There’s a Fine Line Between Psychosis and Enlightenment

Image credit Maria Chambers


Oh good, you’re here.  The title didn’t scare you off, or turn you off.  Then read on…..I’ll start with a less frightening comparison. A dear friend showed me a list of PTSD and negative symptoms in thinking and mood.  I was struck with how they are eerily similar to awakening symptoms.

That doesn’t mean the person is going through an awakening, of course.  But most who do become awakened will experience some if not all of them.

Among the symptoms listed were feeling disconnected from activities they once enjoyed, disconnected from family and friends, and memory issues.  

And of course many of us are intimately familiar with these as we experienced a shift away from the world we knew.  We begin to realize that the world out there isn’t the cause of our joy or lack thereof.  There is a sense of loss which can manifest as depression and existential detachment.

Another symptom on the list was difficulty maintaining close relationships.

That’s a tricky one.  We didn’t necessarily run from those relationships, but we knew we had to go within, and we needed ample time alone,  We had so much going on on so many levels, we needed our sacred time and space.

For myself, I found it very difficult to be intimate with another human being during that time.  And that was misunderstood by some as my having clinical depression.

But I knew what was going on, even if I couldn’t articulate it to anyone around me.

The awakening person is essentially moving from a singular identity, in which they believed they are just the human, with the mind being the absolute controller of their life, to the awareness that they are much, much more than that.  That they are multidimensional.

This awareness begins to freak out the mind, because the mind has been the one in charge of their life forever, really.  The mind is loosening its hold on reality as it once knew it.  As a linear and fixed reality.

Initially everything kind of falls apart.  Perhaps financially, health, relationships. It gets messy.  It has to.  The human identity feels like it’s dying.  Thus the depression, and even hopelessness, along with a kind of numbness.

It’s almost like going through the stages of grief.

The human has to slowly let go of its control and allow its real self, the eternal self, be more and more present.  There are trust issues, since the mind naturally doesn’t trust this nebulous part of itself to take the helm.


This is an excerpt from the National Institute of Mental Health describing psychosis.

The word psychosis is used to describe conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality. When someone becomes ill in this way it is called a psychotic episode. During a period of psychosis, a person’s thoughts and perceptions are disturbed and the individual may have difficulty understanding what is real and what is not.  Symptoms of psychosis include delusions (false beliefs) and hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear). Other symptoms include incoherent or nonsense speech, and behavior that is inappropriate for the situation. A person in a psychotic episode may also experience depression, anxiety, sleep problems, social withdrawal, lack of motivation, and difficulty functioning overall.

Now, actual psychosis is a real disorder, of course, and it’s the linear mind going in circles to such a degree that it kind of derails from itself.  It’s a perfect example of the mind trying to get out of its own hell by using the mind to do it.

Many people who suffer from psychosis are actually very intelligent people.  They are often very left-brained and logical thinking individuals.  

Many who have awakened can attest to being on the edge mentally, where they feel as if they are losing their minds.  They are getting glimpses of another reality while still trying to function in this one.  They have a nebulous sense of what is real and what is not.  They truly feel on the precipice of a breakdown at times.

Ans it’s because the mind feels like it’s losing its grip on reality and is trying to hang on for dear life.  It’s terrified to give up its control.  But it can‘t continue to hang onto a reality that isn’t real (3D) while inviting in its own eternal being-ness, which is real. The human set in motion something that can’t be stopped.

But we each have our own style in this awakening process.  Some of us dive into the deep end of the pool right away and end up in a psych ward, physically or metaphorically.  Others dip their feet into the shallow end and splash themselves with their awareness until they get acclimated to the change in perspective.  There’s no right or wrong way. (Post continues after image)

Image credit Maria Chambers

Those who choose the proverbial psych ward are often those who were very mental in their approach to life.  So the deep dive helps to shake loose that over-controlling mind.

And even those who have more of a right brain approach to life are challenged to deal with a mind that wants to maintain the status quo.

But we stop battling our minds, and that’s what ultimately separates us from those who suffer with psychotic behaviors.

We eventually befriend our mind, and see it as, not the enemy, but a part of us who just wants to keep us safe.

And, most importantly, we realize that we are so much more than the mind, and the human persona.  We begin to not only accept that truth, but we begin to embody it.

We stop trying to fit into a reality that was never designed to be comfortable for the singular human.  It was designed to explore how consciousness and energy work together.  How our eternal consciousness manifests using energy, in a slowed-down environment.  A lower dimensional ‘reality.’

We couldn’t do that without the human body, in a 3D reality.

This planet was never really supposed to be a place to determine that someone is crazy because they don’t fit into the prevailing consciousness.  And, for the most part this planet has a prevailing consciousness that reads:

You are a singular human and this is your only lifetime, and your one shot at getting it right.  This reality is as real as it gets.  It’s a bitch.  So, try not to make waves, stay in your lane, and you’ll be ok. Good luck.

You know when you have awakened from the dream when you aren’t concerned whether you’re going crazy, or losing your mind.  You know that ultimately it doesn’t matter.

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28 thoughts on “There’s a Fine Line Between Psychosis and Enlightenment

  1. Oh my gosh, dearest SISTAR Maria…..I laughed out loud at your beginning……This is a beautiful and perfect post. Thanks for affirming and knowing and sharing and helping and just BEING.

    A couple of years ago, my beloved hubby was out of town helping his elderly parents for a month or so. I was relishing my time alone and felt that I did not even want to talk to anyone. It was sublimely blissful. oh yes…….

    And the a couple of dear friends stopped by to check on me. I said I was great and didn’t feel like talking to anyone…..the woman said, “you’re depressed!” I just laughed and didn’t argue with her. Because I KNEW I was not. I was communing with my SOUL. The indescribable bliss and ecstasy of that……beyond naming or sharing.

    So, YOU GET IT.

    Thanks for this post. It is perfect. AND if people want to say I am fucking nuts, have at it……..heehee

    PS. my woman friend from above story, kind of gets it now.

    love to you dearest friend and love to us all….. enlightened psychotics one and all. hell yes! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I love your experience with your friend. And how you knew what was really happening with you and your SELF. And that she has shifted more to understanding it. I’m noticing that with certain folks in my life, too. They seem more open to the concept that there is more than meets the eye.

      ‘Enlightened psychotics one and all’ indeed! 🤣🤙💕

  2. Barbara

    I read some time ago that bipolar people are actually very psychic and if they would only take the time to be with their extreme up and down moods, rather than getting them medicated into blandness, they would have less mental and emotional turmoil that affects themselves and others, and they would realize very quickly how amazing they are.

    And now for something completely different… can’t resist sending this link because it’s the first thing I thought of as I read your excellent article, Maria:

    I hope the link works… I’m definitely not a techie… just multi-dimensional! Love, B.

    1. Oh my gosh, Barbara, that is really making me laugh. AND I do kind of remember that commercial or I should say, song.

      WE have a nephew who may be bi-polar and I get a strong feeling that he may be extremely empathic. I wrote to him offering some support and telling him about myself and how I thought I was kind of neurotic for years until I discovered my psychic/empathic self. But I have not heard. I figured it is out there for him………

      love love love

      1. Hello!
        This morning guess what song is running through my head?

        Sometimes you feel like a nut…….ha! 🎶🎶🎶🎶

        And to be very clear, I always feel like a nut.

        Love you all

  3. Barbara

    Setting the stage for my age!

    In your previous post, Maria, you mentioned Reverse Engineering… something I’ve given some Realization Contemplation to as that concept makes sense to me in the really Big Picture, and just now I started singing:

    Both the Nut commercial (almonds… thank you, E.)… and this song are from the 70’s… good heavens. I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I’m now in the 70’s!?!? Talk about Reverse Engineering, but I think you get my drift… New title for this song: “Working my way back to Me”. Love, B.

    1. Wow, what a fantastic video. Those guys are amazing! I always loved that song. And, that guy with the low voice, tres sexy! Lol. And hey, why not enjoy the stopover in the 70s on your way to working your way back to you, babe?

  4. I can 100% attest to how challenging, painful, exhilarating, joyful, dark, scary and inspirational this past year has been for me going through this awakening process. Then add in my partner who isn’t. We’re both on separate yet joint paths. In the end I understand this and how truly beautiful it is. Everything you’ve shared here hits my soul. Thank God there are so many others going through this process who can speak truth to it. You my dear are so articulate, that’s what drew me to your posts to begin with. Blessings and love sister 💜💜💜

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Ladysag77……and, I also appreciate you and the other kindred souls here that have made this wild and crazy ride more enjoyable. Less crazy and less lonely. Blessings and love to you too, dear sister. 🙏🤗🦋💕

  5. Annette

    “Oh good, you’re here. The title didn’t scare you off, or turn you off.“

    Fuck no, I was like, perfect because I’m feeling quite ‘mental’ these days!!! So yeah my Maria divine timing for sure! Of course I’ve been experiencing much of what you’ve shared, and lately it’s been, ok…. maybe a psych ward would be a good place for me, as I’m not dealing with the 3D reality very well at all!
    Went out to pick up a much needed order from Wally World, when I returned I was so agitated, not that any human being out there did anything wrong, it honestly just over takes me, and I feel like I’m walking in the Twilight Zone, had to hit the bed with some Solfeggio, Binaural Beats, got up two hours later. Still feel very exhausted, yet I will survive, just super Intense lately.

    So I can truly attest to being on the edge mentally, and only can hope that I can get a better grip soon.
    I must have dived into the deep end!

    “You know when you have awakened from the dream when you aren’t concerned whether you’re going crazy, or losing your mind. You know that ultimately it doesn’t matter.“

    Yeah, ultimately, it really doesn’t matter anymore, most of my family thinks I’m nuts anyway, might just really let loose, and freak them all out! Lol

    Thanks for this timely post, you’ve helped me today, I’m not the greatest at articulating how I’m doing, but I guess ya got the gist.

    Love to everyone! 💞

    1. Before we dig in, my Annette, who is this Solfeggio dude you speak of, and, does your hubby know about him? Hahaha

      But seriously, I do the same thing, when it gets to be too much I put my headphones on and drift off into some lovely music. I like those ambient space tunes on YouTube.

      Something that makes me feel I’m blissfully drifting off planet somewhere, yes?

      It is a relief to know that we really can’t deal with this 3D reality. At least not to the point where we are going to feel 100% at peace with being here all the time. Let’s take that off the table strait away.

      Because it’s kind of psychotic out there, or neurotic at the very least.

      Your reference to Wally World, did you mean Walmart? Because I have one just down the street, and I try to avoid it like the plague, but sometimes you just need something they have. But the energies there were never very peaceful in a good year, much less a coronavirus one.

      It’s interesting how some of these big chain stores have a consciousness all their own.

      Now, all together….🎶🎶🎶WE’RE NOT THE CRAZY ONES, THEY ARE.🎶🎶🎶

      1. Annette

        Heehee! Hubby doesn’t know about him, I just came in and said I’m laying down, didn’t tell him who with! 🤣

        Yes I meant Walmart, and Maria I avoid it like the plague too, and so very true that the energies there have never been peaceful on any given day, much less with Rona running around!! Usually, It’s pretty simple, I park go through main entrance take a left, scan order number, and it comes down the tower, and out the door I go! Needless to say, that had all shifted dramatically! I have only gone one other time, and believe you me this time was my LAST! Target usually comes through for me, yet not this time.

        Now, all together…..WE’RE NOT THE CRAZY ONES!! 🤗♥️

    2. Hello my dearest Almond sisters……
      Annette and Maria–this is what my dear hubby LOVES listening to in the dark. I love listening to chanting but this is great zone out music.

      The whole 3D is so fascinating. I used to feel so pulled to it. Now I feel so separate from it. And really the only time I get any kind of trigger is around my ma.

      I’m with you both about big box stores…….the energy is just pinging all over the place. WE must act “normal” when what we really want to do is just howl……

      loving us all

      WE’RE NOT THE CRAZY ONES……yes! Our new mantra.

      1. Good descriptor, ‘the energy just pinging all over the place.’ The frequencies on the planet have gotten faster and faster, and if people are not conscious, they will react to the shift in chaotic and unbalanced ways, for sure.

        And yes, music is such a great place to feel into that sacred, and calming and sensuous space.

      2. Annette

        Thanks Elizabeth, I really liked Terry Riley!

        “The whole 3D is so fascinating. I used to feel so pulled to it. Now I feel so separate from it.”

        Ditto! I think maybe this is what’s causing some of my panic, as I just DO NOT feel at all connected to any of it!! Ha, and yes I was trying to act ‘normal’, all the while as the energy was just pinging all around me, I was wanting to HOWL, you said this well!

        Love the new mantra…..WE’RE NOT THE CRAZY ONES……yes!! ♥️🤗

        1. So glad you liked it. My hubby will get a kick out of that.

          By the way, I discovered recently that Walmart will deliver. They have quite a few items that we seem to often get, even bamboo TP. So, if that seems more agreeable to you…….WE don’t actually have a Walmart in our town so this works really well. It is a $35 amount to get free shipping.

          loving all my sweet and perfectly weird (in a most perfect way) sisters. muah muah muah

          Taking the HIGH way………..

  6. Barbara

    Just noticed your subtitle up above, Maria… may I add, “Reality is a crutch for those who can’t handle their conscience.” Always amazed me that so few consider conscience… I mean, for heaven’s sakes if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, or if you do it, and you can’t sleep, then make amends. I’ve been thinking a lot about Lyn’s comment at a previous post, and so, Lyn, if you’re reading, please know that I’ve been kicked from a campfire circle three times… have no idea why I went back for more, slow learner, great lessons, discernment to the max…. “My way,” basically said this person, “or the highway,”… I chose… finally… the High Way… and from there it just got better and better. Welcome, Lyn, to the Almond Sisters… “We’re not the crazy ones.”

    Oh, gosh, I just saw ‘make amends’ as I typed above, and read it as “make Almonds’. Okay, can do! Love, B.

  7. Barbara

    Me… again! Loving the comments, and it seems I continue my getting back to Me via 70’s music. Thing is, when I remember these songs, I HEAR them now so differently than I did in the 70’s… then it was all boy/girl and all of 3D’s “Damn, I hurt” that went with those songs then. Now I hear them as all about getting back to Soul, to Source to the Me that I agreed to forget, but must have said, “Okay, I’ll go, but for heaven’s sake, confirm for me I’ awake even if it takes 70’s music!”

    And, Maria, the fellow who sings the bass notes… oh, yes, tres sexy. Love, B.

    1. Wow, yes, Barbara, it’s absolutely awesome when we realize that all of those love songs were just about getting back to our one true love, our SOUL. I guess they didn’t call it soul music for nothing. Lol.

      I’ve been doing the same, listening to some of those old love songs and saying, it’s our human and our soul, singing to one another. The human feels incomplete without her, yearns for him, and the soul is waiting patiently for its human partner to accept its love. And this is the lifetime, isn’t it, for us to reunite with our soul, to run into her arms and get right back to where we started from.

      Thank you, Barbara, for the confirmation. And the awesome links!!!

      1. And I want to add that the 70s were such a unique time, a cultural revolution, for women, and for art and music. To me it represents a new consciousness coming in and replacing the old guard. There was a sense of freedom and hope in many of the younger generation.

        I think it’s interesting how even the late 60s and 70s fashions have come back and seem to stay and evolve with their own iterations. But there was something spiritual about that era that people, young ones especially want to experience.

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