Ascension Fun Facts


ClockIf you’re experiencing time speeding up, and it keeps getting faster and faster, days whizzing by…you turn around and it’s already the weekend again…here’s what is happening.  I think you’ll like this.  As your vibration increases, as it is doing, your internal biological clock slows down.  As that happens, it appears everything around and outside of you is going faster.  What’s so great about that you may ask.  A by-product of this slowing of your internal clock is the aging process slows over time and even reverses.  Cancel that cosmetic surgery!

You are actually not moving through time and space, but time and space are moving through you.  It’s why, as a creator god, all you need to do is invoke the energies for whatever you desire, and it comes to you.

sandwiches-2As you move into the higher dimensions, you no longer need to carry extra body weight.  When your light body is fully integrated, you can eat whatever you want and not worry about gaining weight.  Such concerns as throwing one half of the bread of your subway foot long away, and then trying to load the sandwich contents onto just the other half, are moot.  Because we all know how that turns out; meat, veggies and dressing in your hair and on your lap.  All of that becomes a distant memory.   So, lighten up!

world photoThere are alternate earths being created where there is less density so it is easier to be both human and etheric.

cartoon-computer-3fYou are responsible for initiating the computer technology, including the internet, because you knew that it would be needed as an important part of the ascension process.  Making it efficient to connect to fellow ascendees around the globe.

Eventually all your chakras will become one.

Consciousness itself does not contain energy.  Consciousness creates all the energy it needs to manifest what it desires.

As you move out of duality and time and space become more flexible, you are no longer subject to a linear progression of events.  You could skip around and create the end result without having to go through the ‘steps.’

Ascension is actually a descension of spirit into your body, so the more comfortable you become with your body just as it is now, the easier it will be for you to ascend.

technology-1695332_1280In time, (possibly the next 50 years or so) we will have the option to come back to Earth and infuse our soul into bodies created from nanotechnology.  We won’t need to go through the old birthing process, and the bodies created by 3d printers will not have any of the ancestral contamination so we will not be encumbered by any of that…we will no longer be burdened by our past.  We can choose bodies that are already adult, that are capable of having parts replaced easily.  This new form will not be easily embraced by mankind, especially religions, but we as souls decided we wanted a better way, an easier way to be physical and to just enjoy life on Earth.

I’ll be adding to the list, so stop back.