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In case you have been feeling it in your own life, there are massive consciousness changes afoot on the planet.

We’re approaching an era where things are shifting and we are all undergoing our own consciousness change – we are giving birth to new identities (each of us in our own way and at our own pace) We’re letting go of our old selves. It can feel lonely, scary, and downright awful! But I discovered I had to let go in order to bring in the new. Because ultimately, regardless of all our accomplishments, it’s not really who we are…which brings me to my next point. I’m doing things more my own way, celebrating my idiosyncrasies instead of condemning them…I figured out that I was playing lots of games with myself and with others. It took all I had to go within and face myself and all my so called imperfections and see them as just experiences. I grew to become my own best friend, but I had to relinquish control and let myself feel on the deepest levels. I salute anyone who has the courage to face themselves totally, uncovering who they really are, and loving themselves unconditionally. Not easy work, and not really rewarded by the outside world.

It’s been a long, lonely road

So it’s been a long lonely road, and it’s been a joy to behold! My songs reflect my journey. Creative expression, whether it’s song, dance, art, writing…is the most brilliant when it comes from the soul, from the gut, from the heart. And to access that, we need to open up to feelings. I try not to allow judgment from myself or others to cloud that truth. When you listen to a beautiful melody or look at a compelling painting, and feel its essence, you usually look beyond the technical imperfections, and you shouldn’t care that much about the artist’s personal life at that point because the piece speaks for itself.

For the most part, I am self-taught, never felt drawn to music theory…learned it’s better to be authentic, rather than perfect. Music heals me, grounds me. It’s personal yet universal, just like my journey, and another thing: Age, color, size, shape, nationality, financial status, education, predispositions….all are welcome, there’s no glass ceiling on our dreams, just sing from your soul!


6 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. I’m just listening to your music which is is excellent. Great guitar and beautiful soulful voice. Really enjoying them – thanks for sharing them. Ruth

    • Ruth thank you for your feedback…it put a smile on my face…and listening to your beautiful music was inspiring…isn’t it wonderful that we have a vehicle for sharing our soul?

      • You are so right. Art is such a healing thing both for the creator and the listener. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my music – I really appreciate that. All my best, Ruth

  2. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. 🙂

  3. Thank you for forwarding the video tribute to Bob…