Moving in and out of Time

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I don’t know about anyone else here but August was a very intense month for me. I have felt especially sensitive and insular. I had a couple of mini-meltdowns. Things just felt kind of endless and hopeless. My human self felt like it didn’t need too much more to push it over the edge into a precipice.  And then there were moments when I felt the extraordinary bliss of my soul.

But fortunately I know better now.  I know that, when those emotions that are not bliss come up, they are in their final stage of clearing. And that’s because they seem to lose their edge after a while. So they can no longer push me toward the edge.  Or over it.

I’m kind of bored with feeling those feelings.

But it’s also because I’m feeling a shift in linear time.  The days seem to be moving faster and faster.  It feels like I just wake up, and then suddenly I’m going to bed again. And each subsequent day feels like much less than 16 hours. (That’s right, it hasn’t been 24 hour days now for quite a while). Almost like time is folding in on itself.

I still feel the rhythm of the minutes and days and weeks, but I can also feel into the space outside of time.

And when I’m outside of linear time, the issues that I feel so challenged with don’t seem as ‘real.’  It feels like a quantum space where I am experiencing my self not so much as the human but as the endless, and eternal me.

And in that space there seems to be nothing that is insurmountable or impossible. I sense that space is where we are our sovereign selves.  Where we allow energy to serve us, and alchemy occurs.

In that space it feels incredibly sensual, and yet not really emotional.  It’s not a noisy space, but it’s filled with sensations.

My human self is in that space, but my mind is not in the forefront.  It’s like I’m watching. I’m 
the observer, but can’t really ‘do’ anything there.  For the human mind, it feels disconcerting.

It’s not used to that frequency and can feel nauseous.

So my experience is that the human me is still very human, with all of the concerns and questions, and there is the eternal, divine me.  And when I’m in that quantum space, the human me is not my main perspective.

And in the course of a day I move in and out of those perspectives.

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The more my human self allows that quantum space the less the human me needs tangible evidence that it’s real.  Maybe that’s how the soul clears so many issues for us.  Over ‘time’ resistance releases from our mind.

And, our soul doesn’t operate in linear time, so it can deliver to us things that seem miraculous.

The void we all feel, that feels boring, endless, and passionless, is just the physical, linear pause before realization.  In other words, our  embodied enlightenment is happening outside of linear time, but as the human we are experiencing it within a linear time-based reality.

But time is becoming more malleable, and so is our physical reality.

When I began this post I didn’t expect it to be about time, but maybe it’s ‘time’ to embrace our sovereignty, not just as a concept, but as a reality that is more ‘real’ than the one we are moving through in our day to days.

These may sound like a bunch of esoteric concepts, but they are more real than the illusion we call reality.

And the beauty is that our human self doesn’t need to know any of this.  Because it’s happening anyway.  Our human self shouldn’t be burdened with its own enlightenment.  It shouldn’t be burdened with the responsibility for its own health and financial abundance.  And least of all its own joy.

It’s ‘time’ for our heart to trust in our soul, and our mind will follow.

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Enjoy Movin’ Pretty Fast from Cosmic Blend-Songs For The New Earth



9 thoughts on “Moving in and out of Time

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Thanks SiSTAR!
    August WAS f’in intense. 💥💥💥💣💣💣💣🎆🎆🎆🎆

    Trusting the process. Trusting my soul.

    Love love love

      1. Annette

        “Yeah, the consensus is in, and August has been given its walking papers….and September has also been warned, ‘No funny business!’ 💜“

        You dang right! And YES, no funny business September!!
        Gosh yeah, August incredibly challenging, still not feeling quite right. 🙃

        Thanks, and welcome back My Maria! ♥️🤗

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