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Ascension: Accepting, Not Perfecting

angel-1212559_1920There are some major misconceptions circulating about the embodied enlightenment and ascension process.  The biggest being that we are moving into a perfected state of light and love.  Sure, there’s a lot of both light and love, but that’s not truly what this transformation is about.

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Distractions And The Ascending Master

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

Many of us on the ascension path have come up against so many distractions, and at this point we are able to recognize them.  But sometimes it’s so easy to get swept up in this consciousness that we live within, the polarized Earth reality, and we just need a reminder that we are being distracted from our own ascension, our own embodied enlightenment.

So I have listed a few distractions that we may have all fallen into from time to time. Continue reading


I’m Here, I’m Clear, Get Over It!


Drawing By Maria Chambers © 2016

More and more people on our beautiful planet are awakening to their own magnificence.  It is still a small percentage of the world’s population that are on the forefront however.  And you know by now that you are one who is on the forefront.  And if you are not sure, check your life.  If things have been falling apart, and you are growing more and more sensitive to things, to energies, if you have less to do with wanting lots of people in your life, are not really invested in what’s going on with the rest of the world, you’re on the forefront. Continue reading


He Said, She Said

Art by Maria Chambers

I hope by now you are not taking anything personally.  Whether it’s an illness, a relationship problem, or any situation in your life that frustrates you.  Because if you are reading this and are dialed into these types of messages, you have dove in and are in the process of integrating back into yourself, in your physical body, in this lifetime. Continue reading