Nursing The Wounds

Art by Maria Chambers

In our awakening and becoming more and more conscious, we may notice there are still some areas in our being that tend to hold onto old wounds like an old favorite blanket.

As a woman born in the culture of the 50s, it’s all too easy for me to get triggered from time to time when the misogyny rears its head.  There are more reasons than not to get angry at how women are still seen as not fully human. Sexism is the most normalized of prejudices.  Even in today’s world.  I can see how I have internalized the misogyny, and what a deep part of the fabric of my being it has been.  I can cite statistics, of violence against women.  How the establishment still tries to erode women’s reproductive rights.  How I have been personally shamed and blamed and assaulted in the past because of my gender.  And all of the more insidious and subtle forms of sexism I have endured. It makes for a pretty good case.


And it makes it especially hard to give all of it up.  To let go of that story once and for all.  It’s kind of fun to carry around the wounds.  To occasionally wear them as a badge of courage.  To play the victim of a society that for a very long time has seen women as second class citizens.

And I’m not making light of the reality.  But I also know that if I intend to step into my freedom in this lifetime, I need to let that tradition go.  The one that tells me women need to suffer in order to be seen as virtuous.  That their value lies in taking on the wounds of humanity.

It’s a very old tradition.  And, some traditions, while familiar, are not necessarily benefitting us.  Perhaps at one time they did because they were a form of protection.  But now, as we emerge from the deep slumber of 3D, we no longer need to protect ourselves from anyone or anything.

That’s a bold statement, for sure, in a world that clearly feels out of control.

But I have gone beyond that world.  I no longer subscribe to that reality.   But that realty has tried to keep me tethered to it.  We know how the gravity of that world, literally and emotionally pulls us in every chance it gets.

We all got lost in that seductive world for a long time.  We forgot who we are.  That we are eternal beings.  Souls having a human experience.  Living out the galactic stories until some of us just got tired of the same old.

A few souls who were ready for something different.  Who put down their swords.  Who gave up the battle between the heart and the mind, finally.  And decided it was time to come back home.

It’s been an arduous road. And there are plenty of fluffy platitudes to throw at us to try to make us feel better.  But it’s been a rough road.  Being asked to let go of so much.  Of all our comfort zones.  And to even have to let go of such an old tradition.

A tradition that has been a deep part of our DNA for eons of time.  How can we be expected to set that one free?

The first step is of course to recognize it.  To be aware of it.  Beyond that there really isn’t any action that needs to be taken.  But the choice to go through this awakening automatically sets things in motion.  Like the ability of our inner being to clear out anything that no longer serves our freedom.

If we insist on holding onto those traditions at the expense of our freedom, it will become increasingly uncomfortable.  Whether it’s a physical or financial or emotional issue, it will get worse.

We can trust that. Some call it our personal dragon.  That dragon is the part of us that will pull out of us anything that isn’t serving our freedom.

Maybe to the point where we feel like we just want to give up.  Which isn’t a bad place to be.  At least there we are letting go of the resistance.

And the wounds we all feel, whether it’s as a male or female or any gender, go back before we created the Planet Earth.  So, it’s really letting go of the original story.  That’s big. Really big.

It’s what makes the enormity of  what we are doing so incredible to me.

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5 thoughts on “Nursing The Wounds

  1. Barbara

    “So, it’s really letting go of the original story. That’s big. Really big.”

    Yes, Maria, it is THE challenge for sure, especially when all around us is so much of the same-old, same-old. What I’m discovering is that it’s not so much the letting go of the old wounds that is difficult, it is finding something to fill the gaps that are left in my heart/mind while I live on a Planet that has, for the most part, no concept that the inner changes no longer support the outer manifestations of humanity in general. Having to let go of the 100th monkey may be required. Love, B.

  2. I love you my almond sisters. Great point Barbara!

    Letting the space just BE. And myself just BE. Learning to truly relax. Ahhhh….

    Thanks so much dearest sistar Maria for this post. Great reminder.

    I’m finding myself getting triggered a bit still any kind of women’s issue, old patriarchy bullshit. But not as much as I was. So DONE DONE DONE.

    With all the rest of this crazy ass really tv show going, I just laugh.

    I also find myself in a space where I’m done explaining anything to people. Unless they want to ask me directly. i.e. posting anything on Facebook. I always thought I needed to post anti racism stuff. Ain’t my job no more. There are so many attackers and haters. NOTHING is right. So, I’m taking a long break from that space. It’s another COVID blessing that I don’t have to do all my dance marketing on Facebook right now. I realized also that I was often looking for connection and even validation (ok I’m admitting it here 🙂). Well hells bells as my Granny used to say. I’m looking for love in all the wrong places. Ha!

    Love love love love love!!!

    Loving me, loving all y’all

    1. I hear you Elizabeth. Every so often I’ll comment on a YouTube video against my better judgement . Sometimes my comment is responded to with a thumbs up, but most times it’s met with some kind of push back. I guess after awhile we learn to ‘read the room’ before adding our energies to the discussion, eh?

      And a resounding yes on it ain’t our job! You’re right, it’s a reality t.v. shit show out there, and it’s not ever going to have a resolution because folks are having too much fun playing the game.

      1. Oh my gosh. So fucking true.

        Folks are getting a lot of juice out of the bullshit show. Hahahaha


        I just keep saying to myself very loudly, NOT MY BUSINESS, NOT MY BUSINESS.

        Love you sweetie sistar

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