Enjoying Our Sovereignty

On my back steps, early morning with a cup of Joe.

Those of us on the forefront of ascension, enlightenment, realization, whatever name you want to give it….are coming to understand that we are sovereign beings.  That we are the creators of our experiences. As sovereign beings we dance with our Soul as we allow her to create the deeper rhythms in our life, such as our health, our financial abundance and our joy. So everything we need and desire is within our SELF.

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You may have noticed that most relationships in what we call 3D are conditional.  They are built on contracts, emotional for the most part.  I do for you, and you do for me.  They are based on the idea that we are not whole and complete unto ourselves.  That we need something from the other to complete us.  Whether it’s emotional support, or financial.

That said, emotional and financial support are fine, provided we are not compromising our self in the process.

Sadly, in the old energy, we usually were in some way.  Most humans are in an endless cycle of extracting energies from outside self.

But as we become more ourSELVES, we begin to understand how energy works, and we recognize our sovereignty.  We understand that what we need and desire is in our own energy.  We may still be in relationships, but they take on a new dynamic.

Most folks I interact with at the cafe enjoy my company.  And I enjoy theirs. Over the years I have developed with others a little community where we all see one another every day or so, sit and have coffee, and share conversation.

But some of them can’t quite figure me out.  They don’t understand that I don’t need them,  that I enjoy sharing myself with them, but I don’t really ask for anything in return.

I am not looking for committed, lifelong friendships.  I don’t need someone to do things with, or to do things for me.

So this confuses many folks.  Because often they are looking for those things.  They have certain expectations.  They want to know why for instance I sometimes don’t show up for a few days at the coffee shop.

But I can’t explain to them that I don’t need anything from them, including having a consistent and ongoing connection.  If there is that ongoing connection, it’s organic and not based on an emotional contract.

So sometimes they misinterpret it as I’m not caring, or they may feel they have done something wrong.  It triggers in them a sense of unworthiness.  A friend I have coffee with fairly regularly will call me up if I have not shown up for a couple of days at the cafe, and anxiously asks me if everything is o.k.

He worries that he’s being a nuisance.

And, I get it.  There’s still that part of me that feels the same way, but not so much in relationship to others. But there’s a part of me that feels I am not worthy of my Soul’s love and attention.

Sometimes it feels like she’s not there, in support of me.  But, just like me with my friends, she will not force herself on me, and she will not pressure me to give something to her in return.  My soul is not into conditional love.

So sometimes my human self misinterprets that as she doesn’t care.  Sometimes it feels like she’s not responding to my human needs and concerns, and then I feel that old horse, abandonment, flaring up.

But that old wound is being released in light of our self-realization.   All the worthiness issues stop interfering.  We begin to understand that we as the human need to trust and allow our soul, our Divine nature, to resolve these things.

It’s a letting go of the control issues.  Because the human can’t control this transformation.  We’re too far along at this point to even keep trying. But the human can try to slow it down.


As long as people continue to play in the old energies, they will continue to set up situations in which they feel unworthy and abandoned.

But for those of us who chose the accelerated path to our embodied realization, we played it out.  It’s done.  Being sovereign is understanding that all the judgements of being unworthy were self-inflicted. And those judgements began a long time ago, even before the earth was formed.  And ever since we as the human kept creating karma, lifetime after lifetime, dragging our issues with us, and kept thinking we had done something wrong.

We kept trying to fix ourselves, improve on ourselves, but the underlying energies were feelings of being unworthy.  So there was always something more, something else to improve.

And to a point it served us.  We gleaned a lot of experience and wisdom.

And as far as relationships go, now that we have released our karma, and our ancestors, we no longer have that old, sticky interpersonal entwinement thing to deal with.  We are clear.

So whatever comes up now and feels a bit sticky, or heavy relative to the relatives, or friends, or whom ever in our life, know that it’s the last vestiges of that being played out.

And those who are closest to us, in their heart and Soul, do want us to be the sovereign beings we are becoming.  That’s a lot of be’s in that last sentence.  So be it!

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7 thoughts on “Enjoying Our Sovereignty

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Hey SiSTAR! Beautiful BEING.

    I almost didn’t see you in that photo. Heehee

    I’m with you. The more I acknowledge my own sovereign self, the less I need….. People, stuff, etc. I ENJOY being with some humans. But I am quite particular about who I want to spend time with. I can feel the energy and can feel if someone just wants to suck off my energy. No thanks.

    I do feel the shifting. And it is so good. I do know I AM a Sovereign LoveBean. Heehee

    Beautiful post.

    Thanks SiSTAR! Love love love you!

    Loving us all

  2. golf4life1

    Thanks, Maria! As always a timely message. My wife and I are spending time in the CO Mountains this weekend with my adult son who moved to Denver at the beginning of the year. This weekend has been the first opportunity to be with him since his move and for the most part everything has gone well.

    Last night over dinner, we had a heated argument that definitely saw me straddling my old karmic life and my new enlightened life. My first response this morning was to forgive myself and release as much emotion as I could. Finding your poignant message this morning, added additional support to the energy release.

    Oddly, to your second post today, I also laid in bed this morning, lamenting on why I want to continue this journey. I’m sure a beautiful afternoon on a mountain reservoir will answer that question.

    Love Always,


    1. Wow, COLORADO MOUNTAINS ..it sounds like a perfect place to balance ones self. Kudos to you for letting it go, Feeling the emotions and giving yourself peace re your son and the argument. And, as per the second post, I’m guessing there are a few of us who have been questioning our stay here at the ok corral. 🤣 Things are heating up, and we’re being shown places that we need to just release and trust. It sometimes feels like a get over it or move on, do or die moment. Kind of like an ultimatum from our dragon. Like it’s telling us, “look dear human, you hired me to breathe the fire on all this stuff you want to let go of, now’s your chance.” 🔥. Sorry, not sure if I referenced a dragon in those posts, I can’t keep up. 🤪🙃

  3. It’s so fascinating to me how the human experience can dicate exactly what you so insightfully called out. I’m much more reliant on self and the interactions I chose to have are enhancements to make each experience greater, more abundant. Yes, not in a way where I feel something lacking without another person. Being free, relying upon soul is a glorious feeling. Life is peaceful with this contentment. Wonderfully stated Maria💗💗💗

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