The Little One

Most of us carry within our solar plexus a wounded child. As little children most of us were not given the type of love we were looking for, that unconditional love. We realized at a very early age that we could not be ourselves but had to conform to what was expected of us in order to be received by our guardians, our family, and our community.  As a result we have been carrying around some very deep wounds. Continue reading “The Little One”

Your Inner Child Is Reawakening

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Your inner child is reawakening. Can you feel her, or him? Have you noticed that she wants to play more?  She may come to you as a little voice inside your head or even you laughing or squealing with delight. She or he may even be calling you mommy or daddy at times.

Do you find that you are more and more in the moment? Have you had the urge to skip, at least in the privacy of your own home?

Even if you have never had children this lifetime, you may find yourself being very nurturing towards him. You may find yourself listening more to this little being. They are talking to you more and more. Asking you questions, commenting on things. She may look at other people, children, dogs and cats, trees and just about anything with fresh eyes.

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He may be asking you to do something that you normally would not do. Something really fun. Or eat something really delicious. Savoring each bite. Unabashedly devouring an ice cream. She may get excited about choosing something to wear, and just going out for some shopping or coffee with you. I hope you are enjoying her. Cherishing him. Doing everything and anything you can to make sure that he feels happy and safe. Because that little child Continue reading “Your Inner Child Is Reawakening”