There is Only One Truth


Hello friend

Are you still trying to make sense of the the world out there? Is it still triggering you?  Or maybe it’s your friends or your family.  Are you still getting involved in the drama?

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Or are you taking a back seat to it all more now? Are you beginning to realize that there are billions of people on the planet and that means there are billions of truths.

Each human is sovereign, and is the creator of their own experience.  They have created their reality and their own truths.

And, actually all of those truths are just made up.  They are all illusion created to play the game of life on Earth.

There is essentially only one truth, and that is, I exist.

I am eternal.  You exist and you are eternal.  The rest is just made up in order to have this rich human experience.

Even your human persona is made up, it’s a creation of your eternal self, your soul.

But if you’re still trying to make others wrong for their truths because they differ from yours, you will never win. It’s time to give up the fight, especially if you want to feel the joy of your soul.  Because as long as you’re trying to figure it out, trying to effect a change out there, or even in your own life, your soul will lovingly back away.

Your soul isn’t into interfering with its creation, you.  It gave you the freedom to make your own choices.

But haven’t you noticed that all of the posturing out there is just an endless charade?  Nothing really gets resolved.  It’s duality. It’s set up to be a drama fest.

The question is, are you ready to let it all go, and just allow your soul to become your sweetest ally.  Your confident, your driver?

Because if you insist on driving you will crash and burn, metaphorically, and that’s not necessary.

You are a grand creator.  You have created your human expression.  And that human is now getting tired of the game of life on Earth.  If you relate to these messages, you are done with life on Earth, as you have know it.

You were done a while back.  You are in the transformation process, and many of you have lost things in your life that felt precious to you.  But it was necessary because they no longer served you.

Can you trust that you did nothing wrong?  That everything you did was for your soul’s wisdom.

Can you trust that you are right where you need to be? Even if you find yourself still trying to effect change from the human perspective.  Your soul is ok with that too.

But you will get tired of that, and will want to come back home to your soul.  Because your soul isn’t participating in any of that noise out there.

It’s not into drama.  It’s also not into emotional drama.  All of the noise from the mind, the fears, the high and low emotions.

It is ok with them, for it doesn’t judge them as good or bad.  And it’s not about pushing the emotions away.  But it will not engage them.

This is compassion my friend.  It’s the deepest love from your soul to you, its beloved human.

Can you feel that love?  It’s right there.  A breath away.  It always was. Can you let your soul love you just as you are. Because it does.

Can you let it wrap its arms around you when you’re scared or sad?  When you’re confused?  

You see, the human will not be able to figure life out.  That’s another thing you need to give up, if you haven’t already.  

Your Divinity takes care of it all for you.  You, the human is the one experiencing it in real time.  The more you can relax and allow the experience, the easier and more joyful it will be.

You don’t have to keep crashing and burning.  Trust that your soul knows what you need, and knows your deepest desires.  All of it is being handled by your soul.

Let go of expectations about how it happens, or when.  That will just deplete your energies.  You know that fatigue you feel is mostly from the mental gymnastics you think you need to perform.

There is nothing you need to figure out, or that you need to battle. And your soul, your Divinity is awakening right alongside you. It’s awakening to a new experience it never had before. To see and feel life through your eyes, and for you to see and feel life through your soul’s eyes.

The veils are all but gone between you and your soul. I know you feel it.

All is well.

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14 thoughts on “There is Only One Truth

  1. elizabethsadhu

    Dearest SiSTAR goddess Almond sister friend—

    OH MY GOSH! The timing of this is exquisite.
    “The question is, are you ready to let it all go, and just allow your soul to become your sweetest ally. Your confident, your driver?”

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY needed to read this today, now.
    I just had an interesting altercation/argument with a “friend”. She is someone who EVERYONE agrees is super bossy. But when she tried to tell me to do something I let loose on her. She doesn’t see herself. She called me bossy. AND was super pissed. And was really mad because she said I was talking about myself too much and did not ask her any questions. AND she said I do that ALL the time. I apologized profusely. But in the middle of our walk, we parted ways. I even wrote to her and apologized again. The interesting thing is that this happens over and over with all of her women friends. They have a big fight and break up. Sometimes permanently. And as I was coming home I realized that I am not my best self with her. She is pretty darn negative and I get caught up in it. I don’t like that and since I had not hung with her for awhile, I had forgotten that about her. I don’t need the drama. AND I realized that the reason she thinks I am bossy is because I stand up for myself to her.

    So anyway, I texted her “As you stated so well, I’m not my best self when I’m around you. Taking a nice long break is a good idea. Again, I apologize.”

    THANKS FOR LISTENING. hahahaha… how are you?

    “You don’t have to keep crashing and burning. Trust that your soul knows what you need, and knows your deepest desires. All of it is being handled by your soul.”

    Thanks for this whole post. I don’t want the drama anymore. There is plenty out there in the world.
    The picture of you is fabulous!!!!

    Thanks for being there dearest sisters…….all of you and Maria for bringing us together.

    My circle keeps dwindling. All good.

    love you tons and tons, dearest Maria.
    loving us all!!!!

    ❤ e

    1. I’m glad it resonated dear siSTAR!

      Sounds like classic projection indeed from her. It goes on a lot. And we’re becoming more and more aware of that dynamic.

      Oh, and yes, the number of friends dwindles, and it’s a good thing. Good for you that you spoke up for yourself. I find myself too being more direct with people in my life.

      Just don’t have the chops for drama.

      The picture was a fun creation. Thanks. Love you tons. 💕💕💕💕

  2. golf4life1

    Maria, how do I deal with this? Everyone in my world says 2020 is the worst year ever and it doesn’t even crack my top 10 list.

    1. Yeah, definitely 2020 is not the most popular of years. What with the whole global pandemic thing and toilet paper shortage. Oh, and there’s the elections. Almost forgot. Lol. But it’s all in our perspective, isn’t it? We can just as easily say it’s the most pivitol year in history. A time when there is so much change happening on the planet. Old, broken systems are being exposed like never before. People are re-evaluating their lives and their priorities. There has never been more potential for a shift in the consciousness on this planet than in 2020. People feel so lost that they will be looking for new role models for balance. That’s where we come in. Many people will begin to awaken and they will find their way to us. They will sense we are different, and that we hold the solution to real change, from within.

      1. golf4life1

        Thanks for the reminder. Spent 3 days this week in a virtual conference and every talk began with how bad this year has been. I momentarily lost my perspective. Thanks again for being my true north.

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