Home Movies And the Sweet Nectar of Wisdom


So I’ve been creating a few short home movies using old photos and videos supplied mostly by my brother.  He’s a history buff, at least, history that dates back to the 1950s going forward.  I’m so grateful to him for preserving so many wonderful memories.  As most of you know, I’m not much for the memories.

But Steve asked me to put together a couple of videos for his trip to California from 1973, for his daughter’s birthday, and then his wife’s.  I happily complied, for one of my passions has been creating videos.

I put together one for me and Steve’s early childhood, and now one for mom and dad.  I am enjoying these unexpected projects, and it’s also given me a chance to honor my past and that of my biological family in a way I couldn’t before.

It’s brought up some smiles and tears.

Now I can see it from the perspective of the master, who created it all as just an experience.  I have discovered that god is not so much in the details, in specific events or timelines, but it’s in the essence and the wisdom of the experiences.

I have been releasing my past, and my ancestral energies, all of the wounds and trauma especially, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a place in my heart for all of them, and for myself as the human.

It’s all just a beautiful experience.



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6 thoughts on “Home Movies And the Sweet Nectar of Wisdom

  1. Barbara

    Thank you, Maria and Family. Watching the videos and listening to the music was indeed a beautiful experience. My brother has all of our family’s photo albums and just last night I was thinking I must get those from him so I can do a trip down memory lane, but here’s the thing. My brother and I are now in our 70’s and we have no remaining relatives. We are the last of this ancestral line, and I need to deal with those photographic memories honorably so that I know that they will not end up being mistreated after my brother and I are gone. Strange, I’ve never ever put that into words before, very bittersweet, but it’s all part of the beautiful experience. Love, B.

    1. So happy you enjoyed it, Barbara. And how funny that you were thinking about old family photos. And that it’s also your brother has all the albums, just like mine. And now you feel compelled to give them and their memories their homage. And, yes, you put it perfectly, it is bitter sweet. My brother and I are also around that age, and Have survived most of our family members. All but a few are long gone.

      So in this digital age thank goodness we can preserve them in some type of cloud archive. Between me and my brother, we captured many of the photos digitally. Many of them are on his Facebook page, and mine are in video form. But who knows what will become of them after we’re gone.

      But it’s a good opportunity for each of us to honor our experiences as we release all the karma, and send our relatives off with a tear and a smile. 🤗🦋💕

  2. What a fabulous idea. Lovely. My mum wants me to go through old photos from her ma, my granny. And as soon as the COVID gets a little lighter, we will do that. What a fun way to archive them, Maria.


    love love love.

    1. Thank you dear siSTAR! It was kind of fun to go through so many photos. In fact, I had a plastic bin of my own in the closet, and had to wear a mask to go through them because I am sensitive to the old stuff. The mustiness of them I guess. And there are more I haven’t done anything with yet. Oh well, another days project. But only if it feels fun. Lol. 💜🦋

  3. Annette

    How wonderful my Maria, brought tears and smiles too, not sure why other than it opening my past.
    Just lovely, and will think about pulling out some photos with my daughter this coming weekend, and doing the same.

    Being my best friend….♥️you!

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