Hold My Beer


I love authoring while wearing my faux animal hat

As an eternal soul, before this lifetime on this blue sphere, I’m sure I was warned about some of the challenges I would be facing.

Like, because I wanted to incarnate in the female gender, (since I saw them as the new leaders of consciousness) I would be met with an oppressive, Patriarchal system that still treats all women as less than fully human.  And that because I am highly creative, it would help me to express my soul, but it wouldn’t be a viable way to earn a living.  The creative spirit isn’t highly rewarded here.

Then there’s the bias toward those who are more esoteric in nature.  And I would have to face some particularly challenging physical ancestral issues later in life that would practically derail me.

As a soul, I was all, “Where do I sign up!  I’m ready, and I can’t wait to get there! Hold my celestial beer!”


But as the human, now that I’m here and going through it, I’m pretty sure I would not have raised my hand, and would have said to my soul…. “f**k you and the dog-faced pony horse you rode in on.”

But to be fair, as the human, if everything was totally up to us on a grander scale, nothing would ever evolve, am I right?

Don’t get me wrong, without the human, the soul couldn’t experience this time/space reality.  And we would never be able to sip our favorite dark roast.  Or laugh. Or have puns.  Humans are the best at that because they walked eons in their own sandals.  They know how to laugh at themselves better than anyone.

And of course there’s that whole enlightenment thing.

So thank goodness it wasn’t up to just the human personality to make the big decisions, like taking on a new consciousness.  Not taking it on like an opponent in a wrestling match, or football game, but taking it on like embodying it.

Although at times it does feel like a battle between the human and the eternal self, doesn’t it?

Some days it feels like we’re ready to throw that proverbial towel into the ring.

But then we realize we’re no longer really fighting anything, especially not our own mind.  And that’s such a profound moment.  It makes everything we went through and may still be going through suddenly seem inconsequential.

Like none of it matters anymore.  It’s freeing isn’t it?  When you no longer feel invested in any of this.  The history of the planet, and your own history as the human is just a beautiful story.

You could have read it in a fairy tale book.  The kind with all of the beautiful illustrations of dragons, and castles and animals in the forest.

It’s absorbing, but you know it’s not real.  All of the drama, the heartache, the loves and passions.  Interesting reading.  Quite a page turner that book.

But you know it’s time to put it on the shelf, or in the cedar chest.

We all have fascinating stories.  We could all write captivating books, and would probably get lots of readers.  But, in our heart we know that those stories have nothing to do with who we are.  Oh, they shaped our lives as the human.  They affected our choices.  Created wounds.

And those stories created wisdom.  And it’s the wisdom that our soul is interested in, not really any of the details.  (Sometimes people worry that they are losing their memory, but it’s designed that way, because being in the moment is where it’s at in the new consciousness.)

We have understandably used those stories as justification for where we may be at in our life.  I have myself from time to time.

But it’s not about overcoming our past either.  Not at all.  We can honor our past.  But we won’t be able to use any of that to qualify why we feel stuck.  Because we know it’s just a story.

And we know who we are.

And if we use our past to justify why we are not more self-loving, we will get a boatload of sympathy.  Because it is hard to love oneself in a world that sees the human as a sinner.  As lowly. As needing to prove worthiness, which the criteria for worthiness seems to move around a lot, doesn’t it?

It’s hard being here in such a dense and harsh environment.  So I have a lot of compassion for myself in that regard.

But I also know who I am.  I know that I am not just the human with all of its limitations.  And as I make that my truth more each day, I am also amazed at how everything else seems to just fade into the background.  No, not 24/7, but enough to make being here an amazing experience.

We discover that the journey was a beautiful story, and that the loneliness is an illusion.  The human with that fearful mind has felt traumatized.  Understandably.  But it’s a blessing that it’s all a creation of the mind in order to understand who we really are.

And that the brain with all of its grey matter is not the part of us in charge in the new consciousness.  Thank goodness, because the mental sphere is rather colorless without the spectrum of our eternal self.


© Copyright 2020 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

7 thoughts on “Hold My Beer

  1. Thank you so much dearest Sistar!

    Such a beautiful reminder that I don’t have to BE my story. As I was reading this I felt so soothed and I could feel my body relaxing. I hold tension in my shoulders and they physically shifted. Woooohoooo!

    Not fighting anything anymore. I AM NOT MY STORY. And I also like to say a lot when I see/feel like I’m taking on emotions or not staying in my own lane, “NOT MY BUSINESS!”

    So thank you a million times.

    Love you tons and loving us ALL!

    PS. one of Jim’s favorite sayings is, “F**k you and the horse you rode in on.” 🙃🙃😛😛😛♥️♥️♥️

  2. Hey siSTAR, yes, me too. I seem to hold a lot of tension in the shoulders and neck area. It’s the human thinking that we have to do it all by ourselves. Carrying the weight of the world,,,,

    I laughed when you wrote staying in your own lane. That’s a good way to describe it. I’ll use that visual when I start drifting into something that isn’t my business or my concern. Hahaha.

    And, yes, I have been using Jim’s expression a lot lately, about the horse..,.,it feels like the perfect expletive for certain situations.

    1. Isn’t it beautiful that we are all here to help and remind each other but WITHOUT doing it for anyone else since we each have to do it FOR OURSELVES????!!!!!

      Staying in my own lane…….I am still laughing about the horse. Or you could say pony or little horsey……heehee

      AND I adore your picture of YOU being the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!!!!!!
      NOW ain’t that the truth???!!!???

      love love love love love love love

  3. Yes, loneliness IS an illusion. We do know who we are instinctively, it’s in the remembering this where true freedom comes in! So beautiful. I love this post. Many blessings and so much love my friend ❤🙏😊

  4. Annette

    “But as the human, now that I’m here and going through it, I’m pretty sure I would not have raised my hand, and would have said to my soul…. “f**k you and the dog-faced pony horse you rode in on.”

    Hahaha, and YES!

    It’s been incredibly rough here lately, and this morning I was sure I would be throwing in the towel. Anxiety, Anger, Depression, feeling as though I cannot continue on, yet here I am typing, reading old post, trying to gain some sense of peace.

    Love to you My Maria ❤️

    1. Oh I know these feelings all to intimately, my dear Annette…..some days are very difficult. Wondering how it is I am still here. And find myself saying, “ fuck this pioneer business to hell! Pioneers get the most arrows aimed at them.”

      And yet, as you say, “Here I am, typing, reading old posts, trying to gain some sense of peace.”

      Goddess bless us all!
      Love to you my Annette! 💕💕💕

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