What? More Resistance?

So… after everything we have been through, and even as eager as we are to move into our enlightenment and our crystalline forms, there is still some resistance.

Yes we are the pioneers and we have gone through changes first, before most others…..but having been human for so long, there is a natural conditioned resistance built into our DNA.  What are we resisting? Continue reading “What? More Resistance?”

The Simplicity of Ascension

We have all talked extensively about this seemingly complex process of awakening. What we are going through physically, emotionally, and mentally. There’s all types of programs, workshops, invocations, and information on ascension, embodied enlightenment and the light body process, and all of this is absolutely wonderful if it resonates with you. It is good to help your mind understand what is happening to it. But, at the end of the day,  the Ascension process is absolutely simple.

It is our mind that demands that it must be complicated. That it needs to be difficult. That it takes so many steps. But actually, it is just two steps. The first step is to make the soul choice to ascend.  You already made that choice. If you didn’t, you would not be reading these words or relating to these types of messages. So, your Ascension, your enlightenment is well under way. What stage of Ascension you are at does not really matter. There really is no point comparing yourself with anybody else on this path. So, to reiterate, step one is make the choice. Done.

The next step is to release the resistance. And that my dear fellow ascendee is what you are going through. Everything that you are experiencing right now, everything you have been experiencing in this lifetime, has been all about releasing the resistance. Every workshop, every book, every channeled message, is designed to help you to release your resistance. It is designed to help you to step out of the way so these energies can move through you. So that you can integrate your human and your divine self.  It almost doesn’t matter what words are used. Because in actuality it really isn’t the words that are so important as it is the energies that are being moved. The words are often just a distraction so that the mind can sink its teeth into something while the actual work is being done. This may sound overly simplistic, but it is exactly what is happening.

Now, how complicated or difficult do you want it to be? In fact, your Ascension is guaranteed, whether you complete it in this lifetime or another. There is no judging any of that. Your beauty, your magnificence and your light are completed. There is really nothing you have to do to create that. That is a given. It would be like saying God needs to improve on itself.

So, the good news is that you as the human personality really don’t have much to do here in your Ascension. In fact it’s more of a not doing and most people are very bad about the not doing part. And that is because we are still rather addicted to the challenge. We can’t wrap our minds around what life would be like without some sort of hurdle, or challenge to overcome. I won’t get into why that is since I have already covered that in other posts. But suffice it to say that you as the human personality really don’t need to try to improve on that personality. You can stop trying to perfect that part of yourself. You don’t have to try to change any of the beliefs that you hold. That is just a huge waste of time and energy. All the positive thinking workshops in the world are not going to do much for you in your Ascension process. That is just trying to train your human self to do something that it really is not designed to do.

In fact if you look back on those types of techniques, how well did they work really?  Affirmations.  If repeating an affirmation helps you to begin to feel the way you want to feel, then it’s good.  But more often than not, it’s just a way to try to convince yourself of something you just do not believe.  Saying, I am healthy over and over does no good if you feel unhealthy or do not believe you are worthy of health.  The universe picks up the strongest signal and reflects that back to us.  If we are saying one thing but are convinced of another, It will pick up the signal of the strongest conviction.  Our thoughts do not create reality but if we keep thinking and thinking a thought until we begin to feel that on a deeper level, then we create from that resonance.  For the most part thoughts are mental.  Let’s face it, if we created with every thought that went through our minds imagine the chaos.

So your human self is working too hard at this.  It is exhausted.  It truly doesn’t want to be responsible for your health, for your abundance, for your passion or for your Enlightenment.  It can’t.

You are doing so much better than you realize.  You are probably being hard on yourself, and that is understandable.  Your human, singular self has no past reference to a truly joyful life experience, a life that includes the soul.  You can claim your health, your abundance and your joy, but not from your human personality.  The part that your human personality plays in your ascension is to allow this process.  Nurture yourself as much as possible.  Turn down the dial on the station that gives you all the mind’s fears and concerns, and turn up the dial on the station that has your soul singing to you.  Tune into that station.  It’s there.  You are hearing it more and more.  The signal was weak before.  But it’s getting stronger.  Just listen for it.  You will hear your soul’s sweet song to you.  And as that happens, you will notice that those parts of you that were so resistant will begin to soften. They will notice that you were not trying to change them so much. It is amazing how this actually does transform energies.

There will be lots of thinking going on. You can’t stop the thinking from your mind. It’s not about stopping anything. It’s not about trying to fix anything. It is just about allowing all these energies that are being transformed to do what they need to do.

Someone asked, “If I just stopped reading all these messages on ascension, and just relaxed and watched Netflix or T.V. and just didn’t think about ascension any more, would I still ascend?”  And the answer is, YES.  But only if your resistance is released.  There is no one way to become enlightened.  And there is definitely no perfecting ourselves before we invite our Christ Consciousness into our body and our life.

Well, I did say that Ascension is simple, but I didn’t say it was easy. But it can be easier if we just release the resistance and allow this transformational process to do what it is doing anyway.

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Who Am I?

Maria Art

As we go through the awakening process, we begin to feel detached from family, friends, co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, offspring, the community, and mass consciousness. We no longer feel attached to the role of father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, accountant, artist, musician, writer, caretaker.

Getting recognition from the outside, from others, just doesn’t satisfy us any more.  Our accomplishments, our achievements seem to pale in comparison to what we desire now.  Doing and goal setting seem things of the past for us.  And when we try to go back to that way of being, things just get mucked up.  Or nothing happens.

We’re not totally certain what we are walking into, but we know it is amazing, and we are beginning to feel like we are just getting in our own way.  There seems to be this empty space.  This nothingness, feeling detached and bored.  And because we are uncomfortable with the seemingly empty space we find ourselves in, we attempt to fill it up with activity or worry.  We are addicted to doing.  We need to do something, anything but just relax and allow.


We are in the process of releasing our ancestral lineage, which goes back thousands and thousands of years.  We have been carrying around the emotional, mental and physical attributes of our ancestors since we came here.  And it has kept us stuck in many ways.  So many patterns of behavior, beliefs, physical imbalances and diseases are the product of our ancestors.  We had an influence on our bodies and our creations but it seemed so many times they were sabotaged by some type of limitation.

But now all that is changing.  We are reaching a time where we now can consciously release, through ascension, the limitations of our past.  It is to honor our ancestors and release them with love.  There will be resistance because we are leaving the familiar.  The resistance comes in because who we are has been an accumulation of lifetimes of experiences, and has been for the most part influenced by our family bloodline. Even if we think we broke out of the family dynamics we still carried patterns of thought and bodily conditions and attributes through our DNA.  It is hard to imagine ourselves without a connection to our ancestors.  To imagine being able to consciously create from such clarity.  Of course there are many beautiful energies that our ancestors have contributed to our makeup.  But now it is time to release them and for what, we ask?

For our freedom.  For our enlightenment.  For the experience of being in a physical body that is now the product of our awakened self.

But we can’t have it both ways.  We can’t move into our embodied enlightenment without releasing our ancestors.

It is unchartered territory.  This is revolutionary.  But for many of us, we wanted this to be the lifetime.  We wanted to do it now.  We didn’t want to wait for humanity to catch up.  For many of us, this will be our last lifetime in the cycle of reincarnations.  We don’t want to come back for yet another lifetime in order to go through the awakening process.

Many of us said, “ENOUGH!.”  We are ready.  We are willing to have patience with our human self, and with our body, but we said, “I’ll do whatever it takes to become enlightened in this lifetime.”

Many of us who came in as the female gender wanted to be the last of our lineage to carry the burden of being the emotional caretakers.  We wanted to set ourselves free.  To become a self-loving, enlightened woman who no longer cares about making others comfortable at the expense of her own joy.

For men perhaps it’s to finally give themselves permission to allow life to serve them, to allow all their feelings.  To receive from life, from spirit without pushing and trying.  To let go of the need for power through achievements, money, position.  To get out of the mental prison.

 And for all of us, it is to feel that love from our soul that has been calling us for a long time.


This ascension is about coming home. Coming home to the sweet love of our soul. But in order for that to happen in completion, it also requires saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to parts of ourselves and our past. Those people from our past and all of our experiences since we came to this planet. It’s releasing and saying goodbye with love in our hearts. It’s not about forgetting it is just about releasing. It is about releasing our human self from the burdens of having to carry us in this lifetime. So it is saying goodbye to our old identity of that human who must shoulder the burdens and the responsibilities for our life. That hurts our heart a little. It is who we have known ourselves to be for such a long, long time.

But let’s look at it a little differently now, from the perspective of our soul. Now, we can enjoy life without the fears and anxieties that seem to color our experience here. And with the love that we are feeling from our soul naturally our body and our finances just come back into balance. Aren’t we ready for that? For a joyful life experience in a healthy body. That is waiting for us as well. And we are free to visit any of those experiences and people from our past anytime we want to. They are not really lost to us nor we to them. As we set ourselves free, we give all of them the opportunity to set themselves free. We do not have to discard our cherished memories. All of that can come with us. We are just setting ourselves free from the hardships that we have placed upon ourselves.

Copyright © 2015, Maria Chambers, All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, your Facebook page, etc, but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers at http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com