It’s All Synchronistic

Fired up my iPad earlier and this was the screen.


A few years ago, on one of the the anniversaries of 9/11, I was shopping at a grocery store.  I was behind someone at the check out, trying to decide on an item…purchase it, or put it back?   I decided to purchase it. So I added it to my basket.

The cashier rung my items up, and I handed her a $20.00 bill.  She glanced at the receipt, then at me, and then back at the receipt. It read: At the top… date 9/11, at the bottom…..change tendered, $9.11.

Yes, I know. It’s not as jaw-dropping as deciding last minute not to take a scheduled flight and then the airplane crashes. Or, deciding not to go to work at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. One woman actually went to work at the Center, and noticed she had forgotten her favorite piece of jewelry, and decided to go back home to get it. Something she wasn’t known for doing. Talk about a lucky bracelet!



A couple of decades ago I was having a hate-hate relationship with my car. It was a Ford Escort. Used. Possibly abused. Someone I was in a relationship with purchased it for me from a friend of his who owned a junk yard. Enough said.

It would stall regularly. I had to have it jump started a few times, and towed once because it kept breaking down. When I took it to the car wash, me and the interior also got the pre-soak, wash and rinse cycle. I tried unsuccessfully patching up the windshield leaks with duct tape.

So I remember wishing the heap of metal would get stolen so I could use the insurance money for a better ride.

A couple of weeks later, after I had long forgotten that daydream, I’m on line at a department store. It’s a long line. It’s the holidays, so I feel like I have to wait it out with my Christmas present shopping in hand. Fortunately I strike up an unusually absorbing conversation with the lady in front of me while we all wait patiently.

When I finally leave the store, I notice lots of people milling around in the parking lot. Then I notice squad cars. My first thought is, ‘Some poor blork probably got their car hit.’ As I walk toward my vehicle my heart begins to race, as I realize that poor blork is me!

There’s a Honda Civic shimmied up so close alongside my Escort that it looks like they should get a room. I can’t even get to the drivers side door, much less open it. The only way my car is going to leave this parking lot is by the business end of a tow truck.

Time of death,: just in time.

So some people come up to me and explain what took place. Apparently my car was the fourth of a four car crash. A Mercedes crashes into a car while backing out and that car crashes into another on down the line.

Amazingly, no one is hurt. In fact all of the vehicle owners who are part of this choreographed event seem eerily upbeat, no one visibly upset.

They were all ‘lucky’ enough to not be in their respective cars when this all went down.

And naturally the Mercedes owner was heavily insured. I was offered three large, enough to buy a decent gently used Saturn.

As I look back, that crappy Ford was just a reflection of the kind of relationship I was in at the time. Feeling used and abused.

And, to be honest, the auto was an extension of the relationship I was having with myself. But that’s another story.

So, my point, and, I do have one, is that isn’t it all synchronistic? The good, the bad, and the ugly? When it’s cool stuff that happens to us, like getting the perfect parking spot, or seeing 11:11 on all our devices, or, now it’s 4:44. It was 3:33 there for awhile…..but then we’re all, wow, look at that, see how connected I am, we are all one!

But when it’s stuff that isn’t so much fun, there’s a tendency to chalk it up to bad timing, or something we did wrong!

But the unavoidable truth is, it’s all our energy. Energy is always serving us. It’s serving our fears as much as our joy. That doesn’t mean we’re not entitled to get really pissed, and want to throw a brick at an Ashram from time to time.

But….and I feel like I’m meandering around a bit with this post. But maybe that’s the point. Not to be so linear, and logical and pragmatic. But to just follow the flow. Stay in that place as much as possible. Even if it looks like it’s taking you in a weird or unfamiliar direction.

Well, now I’m bored with this topic. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the synchronicities!

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10 thoughts on “It’s All Synchronistic

  1. elizabethsadhu

    I am pretty obsessed with 333. I tease JIm and call it our group number. Group of 2.

    Last summer, he went off on a bicycle trip. After 5 days he called me and he was very sick (strep) and I had to pick him up. It was frickin hot and we have no AC in the car…..blah blah…smoky. HOT. But by the time I got to Crescent City, CA I was not mad anymore. 5 hours later. hahahahaha. But earlier that morning I had woken up, looked at the clock, 3:33 am.

    So, we drove home and sat there for a few minutes to wind down a bit. It was about 2 in the morning. Jim wanted to see how many miles he had ridden. You guessed it. 333 miles.

    I really think your post is about trust and about listening.

    PAUSE. Listen. Trust.
    It seems like we always are taken care of, following our inner still voice after pausing and listening.




  2. Barbara

    I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s Magic or Mechanics. Both I suspect… with some help from Soul who says, well, you need to experience some Magic so here’s synchronicity. Need to experience some Mechanics? Here’s a car that needs replacing that leads to the Magic. Soul sure looks after us especially when, as Elizabeth says, we pause, listen and trust. And if I understand correctly, Magic is divine feminine and Mechanics is divine masculine. Combine the two and miracles can and do happen…. consistent numbers showing up are indeed the sign. Love, B.

  3. Yes, 💯🙌❤ to all of it! We must tap into the larger landscape that energy provides for more expansion. It’s so validating and this reassuring to notice all the messages and signs from the Universe and my spirit guides. My work as a shaman has integrated the many world’s I process into my own physical reality in the most beautiful and special of ways🌌 Always a delight to read your offerings and smile big when I read your words my friend 💗

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