The Look

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This morning as I walked into Panera, I went for my usual seat at the counter, where they keep the wall plugs, so I can recharge my iPad that seems to be losing juice more frequently (that’s another story). I dumped my stuff on the counter. The barista I know there allows me to sit at the counter, even though it breaks the six foot rule. They are getting a little more lax these days.


But a woman at the next table informed me that the counter was off limits . I smiled at her and said, “it’s ok, the barista lets me sit here.”

To which she responded, “But it’s not six feet.”

It may sound insensitive but I thought most people at this point are relaxing more about the virus. I was wrong.

I waved an apology and found another table which fortunately had an available outlet. So it all worked out.

Except……well, it pissed me off. Don’t get me wrong, I totally respected the rule when I was asked to, and I respect the woman’s request, of course. I wouldn’t want to live in a world that didn’t.

Except….I was pissed off. And, I know why that is. It’s just a little impatience.

I understand why the Coronavirus is here at this time on the planet, and that it’s not random. I understand that if someone contracts it, they invited it in, for their own purposes, even if they were not consciously aware of the purpose.

on a level their human mind can’t fathom, they need it to help shift their consciousness. The virus is here at this time to assist humanity to shift their consciousness, which has been stuck.

I also understand these masks we are asked to wear do very little to prevent infection, even if people could be randomly infected.

I understand that most people get themselves so distracted from the purpose of the virus that they wear themselves out.

A handful of us understand this, those of us who have gone through our awakening and we, no wait, I’ll speak for myself, I have never worried about contracting the virus because I’m not of that world.

But it’s sometimes hard to be the observer of that world that still believes something from the outside can randomly insert itself into their experience.

But having said that, it’s human nature to feel vulnerable to things happening to us from the outside. I feel that way about some other things in my life, even as far as I have come in this awakening. But I understand more than ever that those emotions, the fears, the concerns, are from my mind. And are not from my heart or my soul.

And that even though those emotions are very compelling, it doesn’t mean they are my truth.

I am becoming more consciously aware that whatever we are experiencing on the outside is within our own energy. And I’m becoming more acutely aware of that as time goes on.

Or maybe another way of putting it is, things and situations are attracted to us proportionately to whatever predominant frequency we are giving out. Energy is always serving us, even if it doesn’t seem that way. It’s serving our joy and it’s serving our fears. It doesn’t discriminate.

If we use the example of the woman who asked me to sit elsewhere this morning,…..if my predominant energies were combative, we probably would have gotten into an altercation. Verbally, or worse.

But I’m no longer into drama, at least not to the degree that would get me a shiner, or throwing of chairs.

So my point is, and I do have one…..well, you’re reading this so you’re among the ones who understand what I’m presenting here.

There are many perspectives of the same situation. The practical, nuts and bolts one, and the broader one. Most people are in the nuts and bolts perspective. They can’t see the bigger picture on an energetic level.

But they are beginning to sense that life as they know it has changed forevermore. They are confused. And they feel defensive, more so because they feel so vulnerable.

But they believe they are vulnerable to something out there, and there’s no end in sight, so they believe.

Which is where we come in. We understand that there is the bigger picture, and that we create our reality with our own energies. We have been through what humanity is going through now.

Our lives are not picture perfect, but we do have the broader perspective, and just by being here at this intense time on the planet, we can show others, through just enjoying life here, sans the drama, and the fear, how it’s done.

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46 thoughts on “The Look

  1. You sound so confident about keeping perspective and shifting the consciousness. I am impressed. My lightworker abilities wax and wane. I enjoy your blog very much but do wonder about this outside is the inside philosophy. Teachers like Matt Kahn say that is the old spiritual paradigm and that if you experience something dark outside of you, it doesn’t mean you contain it or necessarily attracted it but that is an opportunity to send more love to yourself and the situation and the collective.

    peace, litebeing

    1. Litebeing, First I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      You could say the level of pissed off I was this morning was like 2 on a scale of one to ten, and I agree, we aren’t necessarily attracting certain situations because of our own issues. But that becomes so, I believe, after we have cleared enough of our own energies imbalances. I feel I have cleared enough energies within myself that it’s really not an issue. But I thought it was a good segue into a post.

      While the collective is still operating from a place of projecting their unresolved issues outside themselves, I think it’s important to remind ourselves we are not of that world anymore. I go into more detail on that in my next post, titled, ‘There’s No Out There,’

  2. Shar B

    Once again, you express such resonant thoughts and I feel the same. And like you said, people are at varying levels of consciousness with the virus and hence experience different realities. So like you, I respect where each is and if they worry they are vulnerable, then I realize, they are. I don’t believe it for me, but I’m not vibrating for them and can’t assume they will be at my level of consciousness. So I travel the world gently as well, not attracting the drama or conflict. We know our role. I see the meta-crisis as the doorway for the great shifts we need. Humans don’t seem to change until things get so “bad” in the old, right? haha 😉 Love you and many thanks, Shar

    1. Shar

      Ooh I like how you put that “humanity going through it’s dark night of the soul” …so true! And we are floating in the liminal state, no longer in the old 3d and at the threshold of the new. Embodying it, letting it be our vibration, our life force. Thank you for contributing your perspectives as I relate so much to you and it is so refreshing! Love you~ Shar

        1. Shar B

          You are simply the coolest Maria, I dig you so much! Love the energy and community I get from your blogs, music and the people commenting. It’s so connecting that you reply to everyone, so thank you. Really you are a rare gem that shines so uniquely and I see you and appreciate you immensely. Love, Shar xx

  3. Ripley

    The fear surrounding the virus is more contagious and harmful than the virus itself. Fear is what prompts people to try and be in control, even if it’s only 6 ft. of personal space that they are able to claim.

    The masks seem to be an outer reflection of the way we have been hiding all that we truly are. We have been completely out of touch with ourselves. It’s definitely time to see ourselves more clearly and thereby project more of our authenticity into the world.

    All the inconsistency and discrepancies around social distancing and wearing masks shows how those who are making these rules don’t really have a clue about what’s going on.
    I recently asked a doctor how the virus knows to stay exactly 6 ft. away from people.
    He responded with a sheepish grin on his face as if he never really thought about that.
    He didn’t seem to question any of the oppressive rules which he was following very religiously.

    I wear the mask only because I have no desire to tangle with anyone in order to feel in control of my life. I’ve learned to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong 🙂

    1. Words of wisdom Ripley. Funny how your question to the doctor had him stumped. Yes, it’s definitely more a pandemic of fear. And, I agree, I have no problem with the rules and wearing the mask. It is what it is. In fact I bought myself a fun mask with leopard spots on it.

  4. Joanna

    So many resonant comments on this post. I’d rather not wear a mask but I go with the “rules” on it in public spaces. I was at the grocery store today, with long lines and people no where near 6ft apart ironically. It is quite interesting to see the behaviors of so many that are steeped in fear. I am looking forward to when this all goes poof so we can be out and about sans masks.

    In the meantime I’ll get myself some of those colorful beauties:)

    1. Yes, Joanna, it is funny to see the different behaviors around the pandemic. I noticed the same. It feels like many folks, after 7 months of this, are getting tired and aren’t as paranoid, especially as they see that they survived the virus or didn’t get it at all…after awhile I think they just want o get back to life, and living trumps fear.

      I like my leopard design mask. Feels like it completes my ensemble…(I sport those Aussie leather outback hats). We may as well have fun with it!

  5. elizabethsadhu

    Hey dearest SiSTAR…I get it. So often in that kind of situation you can feel the person’s energy and it is “I’m uncomfortable, so I’m going to get in everyone else’s space and tell them what to do. hahahahaha…..and it makes me feel a bit pissy, also. We rub up against the ones only and mostly looking outward and we are so DONE with that.

    Humans just want to tell other “humans” what to do. Let’s deflect, shall we?

    love you tons and tons sweetie pie!!!!

    1. Yes, dear siSTAR, that’s exactly it. They are uncomfortable and it’s easier to try to control others from that space. Good to remember that because if not we can take it on as our discomfort.

      Love you tons and tons too! 🤗💕💕💕

        1. elizabethsadhu

          Shar!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
          Join the SiSTARhood. 🙂🙂🙂🙂💥💥💥💥💥🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

          Thanks and love

          1. Shar B

            Aww thank you Elizabeth and I’m in!!! I feel the circle of feminine power and love. It vibrates higher and higher! Love you~~Shar

          2. elizabethsadhu

            This is indeed a lovely connected SiSTARhood group. Not trying to exclude the men types. ❤

            Shar–At some point we started the Almond Sisters here. WE were obsessively talking about almonds, eating them, how to cook them, etc…..and thus…..Almond Sisters were born.

            So much love here.
            loving myself and Loving all of you!!!!!

            One of the sayings that came to me several years ago was: "Vanquishing the tyranny of should."
            I thought it had a nice ring to it.


            Hi Annette!!!!!!

  6. I just giggle to myself how our perspectives match up so fittingly now that we’ve awakened. Watching others create their own suffering and not understanding they can literally manifest a life of their dreams by shifting perspectives is something that used to gnaw at me but no longer keeps my attention. I’m in solution and plugged into Source so I know if I don’t like something, I’m the master of my own reality and can alter the program at will. Not feeding into the fear that have others so consumed. Enjoying the powerfully potent love vibration and freedom from my mind as you do my dear. Great post 🙌😊❤🌠

    1. Ladysag, it’s interesting you bring up the suffering. Somewhere along the way humanity decided suffering is a good thing, didn’t it? Yeshua himself would tell us that the only thing suffering taught him was that it’s totally unnecessary. And yet it became glorified since his experience on that cross.

      And it’s the one thing that we are required to release if we want our freedom as the Master.

      It’s a tough one because it’s been so deeply ingrained in our cultures, even if we’re not religious. Lol.

      Thanks for your wisdom, my friend! 💕

      1. Shar B

        So true about suffering! We gotta let that weight go! Like Maria said, “it’s the one thing we are required to release if we want our freedom.” We may have needed pain to show contrast in a world of duality but suffering “is optional” as they say. Seems one must reach a level of consciousness before that is experienced. I gain so much from the comments and it’s so cool that Maria replies to everyone! 🙂 Love, Shar

  7. Barbara

    Hi Maria and Almond Sisters… enjoyed your article, Maria, and the comments are great. The four ‘masked “happy” faces’ express perfectly the… wanted to say discombobulation… is that a word… ‘out there’. So far I’ve not worn a mask, nor have I been challenged, though it’s obvious to see/feel what people think of me as I see their eyes above their masks. I’ll wear one if I need to, but so far not mandatory where I live. I liked your sentence, Shar, “So I travel the world gently as well, not attracting the drama or conflict.” I drag my sense of humor along with me just in case I need it for my own ‘take’ on the discombobulation! Did any of that make sense? Love, B.

    1. Hi Barb….yes, it’s definitely intense out there, and not dissipating any time soon, it seems. So, here’s something that Annette tried to post to your comment….so I did the honors for her….it’s a good one…

      1. elizabethsadhu

        Good one Almond Sis!!!!

        Laughing laughing laughing.

        I’m setting up my Recombobulation area now.


        1. Annette

          Hello!! Almond Sis, and thank you…..laughter is my medicine! And when I can share it, I double/triple laugh! Help, we got this! 👭💫♥️👭

          I’ve been setting up my area too, yeeha! 🤩

        1. Barbara

          Wow, Annette, that is just absolutely perfect. And big YES, every Almond Sister needs a Recombobulation area in their own home. Thank you for the great idea. Love, B.

          1. Annette

            You’re welcome B, and YES every Almond Sister definitely needs this area in our homes!! Elizabeth got me moving on this idea, Thanks E!
            Take gentle care, Love, A 🤗♥️🤗

          2. elizabethsadhu


            Go Almond sisters go!!!

            Yay yay yay!!

            I’m sitting in my Recombobulation place now. Heehee

            LOVING US ALL!!!

  8. Annette

    Yay, yay, good for you Almond Sis Elizabeth! 👏💥🌈

    And YAY to our beautiful siSTARhood, we ROCK!

    Loving us ALL as well! 💞💞💞💞

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