What Is The Feminine?

The feminine is looking at self, at humanity and at life from a broader perspective.

It’s a sensuality that encompasses the physical body, and life itself.  It’s experiencing the full range of emotions, including at times anger.

It’s a gentleness and compassion toward self, and toward life.  It’s allowing.  Allowing oneself to be vulnerable.  Allowing all of life to flow through.  Uncensored.  That also means accepting one’s own boundaries and never allowing those boundaries to be violated.

It’s an unbridled joy for life, and for one’s own sexual and sensual experiences.

The feminine is the total acceptance of oneself, of one’s own humanity.  It’s falling in love with oneself more every day, as the petals unfold one by one to reveal the beauty and the luciousness of the physical body, and the playfulness of the soul.

It’s creativity in its highest form, as an expression of the soul.  Its artistic expression in all of its forms.  Art, music, writing, dancing, creating anything that expresses the soul’s sensuality. It’s also living life as a sculpture designed by soul.  The body becomes the ultimate living art form, expressing through movement, the soul’s passion to be with its human counterpart.

To dance with the masculine. To allow the masculine to support, but never to overshadow or control her.  

It’s being ultra-sensitive to energies, both physical and esoteric, feeling life with all of the senses, both human and divine, without holding onto anything – physically or emotionally – that is less than joyful.

It’s total compassion for self and for others.  Which means there is no need for sympathy.  The feminine knows instinctively that everyone is also sovereign, and has their own path.

Being feminine is akin to a full orchestra of night sounds, a cacophony of chicades, night birds, and baby frogs that echo their songs after a spring rain.  The earth and forest scents are intoxicating. It’s a deep, rich visceral, sensual experience.  

It’s an unapologetic exuberance for life.

And it’s all that, melded with the place where no time exists.

Where there is nothing.  Where there is everything that ever existed, every thought, action and emotion.

The feminine is so much bigger than what society has defined.  So much grander than what we have been taught by our parents.  The feminine can’t be contained.  It wants to express, to evolve, to expand.  

It is within every human, no matter their gender.

It is the most vital and significant aspect of their existence.  

It is no coincidence that the characteristics of the feminine are aligned with those of the soul, the higher self, the eternal self, whichever name we want to use.

It is also no coincidence that mankind has disowned, disrespected, and distrusted the feminine for a very, very long time.  Consequently, the feminine has been treated as a second class citizen and has not felt safe to be herself.

The feminine has carried the wounds as much as the masculine has.

 But now, with the rise of the Divine Feminine, the wounds are healing.  Suffering, guilt and shame have no place now within the feminine.  As well, anger, aggression and the sense of abandonment have no place within the masculine.

 Both feminine and masculine honor and respect one another, and merge and meld and dance together.  Of course they were never really separate to begin with, but spirit, in its desire to know itself, separated them.

We no longer need to play out the galactic story of the conflict between the masculine and feminine.  

Those of us who have chosen to awaken and become realized in this lifetime…..and all genders are represented in that group…..have embraced our own feminine.  

We may have noticed that there is a resistance to allowing and trusting our soul to be at the forefront of our life.   This is understandable.  It’s been a long time that we created the illusion of separation from our soul.

But now, we are in the process of releasing the resistance to both our divine feminine and our soul’s presence.  

Embracing the feminine goes hand in hand with embracing our soul.

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Enjoy ‘My Sanctuary’ from my album, Cosmic Blend.’

9 thoughts on “What Is The Feminine?

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  2. Julia

    Another insightful and beautiful post Maria. Thank you. Your work has been life changing for me and I’m sure so many others.

  3. Sharon Ackley

    Thank you so much for the most accurate description of the divine feminine I have ever heard. I have missed your beautiful writing and singing during your absence. Welcome back!

  4. Claudia

    “The Feminine”… I’ve seen myself dance with my so awfully missed masculine counterpart “in the future”… and I”ve seen my new body “as the ultimate living art form” too… and although it made enough sense to believe what I saw back then “it does make a difference” to find this kind of validation here.

    Thank you Maria… this article means a lot to me.

    1. Claudia, you’re so right. It does make a difference to find the validation for what we know to be true, especially in a world where so few places can give us that validation. I’m happy you have found that here. 🦋💕💕💕

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