Why Stay?


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On those not so great days, and you know them, I do ask myself, why stay?  When life just feels colorless, and it feels like if anything blindsides me, one more thing to deal with, it will push me over the edge.

For me it’s mostly the physical stuff I’ve been dealing with.  Having to deal with bodily issues makes cowards of us all.  The body is the most intimate part of us as the human.

But when those emotions surface, I am also aware that they are from my mind, not from my Soul.  In fact, she is encouraging me to acknowledge those emotions, but to also trust her to take care of it for me.

She’s demonstrated in many aspects of my life that she has been taking care of things for me.  In amazing and synchronistic ways.  She reminds me that the body is always the last to catch up with our consciousness.  The light body process is real, but it moves at its own pace.

At that point I roll my eyes and impatiently say, “Easy for you to say, dear Soul!  You’re not feeling it the way I am, so intimately and so in my face!

But then she reminds me that in many ways my body has transformed, and is functioning quite well.  

Again, I roll my eyes, let out a big sigh and say, “Always the optimist!”

But it’s true.  She is that.  She has a perspective that is so much more expansive than my mind could ever muster.

I keep telling her that I need evidence and then I will trust her, and she keeps showing me evidence.  And, in spite of my complaints, I am trusting more and more.

I realize more and more that I am developing a relationship with my Soul.  Like any relationship, it requires some time and trust.  Getting to know one another more intimately.  There is a belief that our Soul knows us, and She does, but she has never been allowed, by the human, to come in so close and personal before.

To be in our daily life to this extent.

In a human-to-human relationship, we wouldn’t want that level of intimacy, would we?  We would want our space from time to time.  But with our Soul, yes, we get to choose when we want her around, but we will want her around more than not.

And that’s because of the feelings that evokes in us.  The joy, the love, the bliss.

The human has deprived themselves of that for a very long time.  The human has tried to duplicate those feelings through human endeavors, through relationships, careers, drugs, alcohol. But at the end of the day, they didn’t come close to the ecstasy  of being in our own Divinity.

So, it’s a process of developing a trust between our human and our Soul. Our Soul is worthy of our trust.  But we the human is still doubtful of our Soul being real. And to a degree we the human believe we need to prove worthiness.

Situations may have been surfacing in our life now that make us scratch our head and say, didn’t we already deal with this and let it go?  But they are there to have a final release.  It may be about guilt, shame, and not feeling worthy.

It may be control issues.  Not wanting to let go of that control from the human personality.  Fear that we have to give up who we are and who we have been for such a very long time.  Not just from this lifetime, but from a history on this planet that goes back many, many lifetimes….for some of us, thousands of them.

We don’t consciously remember any of them, but we don’t need to.  And in this transformation, they all become integrated.

There is nothing we as the human need to do.  It’s all being orchestrated by our I AM.  And it’s real.

We are multidimensional, and that means we exist inside the parameters of time, and also outside of time and space.  And that means there are potentials that can be realized right here in time and space that the human mind could never understand,

And, the mind doesn’t need to,  we don’t need to understand how electricity works to plug in our appliances, to turn on lights, and operate our computers.  And for that matter, we don’t need to understand the phenomenal intricacies and sophistication of the workings of computer technology to fire up our iPad or laptop and meet with kindred souls all over the globe.

The joy of experiencing a sunset doesn’t need to be backed up with why and how the colors are what they are.


The mind likes to be in control, and doesn’t so much like the idea that it’s in the dark relative to so many aspects of this process.  It takes a bit of an ego hit.  It likes being in charge.  And it likes taking credit for things that go well.  Even if those things are orchestrated behind the scenes, by the Soul.

But the mind needs to be re-minded that the Soul is not separate from it, from the human persona.

That they work together.  That the human is honored, and respected, and loved.  The Soul isn’t trying to take over.  She is here to enrich our human life.  To be responsible for the deeper rhythms in our life….. for our health, for our financial abundance and most importantly, for our joy.

But it does require from the human to be a little more patient.  To be open to receiving, to focus on the heart when it comes to making day to day choices, and not so much on the mind.

The heart space is more closely aligned with our Soul than is the mind.  This process of integration is all about opening up the heart.  It is the gateway to the Soul.

The mind tries to protect the heart at all costs.  And the heart has given into the mind’s fears too many times to count.  This process asks of us to follow the promptings of our heart as much as possible in our day to days.

And if we don’t, we find we are met with more discomfort.  If we give into the fears and compromise our joy in any way, it hits us hard.  That’s because we are no longer operating in a 3D reality.  We have raised our frequencies, and we reside now in a 5D perspective.

And if we try to keep doing things that do not bring us joy, the results are very unsatisfactory.

We have all experienced this.

And looking out onto the world, we see that they are still relying on a 3D perspective even though the planet has moved up to a 4D reality. (Thanks in part to us consciousness pioneers).

It’s why things seem so chaotic now. Humans are trying to make things happen in a reality that, well, no longer exists. We know what happens when we try to do things the old way in a new energy.

Things come to the surface to be acknowledged, and released, transmuted, and transformed.  Again, all done on a Soul level. But for most humans, it is very uncomfortable initially.

It’s why many are leaving the planet now.  It’s just too uncomfortable to raise their frequency, which is required in the new energies present.

So, this was a long way of saying, why stay?  For me it’s because I want to feel what it feels like, to be in my authentic Self, whole and complete, while hanging out at the local cafe.

I have been there many times, in that ecstatic state, in the past few years, and so I have had a taste of it.  But now I want the whole nine yards.  Why settle for second best?

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Enjoy my song, ‘Finally Free’ from my album, ‘Cosmic Blend, Songs for the New Earth.’

10 thoughts on “Why Stay?

  1. elizabethsadhu

    The song!!!! I’m finally free. I love my life. Amen, yes yes yes, hallelujah!!!

    Another great post. Thanks dearest SiSTAR!

    “And that’s because of the feelings that evokes in us. The joy, the love, the bliss.
    The human has deprived themselves of that for a very long time. The human has tried to duplicate those feelings through human endeavors, through relationships, careers, drugs, alcohol. But at the end of the day, they didn’t come close to the ecstasy of being in our own Divinity.” I’m going to add food. 🥳😉😉🥨🥨🥯🥯🥐🥑🥑🌶️🥩🧀🥚🍳🥞🧇 Ha!

    Just reading that I had a lovely quiet moment where I closed my eyes and could feel my own divinity and oh my! The ecstasy of that. Nothing comes close, eh?

    Thanks dearest SiSTAR for the song and post.


    1. Haha dear siSTAR, yes, and food. Of course!

      And, speaking of, they’re calling it COVID-15 now. An extra 15 pounds since lockdown. I’m not in the least concerned about getting the virus, and yet I’ve been going for the comfort foods. And none of my jeans fit. Hahaha

      1. elizabethsadhu

        COVID 15. Funny.

        I stopped weighing myself and REFUSE to worry about it. Working on loving myself ABSOLUTELY, unconditionally and beautifully. So much more than I did.

        Love you SiSTAR

  2. golf4life1

    Ok, I come up with COVID-15 months ago, but I was to caught up in enlightenment to get the trademark.

    To Maria’s post: A month ago I had a very lucid dream where several spirits where at the end of my bed and I started sliding towards them and into the abyss. I shouted out, “No, I’m f***ng staying!” And they disappeared. Maria calls it embodied enlightenment. I like to refer my remaining time on this earth as a “Victory Lap”.

  3. Barbara

    Hi Maria, Almonds and Beans, good to be back. I have been computer-less for the past three weeks and it’s taken days to get to know my new one, BUT….

    “And for that matter, we don’t need to understand the phenomenal intricacies and sophistication of the workings of computer technology to fire up our iPad or laptop and meet with kindred souls all over the globe.”

    Very true, Maria, but knowing the right buttons to click sets off at the very least, the right direction. Kind of like Soul Integration. Get enough buttons pushed, deleted, disappeared, over-ridden, and generally no longer part of the Body/Mind System, Soul sighs huge relief and the rewards come trickling in. Methinks my Soul is having a good time now that She’s in charge, so She will probably want to stick around for a while. So good to be with you all again and I’m enjoying as I always do, getting caught up on your posts, Maria, and the comments. Love, B.

    1. Hi Almond Sister Barbara! Good to have you back! Oh, yes, new computer learning curve. I know of what you speaketh. Even if it’s actually better than the old one, I go through a cursing stage as I attempt to navigate unchartered waters. I’m so happy to hear your soul is grooving on being in charge. And even happier that she will stick around for awhile. I love your company! 💜

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