The Body Is Awakening

Art by Maria Chambers

Over time, the physical body has gone into its own type of slumber. It stopped many of its natural processes of clearing out excess toxins, and of self-healing.  Until our awakening.

Now that we are integrating our true energy body, our light body, the physical biology is becoming more sensitive than ever.  And if we allow it, and don’t tinker with it, it will resume what it was originally designed to do.

Over time, humans decided what was best for the body.  The so-called experts laid out the perfect foods, exercises, supplements, and myriad of regimes for the physical body.  There were financial fortunes to be made in the so-called health industry.

Over the decades, we were given the good list and the bad list of foods to consume.  First eggs were good, then bad, then good again, and I really lost track of where they stand now, but I could care less.  I like eggs.

But the point is we fell out of trust with our own body.

Fortunately many of us have been trusting our body more and more.  And we have discovered throughout this transformational process that our tastes in food and activities has changed.

But the body will tell us what it prefers from day to day.  Forcing an agenda on it because someone else said it was the best thing for us doesn’t work, and in fact has backfired on us.

It’s not easy in this culture of shoulds and shouldn’ts to trust the body’s own cravings.  To trust when it craves carbs, sugar, even red meat, that it’s ok to consume those foods.

Many of us began to trust the body’s need for rest, especially after a few times of getting walloped with the higher vibrations.

Even to trust that when it got sick, it was just the body’s way of purging and releasing density.  That there was nothing wrong with us.

The body has its own wisdom but it will be a good servant and take the cues from the human.  If we insist on meddling with it and trying to fix it ourself, it will turn off its self-regulating processes.

Scientists have figured out how the human body functions, but they can’t really regulate its myriad of processes.  Even medicine has its limitations.

And science is just beginning to understand the role of consciousness as it relates to the health of the body.

That there are emotional states that can create dis-ease, and that can cure them.

We keep hearing that word, allow, and it applies also to the physical body.  It’s undergoing a massive shift, and the less we try to orchestrate that shift, the better.

Art by Maria Chambers

Many things can interfere with the body’s ability to heal and rebalance itself.  And those things, those underlying issues, need not be our concern.  We can trust that our soul knows how to orchestrate that for us.  How to bring up and release those aspects that may be interfering.  Whether it’s to do with guilt, shame, self-doubt.  Whether it’s fear, or a need of the mind to stay in control of everything.

Many of us have noticed that emotions have been emerging, and they may just be from mass consciousness, or they may be from aspects of ourself that are trying to assert themselves into our experience.

But, again, there is no need to try to figure any of that out, because it just puts us back into our head, and it stops the flow.

The best thing is to allow all the emotions to be, and also recognizing that they are not going to control our choices.  They can’t rule the roost going forward.  Things like guilt, pain and suffering, victimhood, and drama, can’t come with us into our realization.

In fact, if we take them with us, they will become amplified.  That’s how energy works.  If we open up to more light, more energy, and if those aspects are still ruling the roost, there will be even more drama, more lack, more illness.

It’s like someone winning the ten million dollar lottery.  They think all their problems will be solved.  Wrong.  All of their issues will be magnified.  We’ve seen this many times as they lose all their money within a couple of years and are even deeper in debt.

We see it with celebrities who have everything…, good looks, fame, and who self-destruct.  They have simply brought their old baggage with them into their high profile life.  They have attracted massive energies, (in the form of money, attention) and they will pay a big price if they haven’t resolved their inner issues.

Energies are here to serve us, and that includes those parts of us that have been trying to sabotage our joy with their own agenda and control issues.

So it’s a blessing that we have set it up so that we are coming face to face with some of those lingering aspects that are wanting to be in the drivers seat of our life.

What do we do with them?  Nothing.  Just allow them to be.  And, that also means not  engaging with their agenda.  You know by how you feel if you’re engaging with them.  It’s the best guidance system around.

We know how it feels to be around someone who is an energy vampire.  We don’t allow that in our life anymore.  Same with those parts of us who want to be in charge….. the fear, the sadness, the part that enjoys being hard on us, the lack of self-worth.  Those parts are trying to feed off of our energies.

Recognizing those aspects is important, but beyond that, just allow this transformation to continue.

Because that will have a profound effect on the physical body going forward.  It will make the transition into the light body much more graceful.  And really, the physical body doesn’t disappear, but it is reinforced by its loving partner, the light body.

And the same for those aspects that feel unfulfilled.  They get to be loved by us, by our soul, which transforms them.  There’s no trying, pushing, analyzing or running away from anything.

That’s the beauty of our consciousness.  It’s pretty much self-regulating, as long as we the human can step out of the way.

So, just keep allowing the awakening.  Whether it’s the body, or all of those parts of ourself that sense something is changing, and want even more attention from us.  The best thing we can do for all of them is to just allow.

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56 thoughts on “The Body Is Awakening

  1. Barbara

    Thank you, Maria, so true. My body is doing its thing… again! Presently, it’s night sweats and that’s okay though the laundry seems never-ending. I can’t help but think of songs when my body has its way, so this time I’ve renamed Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” to “Night Sweats” and the lyrics kind of fit! Emotionally, the roller coaster continues and that’s okay, too, though I can’t take those to the laundry room… or maybe I can! Just wanted to mention that I note that the Indigos are up and running, blasting truth and light, and that has helped tremendously with the Forerunner Load. I thought of your, “My work is done here,” Possible? Much love, B.

    1. elizabethsadhu

      Oh good one, Barbara……Night Moves, I mean, Night Sweats. ha

      Yes, I have seen at least one awesome Indigo who has lovely energy and good messages. Lorie Ladd.

      Lessening the load for sure.

      love you sweetie B!

    2. Yes, Barbara, it’s true! Our work is done here. The younger ones, Indigos, as you mentioned, are taking the torch from us and running with it.

      And, hopefully any remaining ascension symptoms are already on spin, rinse cycle. Spin out the old stuff that no longer serves us.

      Love you. 💕💕💕

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Dearest Sistar–Oh my gosh. Again, you did it again. Reading my mind in the middle of the night, eh? hahaha HOW do you do that???!!!??? ❤ ❤

    Your blog is perfection as per usual and of course completely resonates and confirms.

    I was thinking of sitting down today and writing what has been coming to me. So much crossover with your post.

    Last night about to come out of my bath, nightly ritual, I heard loud and clear. BE IN YOUR BODY. THAT IS YOUR MAIN JOB RIGHT NOW, TO JUST BE PRESENT IN YOUR BODY. I had to go write it down.

    Then yesterday I was doing a bunch of home stuff but seriously planning on taking a long walk. By noon, I was tuckered out. Seriously exhausted. But, dammit, I HAD to take a walk. I heard, YOU DON'T NEED TO TAKE A WALK. IT IS ALL OKAY. GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. and later, when I was laying a guilt trip on myself (in other words, nothing new and not listening to my body/soul song/inner higher voice) I heard it again, YOU DON'T NEED TO TAKE A WALK. ALL IS PERFECT. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

    So, I think I have shifted to a new space of, dare I say it, love and forgiveness and letting go of guilt and letting go of whatever the fuck society says to eat or exercise or not listen to our body's DIVINE AND WISE self. What a fucking concept?????!!!!!!????? ha!

    So, thanks for your post. So confirming. So beautiful. So synchronous. Not surprising, dearest Sistar friend goddess. I love you!!!!

    LOVING us all!


  3. elizabethsadhu

    And this.
    One of the other things that happened was that I felt called, like really NEEDED to eat some almonds last night with some honey. I was enjoying them but kind of laying a guilt trip on myself. I slept the best I’ve slept in awhile. Like, really great. AND this morning I heard, YOU NEEDED THAT. IT WAS TO HELP YOU SLEEP. YOU NEEDED THE SHOT OF PROTEIN AND MINERALS THEY HAVE. AND THE SWEET WAS ALSO NECESSARY. I was just reading about almonds and all the minerals they have and also they help with pain. My hands have been waking me up with pain and just hurting. So, I found this to be quite interesting since eating late at night is so verboten. AND of course I am thinking about the heaviness in my body right now. They keep telling me immediately upon such a thought, CUT IT OUT. YOUR BODY IS THE WAY IT IS FOR A REASON. QUIT JUDGING. AND YOU CAN’T GO BY 3D TERMS ANYMORE.

    I am getting IMMEDIATE feedback. WOW!

  4. elizabethsadhu

    I have been challenged with great sleep for a few years and then I just read this.

    “Almonds. If you want a quick snack before bed that doesn’t require any prep work, grab a handful of almonds. They’re a rich source of the sleep-supporting amino acid tryptophan, as well as the nutrient magnesium, a natural muscle relaxer. Plus, the protein in almonds will keep you full all night.”

    1. Dear siSTAR, so glad it resonated. As much as we want to befriend it, I think it’s the body that gives us the most consternation.

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom on the subject!

      And, that is so interesting about the almonds. That you were craving them, with honey, and that it’s just what you need to sleep better. It’s good to know. I actually used to eat more almonds, and carried them around as a snack between meals, because of the protein, and they seemed to fill me up and were low in carbs.

      But I didn’t know about them being high in tryptophan, and magnesium. Those babies are going on my grocery list.


        1. Barbara

          Just got back from the grocery store with ALMONDS! Thank you, Elizabeth! Along with a carton of maple walnut ice-cream. Darn, I’ve been denying myself for a very long time and being a Canuck, there is nothing quite like maple walnut ice-cream with real maple syrup. Totally agree, we cannot and in fact must not, (perhaps couldn’t if we tried) go by 3D terms anymore. And here’s to the Indigos. Love, B.

          1. elizabethsadhu

            Oh my gosh. I love you my sisters.

            Laughing with pure joy.

            This is what you do to make them super yummy.

            Bake at 325-350 for about 45ish minutes. Dry roasted. Crunchy delight.

            I bake them also with tamari/soy sauce sprinkled all over. Same baking temp and time.

            Love love love

  5. Thanks, siSTAR, for that yummy recipe. I find the raw almonds don’t have much flavor. But, sorry, did I hear you say bake them? Like in an oven? Because I haven’t used my oven in over….well, ever, actually. And I’ve been living here for almost two decades. I use it for storage. But I do have a toaster oven. Will that work?

  6. Barbara

    Oh dear, now I’m lost in a world of almonds. Did I cheat? I bought mine already roasted, and dare I say it, salted? But I’ve learned about using an oven for storage… I will store my roasted and salted almonds in my oven. The ice-cream demands my freezer. Love, B.

    1. elizabethsadhu

      Oh my gosh. You two are making me laugh so much! Thank you a million times.

      I love you both. My sisters in almonds.

      Baked Alaska? 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

      Probably the freezer is better.

      And sometimes you just HAVE TO HAVE ice cream!!!!!

        1. Barbara

          Yes, Maria, I remember that song… second that emotion, and so I can’t resist… remember the Allman Brothers? Watch out world, here come the Almond Sisters. See you both in my hopefully non-sweat dreams. Love, B.

          1. Ok, Barbara, so you got me going, and I had to look up Almond Sisters, and I found this video, which is interesting, It showcases a small bakery in Ohio, and the owners are using baking as their art,

          2. elizabethsadhu

            Hey there dearest Almond Sisters!!!!!!

            I do bake bread but no almond bread. Alas!

            I like our new name.

            Thanks for the joy and laughter today dearest AS……….xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
            SO MUCH FUN!

  7. Barbara

    Bakery as art… perfect. The more Almond Sisters the better. I’m working on Sensuous Sandwiches, which may mean that I’ll have to remove the almonds from my oven and learn how to bake bread! Love, B.

      1. Barbara

        And to bring it full circle… Elizabeth, please post your best easy recipe for Almond Bread! Thank you both from my heart for a very fun day. Love, B.

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  9. Annette

    Damn woman, you absolutely nailed it for me, this is what I keep telling myself every time I read or hear someone telling me/us the best way to do this or the best way to do that, in order to raise our vibration etc.!
    My appetite for certain foods change daily, one day my body may be craving fruits/vegetables, the next, junk food, the next, not so junkie…lol, and I LOVE EGGS!! 😁
    This post made my day, as my ego has been hard at work trying to convince/make me feel guilty for this or that, I just want to BE.

    “Many of us began to trust the body’s need for rest, especially after a few times of getting walloped with the higher vibrations.”

    WALLOPED… darn right!!

    Perfect truth here My Maria, and thank you for reeling me back in!! Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Jesus can you throw a man a line’ , don’t remember where it came from, however I have been saying it the past few days……Looks like he heard me! 😉

    MUCH L🌺♥️E, and GRATITUDE for YOU, and YOUR WISDOM!!

    1. Wow, Annette, that’s wonderful that you are more aware of YOUR truth and wisdom, and have allowed your body to serve you, and are trusting it more and more.

      Yep, the ego mind is pretty clever. It knows our vulnerable spots. So the next time it dips into its bag of tricks maybe it will pull out an Eggo. FROM EGO TO EGGO. Do I smell a New York Times best seller?

      I like Eggos with butter and jelly.

      1. Annette

        Thank you My Maria…..Soul is so wise, and helpful, and I Definitely smell a best seller!
        Let go of my EGO, oh I mean EGGO😁

          1. Annette

            Lol, and I hate I was late to the party, but better late than never….Thank you B, E and M! 💖💫

      1. Annette

        If you want to know of another food that is loaded with tryptophan, and will put you into a dream state coma…..Eggs, yes, the incredible edible EGG! I find they work best soft fried, ya know, the white done, runny yoke, accompanied by a piece of whole grain bread dry toasted. 🤓

        1. Wow, that’s exactly how I love eggs, soft boiled, runny yolk, except I like lots of butter on my toast. And, I didn’t know eggs also helped to relax the body.

          Maybe that explains why sometimes in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep, (because I’m hungry) I will go for an egg.

          1. Annette

            Yes, me too, and that’s how I discovered it. Throw some BUTTER, absolutely, I just prefer dry only because I throw the runny egg on top of it, but make no mistake….I LOVE BUTTER! I watched someone eat a baked potato with nothing but salt and pepper, and that’s fine, me……bring on the Butter! 🧈🍳🍞

          2. Oh, whew, thank goddess! For a moment there I was going to tell you you’re out of the Almond Sister’s Band! Heehee. No, seriously, though, bring on the butter, indeed! BOB=bring on the butter.

          3. elizabethsadhu

            i AM loving this post and responses and fun and laughter. Anyone else want to join the Almond Sisters please do.

            BUTTER! But I am so sorry runny eggs are horrible. Just horrible. hahahaha
            AND all y’all get to have them any way you want.
            Good to know about eggs. YUMMY!
            WE are lucky, just down the road a friend has 20+ chickens running around and we get lovely eggs from her for only $3 a dozen. YUM

            Letting go of my EGO for EGGO.

            Okay, waffles with peanut butter and real maple syrup.
            Or french toast with same. YUM!

            I love you all my dear humans.
            Dearest Almond Sisters……..

            This is our clarion call to eat what the fuck we want. When the fuck we want. And fuck anyone for telling us anything different. ha!

            We’re the badass Almond Sister Collective.

          4. Truth be told, I love home made pancakes with butter and maple syrup. I used to make my own, using bisquick, eggs and milk. Then I realized it was easier to just make French Toast. But, still, those pancakes were yummy. Think I’ll add bisquick to my shopping list. Oh, and real maple syrup, eh?

    1. elizabethsadhu

      We love you joining the Almond Sisters!
      The more the merrier.

      It’s our Almond sister vow to eat whatever the fuck we are called to eat. We KNOW. No one else knows for us.

      Eggos with butter and jelly.
      Maple ice cream.
      Almonds with honey.
      Steamed broccoli
      Homemade pizza
      French fries.


    1. elizabethsadhu

      YES! The Almond Sisters Band! Perfect!!!!!!
      I AM LAUGHING SO MUCH every time I think of this post.

      BOB all the way………Butter is BETTER on EVERYTHING!

      i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

    1. elizabethsadhu

      Okay, we better hear about you making yourself some lovely pancakes SOON!!!!!


      🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Barbara

        Whoa, wait, wait. We may go too far. Now it’s being suggested that we actually MAKE pancakes!? I’m coming down with a case of the Moody Blues, because I was getting used to the idea that “I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band!” Besides I tried making pancakes a few times… like eggs… they turned out hard around the edges and runny inside. I know… I’ll write a cook book called “Burned around the edges and runny inside or Quick Recipes for Almond Sisters.” Love, B.

        1. elizabethsadhu

          This post is endlessly amusing me and making me LAUGH OUT LOUD. Thank you my dear Almond Sisters.

          I haven’t had pancakes in years. I always preferred waffles, but they do take a lot more effort. Egg whites and such. Now French Toast is the thing. yum yum yum and easy easy easy.

          Still laughing……

          love you my Almond Sisters!! xoxoxoxoox

          1. Barbara

            It is quite possible to make French toast burned around the edges and runny inside. I know because I’ve done it, so it can be added to Quick Recipes for Almond Sisters. However, I may rename it to “Barb’s Toast” or “Barb is Toast”, because I find French Toast, when done correctly, to be highly offended by my politically incorrect naming of same. The name “Barb’s Toast” has the added advantage of allowing it to be smothered in butter and maple syrup, so that the runny inside bits go unnoticed and when that fails, then “Barb is Toast” is the answer… a glass of wine, a jug of beer… same idea, but more mellow than “Barb’s Toast”. (Note to Maria… you have my permission to put a gag order on me if necessary. I’m on a roll here and much as I try to refrain, I can’t help myself.) I’ve come up with numerous notes/hints to be scattered throughout the Cook Book like, must be able to cook only on high settings; no Pam or Teflon allowed, only butter; these recipes are non-judgmental and expect the same in return, guests may say loudly “Barb is Toast” while eating… Help! Love, B.

          2. elizabethsadhu

            Thanks Barb is toast…..I am laughing so much yet again. Helping me through the day. hahahaha

            I had a run in with my basically mentally ill mother and I needed this chuckle.
            THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH.


  10. Not only will I NOT EVER put a gag order on Barbara, but I hereby order more gags, jokes and puns! I believe you ARE on a roll, Barbara, and it’s a buttered one at that! And, like Elizabeth, I needed this too today. So Thanks, and keep the humor flowing, as inspired.

    These times call for comic relief. It’s Divinely Ordained

    1. Barbara

      Thank you, my beautiful Almond Sisters. You may not hear from me for a while. I’m working on a new chapter for Quick Recipes… it’s called, “Burned around the edges and still frozen on the inside.” And then of course there’s a final chapter called, “How to clean up your stove and kitchen after everything explodes inside and out.” Eggs still in the game. Love, B.

    1. I agree, the awakening is happening, with or without our human permission. Although to be fair, the human did agree to it. It just feels at times that we are victims or at the whim of our divine self. And how we go through our awakening, how we get there, is determined by how much resistance we have to just allowing the unfolding.

      But our Soul would never assert itself upon its human counterpart. It has too much compassion for that. In its love for us, it will keep its distance if the human thinks it can do it alone.

      We as the human opened up that door and allowed our soul to be more present in our body and our life. But if the human needs another lifetime or a few more lifetimes to integrate their soul, that is honored.

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