One Room At A Time

As mornings go, it’s been a strange one.  I awoke at 4:30 a.m. and lay there in deep anxiety.  I had called the Maid service the day before and they had an opening this morning at 9.


I’ve had the ladies, three of them from a local cleaning service, come in from time to time, and do a deep cleaning of my small, one bedroom flat.  Yes, I know, I can do it myself, and I have, but every once in a while it’s nice to get the full treatment.

And more so these days of feeling so tired and running out of steam so easily.

They wipe everything down, from ceiling fans, to baseboards, to the cobwebs in the corners.  They vacuum the rugs and furniture with those hepa vacs. They even scrub the floors on their hands and knees.  I don’t remember ever doing that type of cleaning that required a knee bending operation.

And there’s always prep work on my part that is required before they can begin the process.  I had to clear all the clutter from surfaces in every room.

I labeled appliances I didn’t want them to clean the inside of, since I’m sensitive to some of the cleaners they use.  The do use all natural products, but some of them smell strong, so I don’t like that scent in the microwave or the toaster oven.

My cleaning product of choice has been a spray bottle of white distilled vinegar for the past few years.  I even use it in place of a fabric softener in the washing machine.  I can’t deal with that silicone-based synthetic fabric softener scent.

The gals don’t speak English, so I went ahead and translated the stuff I wanted to point out to them into Spanish.

Since Covid they started using disinfectant, which I don’t want.  I have my vinegar, thank you very much.  So I wanted to be sure they understood that.

Along with some other things I was concerned about, the anxiety level was ticking up.

I tried reminding myself how good it always feels afterward, with a nice, clean place to relax in.

But it wasn’t working.  I couldn’t wait for them to come, do the job, and leave.  Then I could relax, and go for my coffee.  I noticed the anxiety was out of the ball park. Was I going to have to check myself into the Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous? 


Shortly after 9 a.m. my iPhone rang, and it was the Maid Service. The administrator said one of the women got into an accident, and apologized that the service was cancelled for today.

I responded with, no problem, and I hoped the woman was ok.  I said I would call back to reschedule.

Within moments all the tension left my body.

I gathered my iPad and notebook and came here to the cafe for my morning coffee.

So, I have to wonder, did I feel some of that anxiety from the woman who had the accident?

Because obviously she was feeling anxious on some level to attract the incident.

This is interesting because for many of us, our sensitivities have become very acute during this transformation, both physically and emotionally.  And, even though we are releasing our caretaking roles, we may still be feeling others’ stuff.

It’s intense out there, so it’s important to remember that if we are feeling anxious, try not to take it personally.

So, now that all my surfaces at home are clear of clutter, I suppose I could dive in and do a little cleaning myself.  I’ll just take a room at a time.E9DBAACB-08BD-4EE4-8C55-4475229251F1


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14 thoughts on “One Room At A Time

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Oh my gosh, dear SiSTAR……I swear I had an almost identical experience yesterday and last night. I love that.

    I was going to visit my beloved daughter on Friday for a kind of social distance sleepover at her house. And I was feeling excited but then I started feeling anxious yesterday about it. So, then when she called last night to cancel, I felt relief. I told her what I really wanted to do was hug her for about an hour……we giggled about that. (she actually called to ask me if I wanted to cancel because one of her co-workers mother, who the co-worker lives with, was in contact with someone who has COVID.)

    It is hard because I miss that contact. I think it is the only contact I really miss is with my kids. (I call them kids but they are 36 and 40. ❤ ) But my gut tells me and I listen.

    So, I hear you loud and clear. I do feel that we are so HIGHLY tuned in to all the energies. AND I am sure that is partly why a lot of quiet time, sometimes doesn't even feel like enough. 🙂

    And here here for vinegar and water. I am the same. I can't stand the strong smells……argh. AND water and vinegar works so well.

    Thanks Maria for reminding us to listen to our gut and for bringing this cadre of fabulous humans together.
    love you tons dearest SiSTAR

    loving us all

    1. Wow, siSTAR…in-ter-est-ing…….I guess our soul makes sure we’re being taken care of in a variety of ways. Ways we don’t always have privy to as the human. Last minute cancellations being one way, I guess. That gut feeling can be trusted, indeed.

      I should probably water down the vinegar a bit…I’ve been using it undiluted….probably not great for some surfaces full strength.

      I agree with you, we probably need more down time than we even realize, and our inner being is making sure that continues.

  2. Barbara

    Agreed about anxiety and smells. Here’s my story. I needed sheets so I ordered some online. They arrived a few days ago. I unpacked them and the chemical smell was overwhelming. This made me anxious as I knew I wouldn’t be able to use them if I couldn’t get rid of that stink and they were quite expensive. Yesterday, I washed them several times. No luck, smell still there. I went online to the website where the sheets came from to hopefully get some info about removing the smell, and imagine my shock when headlines revealed that the company I had ordered the sheets from had just been implicated in child trafficking offences. The sheets were sitting on my dining room table in the Sun. I gathered them up, put them in a plastic bag and deposited them into the dumpster in our parking lot. I am sickened and very sad. I’m aware of the evil on this Planet, but my gut hurts today, and I’m sorry that this comment isn’t per my usual, but it does seem that there are reasons to be anxious and careful where there are smells of any kind. Thanks for listening. Love, B.

    1. Wow, Barbara. Just… That’s unbelievable. Who would have ever seen that one coming? I understand how you feel. Maybe some of these smells go deeper than just chemical off-gassing of various products.

      I’ve often just thrown stuff into the dumpster that I just purchased, and that were expensive, because of the smells that just wouldn’t come off. I bought myself a $1600.00 dollar washer dryer because all the ones that I tried renting from my apartment complex smelled of fabric softener.

      And when they installed my new w/d unit, it took months for the off gassing to dissipate. Until then I was having some bothersome sensitivities to it. I’m telling you it’s been so exhausting going through these sensitivities.

      1. Here’s another one. Sometimes someone had such a strong perfume on that I tried avoiding them hugging me. When they did, I would have to go home and try to get the smell out of my clothes. Didn’t always work. I dare say the Covid came to the rescue on that one. Six feet apart, no hugging. Lol.

        1. Barbara

          Indeed, Maria, it is exhausting, frustrating and annoying dealing with the smells and perfumes that supposedly are meant to keep us less offensive. I remember FDS, which was so incredibly insulting to all women. How companies have the balls to advertise as they do, and then provide products that can make us sick is something that baffles me. However, I get your point… Covid to the rescue! Good one and I’ll make do with the sheets I have! Love, B.

          1. Oh, I had forgotten about those ‘feminine’ sprays. Yikes! Yes, and the women’s perfumes….sometimes I have to wonder what they’re trying to cover up. Even the essential oils are too powerful for me. Not to mention I’m insensed by incense. I’m not a fan of men’s colognes either, but some of them are much more tolerable. In fact when I wasn’t as sensitive, in my younger days, I used to use men’s colognes. Bay Rum being one of them.

            I know the sensitivities are symptomatic of the light body integration, and will subside with time, but it seems to be taking its sweet time.

          2. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Barbara, I threw away a beautiful high count Egyptian cotton sheet set a couple of years ago. It somehow picked up an odor that was irritating me, like one of those scented candles. I tried a few washes, but it was still present. Now I’m down to one sheet set.

  3. elizabethsadhu

    Oh my gosh. This is all so interesting. And you will be happy to hear that all of our dancing events, we ask folks to be scent free!!! YAY!

    I do think we get more sensitive as we go along. I am not quite as sensitive to smells as either of you but sounds…..oh my! Fridge on, clocks ticking, fans, people yelling, trucks…..blah blah blah……

    AND I do find it super annoying that women are sold a bill of goods that we don’t smell great just as we are.

    love to us all great smelling just-as-we-are fabulous femmes!!!!!!

  4. Good points, siSTAR, it’s no just the olfactories….sounds are definitely heightened. And vibrations of said fans, etc.

    Smart of the dance group to be scent free.

    These symptoms can make us very anxious.

    Generous amounts of water, and some conscious breathing help. Being in nature helps tremendously as we know.

    Oh and chocolate. I hear chocolate is the best remedy for what ails you. 😄

    1. Barbara

      Interesting, not surprising, how our senses (sensuality) have been and are being attacked by those who would have us as unnatural and fearful as they are. From Soul’s perspective, would She have us noisy and smelly?!?! Don’t think so! And from Gaia’s perspective, perhaps time to move into that dimension where one can hear the birds sing over the noise of the trucks and fans and the smells are of wild roses in Alberta. And yes, Maria, I cannot handle essential oils. I mean, how essential does one need to be to smell the loveliness of lavender naturally? Love, B.

  5. Barbara

    I dived in! Just finished a thorough, and I mean thorough cleaning of my apartment. I needed to do it to deal with the experience in the last few days of sheets and the company they came from. While I’m cleaning, I’m clearing emotionally… and did you know, according to my Mum who long has left the Planet and thank heavens she has as she was one very liberated lady, that men sweat and women perspire? I am to say the least perspiring! Just wanted to touch base with a positive note. Our small town here in British Columbia has finally opened up. Stay strong, my Almond Sisters, the challenges may be extraordinary, but then we are extraordinary ladies! Love, B.

    1. Dear Barbara, I applaud you for diving in and clearing your space. You have inspired me to follow suit. Your comment about men sweating and women perspiring made me laugh. I hadn’t heard that one in a long time. Happy to hear B.C. has opened up again. And yes, we Almond Sisters are extraordinary……let us Almond Sisters stay strong. Love you. 🦋💕💕💕

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Go, Almond Sister, go!
        I remember hearing one time that men sweat and women glow…….oh my gosh…..we’re such delicate fragile things.

        Glad you got that cleared for you Barbara. That is no fun to get something you were probably looking forward to and having it end up a bit of a disaster. Bummer. You turned it around. Woooohooooooo!

        Go, Almond Sisters, Go!
        love love love

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