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Be Free

This is my I’m Pissed Off and Proud of It series.  I add to it regularly.

It is imperative that you allow yourself to express.  Don’t censor yourself.  All of your emotions are honored.  Not just the polite ones.  Women especially have repressed the emotions of anger and shame.  giving ‘voice’ to the feelings is important, and a wonderful avenue is through drawing or painting.  You don’t need to be an artist to make art.  Yet, interestingly, the greatest art, the art that is held in the highest of esteem, that commands the most money, is art that makes you feel.  Period.

I used children’s tempera paints, and some inexpensive paper for these images.  And I worked on my kitchen counter.Pissed offMaria Art B Maria Art A

Maria Art 4 Maria Art 3 Maria Art 2 Maria Art 1 Maria Art