, which was to shift the consciousness on this planet by awakening ourselves.

So now we can enjoy this physical landscape like never before.  Our soul just wants to savor it, to dive deep into it, and the human can feel that joy like never before.  Sans the drama and the trauma.

No, it probably wouldn’t make for a good movie script, at least, not one for duality, but for now we’ll leave that to hollywood.

Here is my little Ascension movie trailer.  Enjoy.

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22 thoughts on “Show’s Over

  1. I loved the trailer! You are so fun and brilliant, dear Sistar sweetie.

    I do tend to avoid the drama in my life now. I just don’t need it. Life is fucking awesome and I feel so at peace.

    We are here!

    Much love, E

  2. Annette

    Love, Love, LOVED the Trailer!! 👏♥️

    As of late, I’ve been feeling as though I’m living in the Twilight Zone, so I binged on some old episodes on Netflix, and yup, it confirmed it! Lol

    You’re SO creative my Maria, much love! 💞

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, my Annette!

      And, I know what you mean, it really does feel like Rod Serling is just around the corner. And, funny you mention Netflix, because I’ve been binging on a couple old tv series myself. Seems to satisfy that taste for a little drama….as long as it’s some else’s.

      1. Annette

        Yes, right around the corner…..Rod Serling is the perfect narrator, I love his voice!

        And yes, a little drama… long as it’s someone else’s! 😉✌🏼

          1. Annette

            Hahaha….good one! Thanks for sharing, and Rainbow over New York City at 7pm as people cheer for health care workers……WOW! 💖

          2. I LOVE that. Great video. Cattywampus Zone.

            So, all y’all will laugh but my full name is Laura Elizabeth (waitress Laura Beth) and I have joked with people telling them that they can call me the whole thing but they have to use a southern accent. ♥️♥️♥️🙂🙂🙂🙂

            Thanks for the giggle.

            Loving all y’all

  3. Barbara

    Good article, fun trailer… the music was all by itself enough to draw me in. I think that Gaia fully appreciates our waking up, not only to the wonder of ourselves, but to the incredible diversity of Her, with her very BIG benevolent Heart. Though there are thorns on roses, the gifts of Gaia, ensure that whatever is being played out on the ‘stage’, She is not fake, and like we need our life experiences, Gaia needs hers. I think that of the Sun, too, another big benevolent gift that for some reason the PTB would have us afraid of. They can’t be serious? A quarantine does not stop me from getting a tan. I’ve discovered that my open dining room window, which faces west, gives me warmth and beginnings of an excellent tan. BTW, anyone have any idea how to get those chem trails out of my and Gaia’s reality? Love, B.

  4. Yeah, I love that music….it’s actually from Apple….one that can be used free with the iMovie app.
    And, yes, Gaia….we are her stewards now, and there’s a lot to clean up for sure. She does a lot on her own, but still…

    And, yep, the sun….I know, right? we’re supposed to be afraid of the sun. Interestingly, as we integrate into our light bodies, we will be much more adaptable to this environment. It feel like the opposite right now, because of all the sensitivities….but it’s all part of the light body, our true body, adjusting to our carbon based body, and vice versa.

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