Our New Role Is Pretty Simple

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In beautiful duality, most folks are looking for a savior.  Someone to lift them out of the quagmire of their own messy life.  Some look to god, some to government.  Some look to a mate.  Or a position of wealth and or power.  Some hope for the second coming, or for the Aliens to show up and rescue humanity.  And some try to make their own human personality, their own mind do all the heavy lifting in their life.  Those who claim to be agnostics or atheists try to make their human self the sole creator in their life.  And, none of these are working very well, are they?

The current Coronavirus pandemic has exposed many systems that people have been trying to depend upon as the corrupt and broken systems they have been for a long time now.

Whether it’s companies they are working for, the educational system, or the medical profession, where they can’t access their own doctor in person.

So, many people are re-evaluating, for the first time in their life, where they stand in relation to those systems.

For the first time, many are recognizing that they must more and more rely upon  themselves.  Wether it’s for their own education, their health, or their own support system emotionally.

And they are more and more recognizing that they themselves as just the human, is not really enough.


And that’s where we come in.  Those of us who have already gone through our own dark night of the soul, and who know that a partnership with our soul is the only solution to the dilemmas we face.

So we will be seeing more people who feel lost, and want a new solution.  Somehow they will find their way to us, whether it’s at the grocery store, the cafe.  To our website, or any of a number of other ways.

They will find their way to our doorstep, and will not really understand how they got there, but will sense in us something different.  They will feel a balance.  It doesn’t mean our lives will be picture perfect.  But there is a balance and a peace they haven’t felt from very many others in their life.

They may want to know us more deeply, or they may not really need to spend a lot of time with us for something to be activated within them.  The words are not as important as the exchange of energies.

Our presence at this time on the planet couldn’t have been more timely.  With a pandemic that has profoundly shifted the energies and consciousness, and with technology moving at lightening speed, now more than ever there needs to be awareness and consciousness.

I’m not talking about going out there and extending aid to those who are suffering right now.  That’s for others to do.  Everyone plays their role. For those of us who have awakened, we are not here in that capacity.

Ours is a quieter way.  We are simply here to radiate our Christ consciousness.  Each in our own unique way.  Our new role is pretty simple.

Photo credit Maria Chambers

And we are not going to allow ourselves to get distracted with what’s happening out there.  We understand that life on the planet is being disrupted with purpose and humanity now is being presented with an incredible opportunity to re-evaluate their lives, and what’s really important to them.

We are the guiding presence right now, because we have gone through what they are now going through.  And we have healthfully detached from it all. We are simply not a part of that world anymore.


And when you think about it, who would you prefer assist you when you are going through a life crisis?  Someone who can bail you out temporarily, someone who is still trying to figure things out in their own life?  Or someone who you sense has already gone through it themselves, and has come out much wiser, more self-loving and compassionate?  Not someone who feels sorry for you, because you know that doesn’t help anyone.

Someone who has invaluable tools to share with you.

Someone whose own life seems to flow synchronistically.  And who also has some challenges, perhaps, but doesn’t allow those challenges to define them, or take away their joy.  The simple joy of, well, enjoying life.

Would you prefer someone who is developing a beautiful relationship with their soul, and their I AM?

And the folks who find their way to you are from all walks of life.  They may be doctors, scientists, a student.  Perhaps someone who has no clue what a soul is, or who has not had any religious indoctrination.  Which, actually, people with religious history are the hardest to work with.  Someone from a purely scientific background is much less jaded by shame and guilt that religion has levied upon people.

Even the so-called spiritual community has its baggage.

We are discovering that awakening and enlightenment have nothing to do with spirituality.  Spirituality can be a stepping stone toward awakening, but it’s certainly not the only path, is it?

So our role, and really, it’s not even a role.  There is no obligation, or duty to serve humanity.  We are well past that.  But it turns out that we do become the greatest standards of a balanced human who has embraced their own eternal nature.

And, we do that by just relaxing into life, by no trying, and just allowing our own realization, our own special brand of embodied enlightenment to unfold.

© Copyright 2020 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

16 thoughts on “Our New Role Is Pretty Simple

  1. Hey Maria, a post that resonates with where I’m, especially these words below :-

    “Ours is a quieter way. We are simply here to radiate our Christ consciousness. Each in our own unique way. Our new role is pretty simple.”

    That brings me to previously, where I sometimes wonder, why am I not taking
    a more “active” role in my Soul’s mission here..
    Gradually it became clear within me that I have “done ALL that” in my past lifetimes,
    This Incarnation, is just to hold space, hold the frequency, beam that light & love,
    And it Felt Right just being so at this moment 💖🕯️🕯️

    1. Yay, I.S., I’m so happy you are simply being, and shining your light. And that you know your mission has already been accomplished as your soul. That now it’s just to reap the rewards, relax, and enjoy being here on a whole new level.🙏🦋💕

  2. Annette

    And So It Is My Maria! You’ve said it well, thank you.

    I Love your new profile picture, beaYOUtiful lady. ♥️🤗

  3. I agree with Annette, great photo! I can see you on your walk!

    You have said it well here. So confirming. Just BEING. It feels so good. Shining our Christ Light.
    Profound allowing. I have always felt I am here to serve humanity and this post reminds me about shifting to a more inward way. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

    I have often said we leave snail trails of whatever as we go through life. I am focused on my joy snail trail. And I am finding myself in such a beautiful neutral space. I see the news and it often makes me laugh. It is such a 3D shitstorm…..or HUGE awakening and healing……hahaha. I am not getting freaked out by any of it. I have complete TRUST AND FAITH that this is all perfect and DIVINE and I am on my path.

    Much love to you dearest Sistar Maria and love to us all.


  4. Haha, I love your descriptor of the news as ‘a 3D shitstorm. ‘. And you add…’or HUGE awakening and healing.‘

    It’s both. Two mints in one. Heehee.

    Love you sweet siSTAR E. 🙏🦋💕💕💕

  5. Barbara

    A lovely, gentle and relaxing post, Maria, thank you. It’s taken me a while to ‘get’ the neutrality that comes with knowing that my mission is complete, but this morning, and very much in synch with your post, I awoke feeling rested and at peace, my first thought being, and not in the Biblical sense though the line is familiar, “Let my people go”, and that was enough to allow me to experience the Soul calmness that came with the answer, “It is done,” and for now that is the reward I need. Got a bit teary, but hey, that’s what being Divine Feminine is all about! Ditto the comments on the pic, Maria, though I was hoping to see you in chaps!” Love, B.

    1. I’m sooo happy to hear you woke up feeling so at peace and relaxed, Barbara. ‘Let my people go’ couldn’t be more on point. For ‘it is done‘, indeed.

      And, while I don’t own chaps, I have been mistaken for a cowgirl a few times, since I sport western style hats, well, more specifically, Aussie outback western wear hats….and in the cooler weather I wear a long duster style cowboy coat.

      When I have that outfit on, I’m often asked at the supermarket, where my horse is. And, not being able to hold back, I reply, “he’s double parked outside.”

      And then we both have a good laugh.

  6. This post helped awaken a greater sense of understanding within me. I have been working with people from so many walks of life and their unique problems. Only 22 but spiritually supporting others so far as double my age, I am more than certain that age is not a factor when it comes to knowledge acquisition and spiritual wisdom. A lot of people are truly waking up to the corrupt spheres of the social regime and this virus, and new “role models” and pillars are forming. We should all come to the fore. This path is indeed a trying one, but it’s posts like these that help cement my reassurance that I am on the right track. Thank you, Maria!

    1. Libersimonia, I’m so happy the post resonated with you. And absolutely, I agree, this awakening isn’t a chronological age thing. It’s more to do with being what we can call ‘old souls.’ As you say, having accumulated the wisdom of many lifetimes lived here. And then sharing that wisdom in whatever ways bring us the most joy. It really seems that more and more awakened ones are coming out of hiding, and sharing their gifts. And, there is certainly no shortage of people that are looking for a new way, that are tired of relying on old systems, and they synchronistically find their way to us. Our fatigue is understandable And deeply honored. We have endured a lot to get where we are. Thank you for sharing your radiance at this incredible time on the planet.🙏🦋💕

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