Patterns in the New Energy – A Closer Look


Patterns, familiar ways of experiencing reality, have been deeply entrenched in the human over eons of time.  In a seemingly uncertain world, patterns of behavior give us a sense of safety.  Predictability is essential for our physical and mental health. Patterns that the Planet follows, that Mother Nature follows, that society and culture, and our own family follows give us a sense of equanimity.  Even if some of those patterns are not in our best interest.

In the new energy, we begin to notice that some of those familiar patterns have been disrupted.  The way time moves is a good example.  It seems to be accelerating and seems to be more fluid.

The way our body responds to food, and to our environment is changing.  The things we used to enjoy, that gave us a sense of comfort, no longer work.  The way we manifest things has shifted.  In fact it’s so much easier to manifest now that it can be disconcerting to our mind.

The old patterns of having to exert force, and try to manage and control outcomes doesn’t work any more.  The planning, goal-setting, and focused visualization is so yesterday.  Personally, at least for me, they never worked.

But the mind likes stability.  It prides itself on controlling things to ensure that they keep following a predictable pattern.  That’s why the mind is not very creative.  It rarely goes outside the box.  It likes playing it safe.

And as we awaken and everything we held sacred begins to crumble, the mind interprets it as bad. Very, very bad.

The mind doesn’t see it as just an evolutionary shift and a repatterning.  So is it any wonder this whole enlightenment thing is making the mind a little crazy?

I consider myself someone who has always done things outside the box, yet as I get closer to my own realization and embodied enlightenment, my mind seems to be clinging even more to some old patterns.

And that’s because it’s getting more fearful of what it means to let go of so many old patterns of thinking and feeling.  But it also knows that if it doesn’t let go there will be hell to pay.  There will be even more disruption in my life.

But having let go of so much already, of my ancestors, of my spiritual family back home, of mass consciousness, and seeing that I didn’t fall into an abyss, my mind is now more trusting of this process of unpatterning.

The mind needs tangible evidence that it’s safe, and that it won’t fall off the face of the Earth somehow.  And that, in fact, life gets easier and more fun if it just trusts.

And meanwhile, no one is taking away all of the patterns, because many of them are serving us well.

And we know which ones aren’t.  When they backfire on us, or when nothing fundamentally changes.

As people age, they tend to get stuck in patterns, and are not as flexible in their behavior or thinking anymore.  But I notice even in some young people, they are pretty set in their beliefs.

The mind seduces the heart regularly into playing it safe.  To not take too many real risks.  To not try anything new.  Especially new ways of seeing reality.  Most people allow others to determine their reality for them.

They allow others to convince them that working hard at a joyless job is the only viable option in life.

They allow a thinking that tells them that life is hard, and that they are worthy of only just enough.  Just enough health, just enough wealth, just enough love.

The pattern that’s the hardest to break is the one that tells us we are not worthy.  People will fight to the death to defend that one.

So patterns are de-patterning in the new energy.  It doesn’t mean there will be chaos where everyone will be running in the streets and becoming psychotic and there will be uncontrollable panic.

But isn’t it interesting how people are more frightened of the current Covid virus because it’s not typical in its behavior.  It doesn’t seem to follow typical patterns of a virus.  In fact it’s given the name, Novel Coronavirus.

Isn’t it interesting that a feeling of uncertainty, of not being able to control something gives humans the most cause for panic.  And it’s fascinating to see how they will try to control their fears by trying to control the environment and their body to prevent infection.

And it’s interesting to see how some people get angry at others for not complying and others get angry back for feeling their freedom is being infringed upon by all the rules and precautions set in place.

It becomes a dualistic battle that even takes on political dimensions.  And it’s all based in a fear of not being in control.  Whether it’s concerning control of a virus or their own sovereignty to not have to stay at home or wear a mask.


But as we move into our freedom we realize more and more that many old patterns in many ways were keeping us imprisoned in our own colorless reality.  Safe but deadly.

What appears to be chaos isn’t really.  It’s reorganizing of old patterns that no longer serve us.  And I have the deepest compassion for the human in all of this.  It’s not easy letting go of the old patterns that feel so familiar.

It’s why most humans are freaking out.  The old systems they relied on seem to be crumbling.  They weren’t very good systems, they were getting pretty corrupted, but at least they were something,


Those of us who are no longer part of that world are still dealing with a mind that is resistant to change.  Fortunately our soul is now moving more and more into the driver’s seat of our life, and showing the mind that it all works out.

That this is a time of evolutionary-level transformation cannot be denied.  That there is a global awakening is apparent.  Those of us in the later stages of that awakening are beginning to realize the enormity of what is happening.

We are a small group for sure.  The numbers are growing every day.  But there doesn’t need to be millions of humans to affect consciousness, that’s the incredible thing about It.

It’s not a numbers game, it’s all about just being here and shining our light.  Not in the old religious way of trying to convert anyone.  There’s literally nothing we need to do.   Everything we need comes to us.

We realize what that expression, being in the world, but not of the world, really means.

We know in our heart and soul it doesn’t mean we don’t care, or that we are selfish.  To make this embodied enlightenment work, we needed time and space and lots of self-care.

We needed to let go of many relationships, and activities, and spend a lot of time alone.  It was challenging on so many levels, physically and emotionally.  And as we even released many emotional patterns from our being, like feelings of sentimentality for our past, the mind is concerned.  Why don’t we feel the same stuff about mom or grandma or whoever?  Does it mean I no longer care or love them?

Not at all.  We have been releasing the old patterns between us and them that kept us stuck in a karmic cycle.


So we are finally embracing self-love.  A love from our human and our soul that accepts everything about ourself. We know that without that type of love, there is truly no love for anyone else.  A love that doesn’t ask for anything in return.  A love that has no attachments or expectations or conditions.  A love that has nothing to do with guilt or obligation.

Which, that old type of love isn’t love, it’s a feeding.

We discover that everyone else will have to, at some point, learn to love themselves.  That we are not responsible for even loving them or anyone else.  That’s a radical shift.  We have been so used to feeling others’ pain, trying to take it on for them.  Trying to love others, as if that’s the highest of standards for being a good person.

Thats an old pattern that will become extinct.

A small number of us have been through the roughest parts of the awakening, and we have released some old, stuck patterns as a result.  Now we are in a position of really being able to assist humanity.

We can teach others how to love themselves by just being the self-loving humans that have embodied their own soul, their eternal self, right here, in this place called Planet Earth.

That’s the greatest gift we can give to the rest of humanity.

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12 thoughts on “Patterns in the New Energy – A Closer Look

  1. Dear Sistar- beautiful and so true. So much shifting going on and folks are hanging onto their hats big time.

    I love your statement about visualising. Cracked me up. I was realizing that I haven’t visualized anything in years. I focus on self love and peace and BEING. And my human ideas of what could be/what I think I want are so limited, that I just focus on BE in each moment and flow with the go.

    I see most things and laugh now. I don’t feel freaked out. I know these changes must happen. And I recognize some of the things I do as a control freak. But they are things that don’t affect anyone else. I have COMPLETELY given up trying to convince anyone of anything. Too f**king exhausting. I like to say really loudly to myself, NOT MY BUSINESS, NOT MY BUSINESS. We each have our own path.

    Loving life. Interested to see what happens and shifts. Joy joy joy joy joy

    Thanks dearest sistar friend. Love you and loving us all! ♥️♥️♥️

  2. As I sit with this, I start wondering if my human self is a little stuck. So, I’m pondering that. Old habits……trying to break free………Thanks Maria, dearest Sistar, for this insightful and thought provoking post. xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. SiSTAR, I like how you say it, “ And my human ideas of what could be/what I think I want are so limited, that I just focus on BE in each moment and flow with the go.”. I think that sums it up. Our human self can’t imagine the scope of what’s possible.

      I think that’s challenging. To just allow it to unfold. Not even think about it. The mind doesn’t understand how things can manifest without that laser focus.

      And yeah, I’m sure there will be places we feel stuck. This is truly a fascinating and baffling process at times. 💕

      1. I’m finding myself in a pretty sweet space of not needing to know what is going to happen.

        Pretty darn miraculous. ♥️♥️🙂🙂

        It feels mighty fine.

        Profound allowing.
        Trust. Joy joy joy.

        Love you tons dearest sistar friend.
        Muah muah muah

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