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The Many Faces of Change

Artwork by Maria Chambers

I have to admit, when I am bored and want a distraction, I will sometimes check out the news, specifically the latest on the current administration. I find it ceaselessly entertaining, like a well written soap opera. I am certainly not dismissing the serious nature of the goings on, but I am detached enough from all of it to see it much more clearly for what it is: the galactic story being played out beautifully. Continue reading


He Said, She Said

Art by Maria Chambers

I hope by now you are not taking anything personally.  Whether it’s an illness, a relationship problem, or any situation in your life that frustrates you.  Because if you are reading this and are dialed into these types of messages, you have dove in and are in the process of integrating back into yourself, in your physical body, in this lifetime. Continue reading