An End to An Ancient Virus

8E31E544-0118-4E92-B4A4-D0BBEA080969Everything this morning went well.  I woke up early and refreshed, made a little breakfast, and drove to my cafe as the sun was coming up.  The air was balmy and fresh.  I got here and the place is practically empty.  I am sitting outside before the heat makes it too uncomfortable.  The coffee is rich, fresh and hot. All is well, and yet I have a bit of heaviness in my heart.  I don’t feel that connection to my soul.  I know it’s there, but something is just off.

It feels like no matter how perfect the circumstances, nothing ‘out there’ will ever satisfy the way it used to.  It’s unsettling to my mind.  This feeling of disconnection.

It’s so interesting that so many of us find ourselves in this space, and understand it’s just part of the integration process, and that there is no need for the alarm bells.  Just some kindred souls to commiserate with.

Or just a good cry, or time alone.  Time to go even deeper.  Not to run from the emotions.  And not to make them our TRUTH.


While these emotions are valid, and they are part of the human condition, there is also something that causes it.  It’s the virus.  Not the Coronavirus, but an ancient virus that has permeated the human consciousness.  Just as a biological virus disrupts our system and creates a variety of symptoms, the human consciousness virus manifests in a variety of ways.

It creates doubt, fear, and depression.  It would have us believe we are unworthy.  It loves separation consciousness, the belief that there is a battle to be fought between the masculine and feminine, between the young and old, between the so-called good forces and bad ones, white against black, right vs wrong.

It has us believing in aging, disease and death.  And that death is the only way to reconnect with our eternal self.

The ancient virus lives in the consciousness of humanity.  It’s in politics, industry, banks, religion, the church, and in personal relationships.  It draws its energy from power and control.

It loves a victim-consciousness.  It can manifest even as an over-nurturing.  Which is actually a form of feeding energy.  It’s a form of manipulation.

It feeds on fear and primarily tries to control the mind.  The mind is the most susceptible to control, to hypnosis.  Not the heart so much, and never the soul, or the I AM.

So the more clear the mind becomes, the more integrated, the virus has no place to feed from.  And the mind and all of its emotions are a feeding ground for the virus.  It becomes self-perpetuating.

But it’s not to get rid of the emotions, not about running from them, denying them or medicating them.  It’s not about psychoanalyzing or processing them.  That actually cements them to us.  It’s really about allowing all of them to flow in and out.  To not judge them and to not judge ourselves and our human desires.

And when our human self has a hard time just allowing, it’s a good time to take a few deep breaths, take a walk, a nap, a shower, eat something yummy, and just let our I AM tend to it for us.  It’s that easy,  yet that hard.

The good news is the mind is in the process of coming back together with the heart and the soul, and the virus doesn’t like that.  It’s not happy also with the masculine and feminine reuniting.  Which, the separation of the masculine and feminine and the disowning of the feminine is the basis of all imbalances on the planet.

The virus is insidious and not always easy to recognize.  It can just as easily manifest as trying to always please others, as well as mental, emotional and physical abuse.

It shows up as the shame one feels toward their body, and toward their physical and sexual desires.  There is an inherent shame of just being physical, of being in a human body.

This shame wasn’t created by religion, but the churches perpetuated it.

We don’t have to look too far to see how those in positions of power in many of the churches, the clergy, nuns, and Bishops, have been corrupted by this virus.  They have been told that sex between a man and a woman is ungodly.  Unholy.  So they find other very unbalanced ways to satisfy the desire.

The rampant sexual abuse in the world is the virus at work.

The virus loves power and control.  But interestingly, as one becomes more conscious, they recognize that power is an illusion.  And that the human may be able to be controlled, but never the I AM.  It is and has always been free.

So as people awaken, the virus loses its grip.

And, actually the virus wants to be set free.  It is ready to become integrated.  It’s not about trying to kill the virus, to annihilate it.  Or to run from it.

In the new energy, there is no battle, no trying, no mental forcing of anything.

It’s just total acceptance.  And then all these aspects of us are released and come back integrated.  Imagine that!

It’s funny how the COVID-19 is so feared.  Yet it would disappear overnight if the fear would turn into compassion.  Total acceptance of self.

And, interestingly, those of us who are allowing our integration are not really so susceptible to The Coronavirus, or to viruses in general, other than an occasional clearing out density by a flu or cold.

It’s physics.  Lower frequencies are no longer a match to us after awhile.  A wise friend said that gradually, our set point will be in the higher frequencies, and we will occasionally dip down into the lower ones.  Whereas now it feels like we are more often reaching for the higher frequencies.

And of course there is no reaching, but just allowing.  Allowing our dear partner, our Eternal Self, to attend to our lives.  We no longer need feel so alone.  All is well.

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26 thoughts on “An End to An Ancient Virus

  1. This piece is so timely and well written. I too have been practicing patience with the allowing part of this integration. My soul pops in and out and my mind screams “I must know” to which my heart whispers “you already do”. You really summed it up so well here, it’s the allowing, the observing that really helps it all flow together. I feel as though I’m being stitched back together in a way, a remembering. Thank you for this🙏

  2. golf4life1

    Spot on again, Maria. I fully resonated with the entire article and many thoughts I have had over the last few months. A central theme, that I have talked about with others, is that hate is the virus that destroys mankind, and it feeds off of our fear, guilt and shame. I’m also in agreement, my energy is down this week, so in some sense it’s comforting in knowing I’m not alone. Could it be Saturn’s return to Capricorn after three months in Aquarius? But I digress.

    Saturday morning is my spiritual study time, so your message caught me at the right moment. Thank you! My next order of business is my daily A Course in Miracles lesson. Not sure why I choose 2020 as the year to embark on a year long course in forgiveness, or did it choose me? Just looked at the title of today’s lesson; Day 186, “Salvation of the World depends on me!” Guess I have my work cut out for me. Enjoy the holiday!

    1. Yes, it is nice to know we are not alone in having to deal with the increasingly intense energies. And,yes, you have your work cut out for you, and it’s a work of joy, indeed! Much love my friend. 🦋💕

  3. Thanks dearest Sistar…….

    This made me laugh. “And when our human self has a hard time just allowing, it’s a good time to take a few deep breaths, take a walk, a nap, a shower, eat something yummy, and just let our I AM tend to it for us. It’s that easy, yet that hard.”

    I have become the nap queen lately. Yesterday I took 2! ha! I take a walk every day, always and only eat yummy food (this does includes lots of veggies and whole foods) and I take a bath with my book every night. This is all for sanity. But I see it has a higher purpose. 🙂 ❤ ❤

    Loving this. "It’s just total acceptance. And then all these aspects of us are released and come back integrated. Imagine that!" And And of course there is no reaching, but just allowing. Allowing our dear partner, our Eternal Self, to attend to our lives. We no longer need feel so alone. All is well." Profound fucking allowing. Oh yes! Please and thank you.

    I love what you say about the COVID. AND interestingly I don't fear it at all. I never have. But I have felt quite sure that I need to go more inward and definitely social distance (especially from my mother…heehee. I call it one of my COVID blessings. I apologize for anyone who cannot see their loved ones. I am sublimely challenged by my FOX news watching evangelical mama.). This thing that is happening now is HUGE. Way huger than we know. ("It’s funny how the COVID-19 is so feared. Yet it would disappear overnight if the fear would turn into compassion. Total acceptance of self.")

    Thanks SISTAR beautiful friend. You always say it so well. Love you tons!

    And love to us all. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. And you always have a way of making me laugh, dear siSTAR. Which is the very best medicine for us. And yes, all the naps and sleeping is such a big aspect of this change in ourselves and on this planet.

      It’s interesting that the Coronavirus keeps mutating, which it needs to do until its job is done here. Maybe also for those of us who are experiencing physical challenges, see them as needed until their job is done for us.

      And I can relate to your FOX NEWS watching mama situation…. Someone wise once said that the Realized Master is him or herself tested when visiting family for the weekend. Of course that was pre Coronavirus days. Now yes, great reason to avoid them completely!

      Love you dear siSTAR! 🦋💕

      1. Oh my gosh….I’m laughing now imagining Gandhiji visiting his mum. Or the Dalai Lama saying, “yes, mother, whatever you say, Mother.”

        Thanks for saying that about the physical challenges…..I refuse to buy into them being “getting old”. I am NOT getting older. ha! I am also having some physical challenges……oh well…….embracing them….not cursing them. I needed that. Thanks!

        love you, dearest SISTAR! loving us all

  4. Barbara

    Well, dear Almond Sisters, yours truly is truly whacked… again! No fear, but lots of fed up! Occurred to me that the Forerunners, after decades of waking up and coming to Soul Realization and the ending of separation for themselves, may then have volunteered to empathically deal with the collective… some with the emotional, some with the mental, while some of us agreed to the physical… damn, we’re good… methinks I’m tackling the physical collective… my poor old body is very stressed from the presently amped up (or is that down) 3D vibe, however my mental/emotional state remains stable. I re-read your post, Maria, “You’re not Alone: Physical Symptoms of Ascension” and I second the motion that the COV-thingy, as I call it, and Ascension symptoms have much in common. Love, B.

    PS: I’d like to go back to bed, but the symptoms like that, too!

    1. Yeah, Barbara, you nailed it! All of the above! It’s exhausting, and there are days this old body feels like that too! It’s intense out there, and yes, amped up, or is it down? good point. It seems the collective is still trying to project in a 3D platform that no longer really exists. The consciousness has moved up to 4D, thanks in part to us lightworkers and energy workers. (Wait for applause………….crickets/radio silence.) and it’s why we discovered that trying to do things the old ways using old systems isn’t working anymore. It’s fascinating when you Think about it, everyone on this planet wants to be here because of the new energy. Not everyone is aware of that, though. And this Covid is the perfect out for those who don’t want to participate anymore.

    2. Dear Almond Sis Barbara…..I can barely drag my carcass around right now.
      I got up this morning and then almost immediately wanted to go back to bed and sleep sleep sleep…….

      I ALWAYS take a nap in the afternoon. And pretty much always take a walk every morning. BUT not sure if I will make it out today.

      More aches and pains, presenting as arthritis……Ascension symptoms? Going away soon? I hope.

      My brain and heart feel very peace filled…..YAY!

      love to us all.

  5. Dear Almond Sis Maria–YAY! I call it the COVID blessing. Sorry, I can’t do xxxxxx because I must social distance.
    Barbara–COV-thingy is a great title. WHAT does it really mean? I don’t feel fear. I just feel like I want to DO NOTHING.

    Maria–cracking me up about the crickets/silence.

    One thing is that I will see younger than me folks saying stuff that we all KNEW years ago……and a little tiny part of me is like….sheesh….nobody listened to me when I said it. hahahaha Mostly over it. Going back to the applause, or in this case, crickets/silence. ha

    loving you all my dearest Almond SISTARS……..

    I can see us all together drinking coffee or tea but we are all lying on divans because we are too tired to sit up. heehee

    Although I am guessing that we might have a little energy if we were ALL together.

    1. Yeah, siSTAR, I can imagine that. Lol. Sipping coffee, mimosas, carrot juice, whatever tickles our fancy…..while reclining on our favorite couches or lazy boys and divans. And I know what you mean, the ones who are just beginning to get it, and are all excited to share it with us, and so true we didn’t have that support. We really were the first real group to take this on. Our calling card might read….


  6. Barbara

    Maria and Elizabeth, you have made my day, thank you! I’d laugh heartily… if I had the energy. Yes, E., I have to agree with being a wee bit pissed off with so little mention by the Newbies of the ass-breaking (not to mention heart-breaking) work we did to get the vibes open for them so that they could do their work! But, like you, I’m over that now and use my “smile knowingly” whenever the sound of crickets breaks through the ringing in my ears. And Maria, “Sordid (Assorted) Other Ascended Masters” did evoke a giggle/snort of recognition for I’ve know a few of the sordid types on my journey… assorted lessons then, for the peace that I have now. Will join you for a beverage, but you may have to help me onto a divan, and will definitely need to help me to get off of one. Solution: just leave me there for a year or two or three… Love, B.

    1. I did also have a lovely giggle snort for the assorted (sordid) ascended masters. ha. SO GOOD.

      WE can all help each other……oh yes!

      loving us all……

      Divan bound…….NOW

      1. I LOVE this image.
        I received a message today from the whole group.
        They encouraged me to just rest and relax. I have been fighting it a bit with the part of me that is an overachiever/type A thinking I am lazy.

        This is one of the things they said that is true for us here in this space.

        “You are integrating an immense amount of energy. There are many and varied shifts occurring on the planet at this time and you are an integral part of this shifting. YOU block and slow down the shifting if you DON’T listen TO YOURSELF AND WHAT YOUR BODY NEEDS. AND that is a lot of rest right now.”

        I love us all!
        Thanks dearest SiSTAR Maria, Almond Sisters, for being here. AND all folks drawn to this space.

        1. Thank you dear siSTAR, for your confirming message! Such an important reminder. It’s a delicate time for many of us, and as long as we follow that Inner compass, our soul will much more easily have our back. We no longer have to let ourselves bottom out in order to surrender to ourSELVES.

  7. I have been experiencing a feeling of detachment from spirit overall (off and on) for the last year. And, for several months prior to the virus, I had strange bouts of anger, unusual thoughts (most certainly out of character) and then brief sychronistic aha moments . . . ahhh, there you are, yet still at arms length. Brief moments of connection, only to pass soon thereafter.

    I sense you’re there, but I’m unable to feel you is the only description I can come up with. I’m not sure how to describe the way I have been feeling, as it is very different from the ever so odd, yet much needed “void” periods. Possibly a different kind and/or level of integration that I have presumed during my more pensive moments.

    I’m not able to wrap my head around the why’s and this is compounded when the “doubt” and the “what have I done” thoughts start to rear their ugly heads. My life has not changed much due to the current state of affairs, as there is still that world out there.

    Obviously and needless to say, I can relate. : )

    1. Pocahontas, it’s definitely an on again off again type of relationship with our soul, isn’t it? And agreed, hard to put into words. So much of this whole transformation is hard to describe. And, yes, unable to wrap our mind around the whys. And the doubts. All of those doubts. For our human self, this is daunting, and it will never be able to make any sense of it. It really can’t, can it? And when those beautiful moments of connection just seem to happen, all of the human concerns take the back seat. And somewhere inside we know that those moments are who we ARE. That ‘ah,there you are’ feeling you describe. Funny, I use that same expression. Thank you for sharing your experience. 🙏🦋💕

  8. Joanna

    Thank you Maria. The physical exhaustion at times makes me wish I was in my light body zipping around and everywhere at whim, not feeling heavy and achy.

    1. Absolutely, Joanna. It’s the ultimate challenge being in these carbon bodies. They are quite unnatural for our spirit to reside within. So compressed, Thus the recalibration and integration to make it possible. It’s truly an incredible thing we’re doing here if you think about it. Integrating our crystalline consciousness into a dense carbon based one, and sticking around. Staying here on the planet. Only a handful of us are doing this, meaning a very small percentage of the world’s population. And even more bizarrely, most humans have no idea what we’re doing.

      And what were doing is reclaiming ourSELF. Which ultimately everyone on the planet is doing as well, but not necessarily in this lifetime.

      We decided to do the accelerated version. For so many of us it was like, o.k. It’s now or never. No more waiting for another lifetime. It’s a wonder our physical bodies made it this far.

  9. Lyn

    Thanks as usual for your wise and insightful thoughts. What I wanted to comment on is the way you enter your comments section with warmth, respect and balanced compassion as well.
    Over recent years I had comments blocked and not posted my two prominent spiritual voices who draw those who have been at it a long time ( like me).
    I never post any comment that could be seen as trolling, and I am very accepting respectful in language. I had just entered the discussion on a topic they had raised, where they said they welcomed discussion
    Yet my guess is that they just don’t like anything that doesn’t agree with them 100% or doesn’t celebrate them. I partly conclude that from a few rather vicious digs one of them posted in response to others- and mocking them in one case. I found it very disappointing that that’s where they were at still at this stage.
    The latter mocker had also interpreted two postings of others as aggressive. I didn’t think they were in either case. One clearly said he ‘got’ from something within, which he was just sharing. She replied if he had his own inner guidance he should start his own blog and leave hers – to which others joined her in the attack. It had really been an innocent sharing of opinion.
    Another had had a bad day and was sharing how frustrated she was with things not moving. Again she was attacked as if she had personally attacked the blogger.
    Unfortunately with those coming to the site not knowing how she screens those who want to enlarge the discussion, she may hold her celebrated view for her readers.
    I mention all this in detail because it contrasts so strongly with the respect you always show,
    So thanks again Maria

    1. That’s very kind of you Lyn, and I appreciate that very much, and thanks for sharing your experiences of other blogs and communities. For the most part there has been nothing but respectful commenters here, with rare exceptions over the past several years. Hopefully people feel comfortable sharing their perspectives even if they differ from the ones I share. I have learned a great deal from the amazing people who read this blog and share here. Over the years of writing this blog I have shifted my own perspective on many things and have been challenged with having to see many things from an entirely new perspective. All part of the process. And as we know there’s a way to share different viewpoints without the need to attack or belittle others. Namaste, my friend

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