Embodied Enlightenment, Women, And Feeling Safe

Graphic by Maria Chambers

On my walk the other day, I encountered a man who said hello, and indicated that he was interested in a conversation with me. In short order it became clear that he wanted to engage me in more than just conversation.

He quickly confided that he was married, and that his wife believed in open relationships.

I did what I could to be polite, kept the exchange short, then went on my way.

But it left me feeling unsettled.

I never feel unsafe in my present day life, and I feel that others respect me and my space.  Yet, after that encounter I recognized that there’s still a part of me that as a woman, does not feel safe. I felt like I had to protect myself.

Especially as it relates to the male wanting my affection and attention.

It’s something I have felt, mostly subconsciously, as a female all of my life.  That I had to make sure others, especially males, did not get too angry.  I was invested in the role of nurturer and caretaker emotionally for others, especially for that fragile male ego.

And, to be clear, some of the women I encountered were embodying that fragile male ego, too.

But the safety issue seems to be connected to my own sensuality.  To being open to my senses, and how that relates to my own freedom as a woman.

Art by Maria Chambers

As we open up to our light body, we will be feeling things, and be even more sensitive to our inner and outer environment.  And because of those sensitivities, there is a tendency to want to escape the physical body.

To be even more in the head, the mind.   But over time as the light body integrates, the sensitivities to environmental conditions eases.

But our sensitivities for life in general become wide open.  We begin feeling with not only all of our human senses but the thousands of ethereal ones.  Which makes being in the physical a truly sensual experience.

Music, nature, food, and just the rhythms of the Planet itself have a way of coursing through our physical body, and that’s part of the ecstasy that is talked about in embodying spirit.

Yet, for many women, and for many men, actually, in the later stages of their own enlightenment and realization, there may still be a part of them that feels unsafe to embody spirit.

I have written about this before in some of my other posts. But until I encountered this feeling recently, I thought I had for the most part let go of that fear.

There are other ways that women may be protecting themselves from that type of fear. Maybe they’re in a job that they really don’t enjoy anymore or are in a relationship that has expired, but gives them a sense of safety and security.

And, I am not encouraging anyone to make any changes in those situations, but to just feel into their own resistance as it relates to their sense of safety.

There is nothing we need to do on an outer level at this point.  But this is a good time to ask, is there something in me that is resisting my own realization and my embodied enlightenment?  Is there something about my own sensuality as a woman as it relates to my freedom?

Even if there are no safety issues on the outside, there is still the mind that tries to protect us as women.  So we tend to stay in the mind, and not allow the fullness of our sensuality to be embodied in this transformation.

But what price are we paying for playing it safe? What price do we pay for not allowing ourselves to feel the fullness of our sensuality? How do we step into our freedom as an enlightened woman unless we address this issue?

Because embodied enlightenment is a full-bodied experience.  Not a mental or philosophical one.  The whole point is for our soul to dive deeply and sensually into its own physical creation.


Graphic by Maria Chambers

Those of us who consider ourselves awake as women would probably deny that we feel unsafe. That the concept is remote to us.

Yet, we may have set our lives up in a way that provides us a sense of safety and protection.

For example, I have lived in apartment complexes for years, and it’s partly because I feel a sense of safety as a single woman knowing there are other neighbors within earshot.  Yet, that thought rarely enters my consciousness.

The encounter with that man the other day brought up some things that I thought had been resolved. But they were lurking underneath the surface.

I’m not writing this to frighten anyone, because really in my heart and soul I know that I am safe, and I know that in the new energy which we are in, it is an energy of balance and it is an energy of safety

So the whole lock up your daughters thing doesn’t really apply to us. We are in a different place, a new energy space that is safe.  Even with the encounter the other day, I knew my soul had my back.  Not in a defensive way, but in a way that feels like an inner guidance,  I knew on a deeper level that all was well.

But, I bring it up because I am wondering if other women sense that part of them that may be holding them back from fully embodying their soul in this lifetime.

Could there be a part of us that still subscribes to the idea that as a woman we are not safe to embody our own sensual nature?  Because our soul is very sensual. It will not compromise that sensuality or that joy. Is there still a part of us that is reluctant to let our soul in and shine that joy not just from the heart, from our entire physical being?

Many of us have had experiences not only in this but many other lifetimes of being disrespected for embodying our sensual nature.

Photo credit Maria Chambers

Consequently, over time, as women, we came to believe that our service to humanity is through carrying others’ burdens. Not just hold energies for others and the planet and processing them, because all lightworkers have been doing that, all genders.  But specifically as the female gender, we felt compelled to keep the peace, to over nurture, especially as we saw how others were capable of harming us if we didn’t assuage their anger.

I go into the root cause of that in a post called The Real Story of Adam And Eve.

Could we be holding onto an illness or a condition, emotionally or physically, because there is a part of us that doesn’t want to let go of that type of service as a woman on this planet?

I may be overreaching on this, but I have to wonder why some of us are still not feeling the fullness of our soul’s presence in our body on a more sustained level.

Because embodying spirit is not a philosophical or intellectual experience.  It’s an intimately physical one.

This message of course is not for everyone.  But if it does resonate with you, there is encouraging news. And that is, for some of us, this lifetime was the one slated for our freedom as women.

We knew that we could potentially walk this planet with our Christ consciousness fully embodied.

But it requires us to really let go of the pain and suffering.  To let go of holding energies.  To detach from humanity in a kind of radical way that women are not accustomed to.  Not from a place of anger, but from a place of love.  Love for Self.  And, ultimately, self-love and self-respect is the only way humanity is set free.

Now I understand why embodying our own I Am has been so challenging.

It really requires a type of honesty with ourselves.  It requires us to acknowledge the fears that we inherited, that have been a part of our DNA.  To feel the fears, the one especially that tells us we are not safe.

And then to just give that part of us the love, from our soul.  There is nothing more required.  That alone will transform the fear.  And then we can more easily and gracefully move into our own sensual freedom.

And that means an unbridled joy for life, sans the discomfort.  With no price to pay.

Because our story as women is just that, a story, and we can let it go any time.

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24 thoughts on “Embodied Enlightenment, Women, And Feeling Safe

  1. Dearest sistar……. And all my sisters here……….I am sitting with this and will read it again.

    Pondering. I do know that I have done a lot of care taking. And as I uncover these layers there is a lot of subtle shit going on. Nurturing. Letting myself be wrung out dry. And it is on me to stop.

    And I’m sure that part of my holding this weight is for protection. Also for just being ok with BEING. Holding weight to BE.

    And I can hearken back over my life and remember many times of not feeling safe. There was no one to protect me but me. So perhaps this extra weight gives me a kind of FORCE. A power. Appearance of strength.

    I am sitting with this beautiful and insightful post. Do I feel 100% safe?

    Thanks dearest Maria for creating this beautiful and safe space.

    Much love to us all

  2. Barbara

    What I miss most is spontaneity… which used to get me into a lot of trouble, but the lessons, big and small, taught me ‘safe distancing’. At age 70, I for sure don’t have the energy to get into much trouble at all, but it’s an interesting time of life to be looking back and realizing that all those lessons put me exactly where I am now, and thank Goddess for that! Love, B.

  3. I too can admit to being both awake and at times have definitely felt unsafe around some men and women for that matter. I am a very outwardly loving person and have been hit on by both sexes often. I can usually quickly tell where and what somebody is looking for by engaging with me. I am firm in my boundaries and move on. It’s unnerving at times yes. To me, it’s Universe’s way of telling me to be mindful of my boundaries and always keep my safety number one. Thanks for sharing about this important topic my friend.

  4. Interesting. Being outwardly loving, and friendly and outgoing is often associated with wanting to engage in romance and or sex. I have been accused a few times of leading someone on when I was just being gregarious and enjoying their company.

    Good for you for setting your boundaries with others when it calls for it.

    Now that I think about it, my soul may have prepared me for the encounter the other day with that man. I was wearing a ring that made me look like I was married. I never wear it, but that day decided to do so.

    So when he asked me if I was married I said yes, ten years. Lol.

    Of course it’s a shame we even have to do that, to lie, but whatever.

  5. IAMStory

    Thank you for this beautiful sharing. Very much appreciate the honesty and openness.
    It does always amaze me how many subtle layers of patterning there are to work through and, no doubt, millennia of patriarchy and subjugation will have ‘wound’ deep into the female DNA the information that men are dangerous.
    I just wanted to share that even, as a man, I have had a long journey with the same issue. I was born awake, with the unusual depth of sensitivity that comes with that and an unrelenting sense of sorrow and outrage at the world I found myself in. What most men consider fine and the way things should be was, to me, insane and intolerable.
    As a man, if you refuse to go along with immoral behaviour or follow the lead of the alpha dogs, then you will inevitably have to fight them, one way or another.
    As a child, I cut myself off from my feelings, retreated out the body and navigated the world from my mind for the next thirty years or so. I knew I couldn’t go through life feeling overwhelmed by rage or sorrow every day and, subconsciously, that was my solution.
    It took a great deal of work and the wisdom and support of my lady to come back to the body, but its an ongoing process for me, I continually find layers of fear that hold me back from being fully present, heart completely open, feeling fully.
    It is especially hard where I live, in South Africa, as the layers of pain, trauma and anger I encounter whenever I meet someone are so great. There is also an inner child part of me that keeps expecting that I will have to suffer again the casual cruelty that the unconscious doll out without any sense of the experience of the other.
    Fortunately, I have learned the truth you are beautifully expressing. The embodiment process is the key to our enlightenment and I’m deeply grateful for the positive shifts in my experience as I’ve been able to more and more deeply inhabit my body.
    I don’t know how many more layers I will need to clear, but I look forward to being more and more me.

    1. Thank you IAMStory, for your very sincere and honest perspective. Sharing your experiences especially as a male in this transformation process is much needed. Men have their unique challenges especially if they are awake and have to also deal with such a Patriarchal system they find themselves in.

      It takes a courageous man to open up to the heart energy, and to express his own sensuality. Your soul placed you in that part of the world apparently to shine your much needed light and help shift the consciousness there.

      Thank you for being here, brother. Much love 💕

  6. Dear Maria,
    You touched something deep within me I didn’t know existed. Your piece is not only thought-provoking, it feels like a life changer for me. Obviously the right message at the right time. Thank you!

    1. My dear Brenda, I’m so glad it touched you so deeply, and is timely for you. Thanks for sharing that.

      I find it interesting that while I wrote the post a couple of weeks ago, something told me not to publish it at that time. So, for whatever reason, now felt right. Maybe many of us are ready to finally shed the old and move into our freedom.

      Thank you dear friend for shining your beautiful light and for all that you do. 🙏🦋💕💕💕

  7. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing that, Maria.

    I see the beautiful gift in what that man offered you to trigger this feeling and post…the dragon showing you what’s still lurking beneath the surface. That’s the dragon’s job. In those choice point moments, we can either recoil in same old reactionary fear (and perpetuate old energy – for ourselves and for others touchec by us) or we can step up to the plate knowing the truth we tell ourselves we know, and take a big, bold swing in new energy. That will move energy in and for us, as well as in and for others touched by us. Hiding no longer works, especially for lightworkers. Yes, we did our heavy-lifting work undercover for eons, but it is now time to step up, step out and step boldly and courageously – underscoring that we are living in, embodying and exhibiting NEW ENERGY. This is FINALLY OUR TIME!!!

    Lots of love to all,


  8. Barbara

    Hi Maria, I confess I don’t get the “Morning Ritual” art: The young woman wearing a chap on one leg, strange boots, bikini undies, and holding a breast, looking skyward in longing. I recognize the picture of your first love… yes ?… on the table, and maybe it’s all related. Is the young woman longing to leave the morning ritual? Is her first love holding her back? And if I’ve missed this completely, please forgive me. I’m for sure not an art expert, nor a cook. I have no idea if an artist even needs to explain her artwork, but I am definitely intrigued. Love, B.

    1. Im so happy you’re intrigued, Barbara! To be honest, I didn’t have a pre-conceived notion when I put this image together. At least, not consciously. I think I was going for the feeling of sensuality. That the experience of being in the moment, enjoying a morning coffee, can be a very sensual experience.

      And the woman could be exploring her own sensuality, enjoying her own self, and her own body in a very open and free way.

      But as with all good art (notice how I plugged my art there) it evokes thought and emotion. It’s provocative. And, really at the end of the day, it’s open to interpretation.

      But I do love your interpretation. I have had many moments of longing at the cafe, maybe even longing to leave my comfort zone, and I have felt held back by my past. And, actually, the image of the face at the table is one of my early artworks.

      The journal and the rose at the table…..I suppose The journal is my wisdom and the Rose is the sweetness of life. The fruit of the rose.

      So thanks for inspiring me to look at it a bit more deeply. I like when others are looking at the images in more than just a cursory way. 🤗

      1. Barbara

        Yes, the journal, the rose and coffee I accepted immediately as who you are, Maria. The boots felt heavy, like holding the woman back from her longing to be free, to fly… regardless of the male at the counter who has his back turned to her and regardless of the stone-like face of the male in the image on the table. The one chap made me sad… in my younger years I was a cowgirl and so know about cowgirl things… horses, cattle, barbwire fences, etc. And finally I felt more than anything that nothing is as it seems… sensuality is so different for every woman… a clasping of a breast by oneself as compared to the holding of a breast tenderly by a lover is not quite the same, though either may prove to be appropriate as our Soul feels best. Thank you for your art which intrigues me indeed. Love, B.

        1. So true, Barbara, nothing is as it seems. Thanks again, for such an interesting and eloquently worded perspective. It’s funny you mention her boots, because I love leather boots, but the one pair I own feel too heavy, so I end up wearing running shoes every day.

          And I didn’t even notice the one chap she’s wearing. I don’t remember where I got that image from. (It’s been a few years since I put it together).

          And yes, the Rose, journal and coffee… my logo. Hmmmm, I may be using that more often….

          1. Also, I may have gotten my love for coffee from dad. Here’s a photo of him (far right) on the SS Andreas sometime in the 1930s…just before it was sunk by the enemy. Dad survived, after spending a few days on a lifeboat. Sure hope he enjoyed that coffee (stay tuned for photo….)

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