An Unnatural State


Almost every human feels insufficient and suffers from doubt.

No matter how much they may have accomplished or accumulated, there’s always something missing.

Most of us throughout our life have felt that we kept missing the mark. Perhaps we weren’t ambitious enough. As a female, I never aspired to female things like housekeeping, marriage, or children. I did try the middle one twice.

Many of us tried to fix and improve ourselves.  We sought therapy, counselors, and confided our deepest insecurities to those who were willing to listen.

Maybe we took some courses in how to love ourselves more.

Nothing really seemed to work. We kept trying to fit into environments that were just not natural.  We couldn’t understand why we were feeling so uncomfortable in a world that was not really meant to be comfortable.

It’s like walking around wearing clothes that are three sizes too small, and then trying to act like everything is just hunky-dory.

And we were envious of those people who seemed to fit in nicely.  Who seemed to be so well-adjusted.  Weren’t we naive?

Looking back, most of those people were sedated or had a drinking problem.

Fortunately I rebelled eventually against the status quo, and ended up paying the price.  But so worth it.

But it took a long time to recognize that I actually wasn’t supposed to fit in, and that in fact my ‘mission’ this time around was to bust the rules wide open.

But the way to do that, ironically, was to accept all of this so-called reality, and my so-called life as it was.

But accepting it doesn’t mean that it’s natural.  Or that it can be made comfortable with enough hard work.  This time and space reality including our physical body is anything but normal.  Anything but natural.  Anything but comfortable.

That old saying, “if you’re walking around with a smile on your face you’re not paying attention” is so true.  At least until you have fully embodied your authentic self.

Then you’re more apt to smile because you finally feel the freedom of knowing that this time and space reality is all just a juicy and beautiful illusion that you created just for the experience.


And that’s when life gets fun.  When you have finally allowed who you truly and really are to be here.  The mind is then behind the scenes, and sensuality becomes front row and center.

Not another person, a job, a career, or a cause, none of those.  The compelling reason to stay here as your embodied self is to experience YOURSELF.  Then everything begins to change.

Then you see your human, the body, and the world through the eyes of your authentic, eternal self.  And then nothing is ever the same again.

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14 thoughts on “An Unnatural State

  1. Thanks dearest Sistar friend.

    I laughed so loud at this line. “Looking back, most of those people were sedated or had a drinking problem.”

    This post really spoke to me. Thanks for all that you do and all that you are.

    And ain’t this the gol darn fricking truth? “The compelling reason to stay here as your embodied self is to experience YOURSELF. ”

    That is all I have to fucking do, EXPERIENCE MYSELF.

    Yay yay yay yay yay

    Thanks and much love to you and love to us ALL!!!!!

      1. Such a relief, eh?


  2. Edith

    I also was sedated and had drinking problem, but still didn’t fit in LOL!!! No matter how hard I tried. You are so right, every time I have come to embrace this reality, I really started to feel true happiness. The world is an illusion. Everything is a game. I don’t have to play the game of life. So ironic that’s the only way to be a winner, by losing at everything;) Live your posts, love your soul. Recently discovered your blog, so humble, loving and authentic. It’s great thank you!

    1. It’s funny, Edith, as I wrote those words I thought, hey, some of the most interesting people I have known went through a drinking or medications period in their life. For me personally my addiction was relationships. And, yes, the only way to be a winner is by losing at everything……Very ironic indeed! So happy you are here. And that you enjoy the blog. 🙏🦋💕

  3. Marica

    Thank you Maria for this fantastic blog, it is raw and honest, just the way I like it in life. It has helped me get over many obstacles on my journey. Sending love to you from Finland!

    1. You are so welcome, Marica! I’m so glad it has helped you on this often arduous path. We all need reminders from time to time, of who we are, and that what we are experiencing, our own realizarion, is very real. Sending love to you too my friend. 🙏🤗🦋💕

  4. Barbara

    “…my ‘mission’ this time around was to bust the rules wide open.”

    Hi Maria and Almond Sisters… I’ve been busy, especially in dream-time, continuing to bust the rules wide open. Must admit I’m a wee bit worn out… ascension symptoms have been whacking me heartily since the Lunar Eclipse and apparently there’s more to come as we go through June. At present, I’m loving my courage. AND speaking of the events of June, Happy Birthday, Dear Maria! Love, B.

    1. Thank you so much, dear Barbara, for the birthday greeting. I try to lay low and stay under the radar during that time of the year. Lol. And thanks for the reminder about these current energies that are clobbering us. Things are intensifying for sure. And it’s a good time to take a few deep breaths and remind ourselves that things sometimes seem to get worse (Light always intensifies issues, etc) before they leave.

      And I love your courage too. 💜🦋💕

        1. Oh my gosh…..yes yes yes…..

          And huge birthday love to our dear Almond Sis, Maria. Bless you forever for being alive and bringing us all together.

          Thanks Barbara…….. ❤ ❤ ❤

          love to us all.

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