Turtle Wisdom on Mother’s Day


The  Turtle moves slowly so that she can savor the beauty and wonder of her environment.  Because her species was here long before humans were, she is a symbol of Mother Earth herself.

The turtle is very adaptable, and carries her home with her.  Home is within.

Turtles dig holes in the earth or sand and lay eggs and bury them to incubate and hatch.  Once they carefully bury the eggs, mom goes off to do her own thing, never to return to the newly hatched kids.

Her job as mother is a little abridged compared to humans, but there is a lesson to learn from our ancient friend.  It’s not a bad thing for a mother to let go of her offspring, physically and even emotionally after a certain point in their development.  Contrary to common thought, parents do not own their children. Nor should children, past their own adulthood, expect their parents to owe them anything.  Nor should anyone, parent or child cast blame on one another for their own unhappiness in life.

Things get awfully entangled and that’s called karma.  Letting go of our karma is what we are doing.

It’s not letting go of the love.  It’s letting go of the old entanglements, and unhealthy patterns between mom or dad and the kids.

It’s honoring our path, and honoring their path, no matter what path that is.

The relationship between parents and kids isn’t what it seems.  All of the fighting and the drama was just all of us playing out our galactic story of unresolved issues that we had going on before the Earth was formed.

But there comes the point where we acknowledge it’s all just a story.  Just the play we all scripted.

Then it frees everyone up.  It’s a beautiful thing.

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8 thoughts on “Turtle Wisdom on Mother’s Day

  1. Perfect. Thanks dear sistar!

    I well remember when I was pregnant with my daughter 37 years ago. (just for the record, I’m not old enough to have a son turn 40 in July and a daughter turn 37 in September. 🙃🙃)

    My son was quite close to my mother in law. First grandchild both sides. We lived closer to my in-laws and they really put themselves out to be there for us. Lovely humans. So while I was pregnant with my daughter (second child) my mum said to me, I want this to be my child. My poor mum! I kinda ripped her a new one. She just didn’t get all of it. She was so so clueless. She still doesn’t get it, poor grandma.

    I told her, “Mom! These children DON’T belong to us. We are their caretakers.”

    Happy Mama’s day to all y’all out there.

    It is so often a thankless task. But holy moly it is the most beautiful experience of my life. My children are easily my BF son and bf daughter. I am so so blessed. I’m still learning from them.

    Thanks dearest Maria for this. Beautiful!!

  2. Barbara

    Thank you, Maria. I was reminded of Barbara Hand Clow’s references to Turtle Medicine in her book, “Awakening the Planetary Mind”. Quoting from page 33, “Turtle Medicine is about Earth’s changes. Earth’s surface is made of twenty great plates, just as Turtle’s back is the skirt of twenty plates around thirteen central plates. Sometimes the plates move when Turtle walks, as do the Earth’s plates while we live on the surface influenced by the bodies in the heavens. The three stars in Orion’s Belt are Turtle’s spine and the four outer stars – Saiph, Rigel, Betelguese, and Bellatrix – are Turtle’s feet. We are happy on Earth when we contemplate these correspondences, which open pathways that connect us with our spiritual vehicles, the stars. The stars are the home of our souls. Turtle’s back is the home of our body – Earth…”

    Happy Mothers’ Day, Elizabeth, and all Moms everywhere, and especially our Mother, Gaia. Not having kids perhaps I’ll rename this day, Turtles’ Day… I like their style! Love, B.

  3. Thank you dear ladies….for your warm, wise and humorous comments. While I also haven’t been a mother in this lifetime, I have been called one from time to time. Heehee.

    So, to all of us who have mothered figuratively and biologically, Happy Mother’s Day (And Turtle Day) to Us all!

  4. Beautiful! dear Maria🙏Thank you🙏 . Happy Turtle Day and Happy Mothers Day to all, especially our Beloved Gaia! Love the Turtle’s style as well, Barbara! Have had some profound experiences with sea turtles snorkeling in Hawaii. Thank you for all the beautiful stories here, Barbara, Elizabeth, Maria and Annette🤗🌸💜🦋

  5. Lyn

    I journeyed to see the giant sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach many years ago- one of the most magical holidays I have ever had. Thanks for the reminder.
    I always find myself detached from Mother’s Day. I had three daughters ( and yes Elisabeth I cant be old enough to have 42, 40 and 38 years old daughters).
    I think mothering was one of my themes to look at though. I mothered my own siblings when young as my mother was sick and needy herself
    I then was really focused on being a totally dedicated Mum to my own kids (and Tried to do it better than my own Mum as these issues go). I ended up a single Mum when they were in their early teens. At that point I declared Mother’s Day defunct. For my kids to celebrate it I would have had to give money to a relative and ask them to take the kids shopping to buy me something for them to give me to celebrate me. I had had my awakening by then and this ego focused elevation of self didn’t feel appropriate.
    Fast Forward .. I tried to more my daughters to seeing me as an equal friend rather than ‘one up’ parent with more wisdom than them as they reached adulthood. I ended up with one who is my closest friend. Another strongly resisted this attempt of mine and wanted me to stay Mum in the old way. The third had a very long adolescence, cut me off and has rejected me completely.
    I think there are few mother angles I haven’t explored!
    I adored my father who had a very strong female side for his generation and was a modern male before his time. He was both mother and father in some ways but passed many years ago.
    I am very happy to leave all identities and label, such as parent, behind despite loving every minute of my rich years with my kids when they were under my care. Whoever people are, and whatever role they play, they are all my equals and I don’t favour singling any out for a special day as such. I take everyone as I find them.

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