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It’s Safe To Feel Our Joy

 cropped-watering.jpgOne of the biggest things I am noticing as I move more and more into my embodied enlightenment is how people are so deeply stuck in the  mind.  Most people are not in their bodies.  Their brains are on overload. For the most part they have not acknowledged their soul.  Their radiance is very low for that reason. Continue reading


True Passion

Years ago when in my twenties, I left New Jersey and a controlling Greek father behind, and drove, with a college boyfriend, to a small midwest town named Iron River, Wisconsin.

log-cabinWe lived for almost a year in a small cabin type home in the woods, along with another young couple.  What could be more exciting and new?

What started out as just a vacation ended up being more.  I worked at the local fishing pole factory, since jobs there were scarce.  My days involved wrapping wire around fishing poles, and inadvertently inhaling solvent based glue without proper ventilation. (Back in the early 70’s). Continue reading


The Series Finale

I love binge watching TV shows on Netflix and Amazon.

Many of these shows have eight or more seasons, so I can really sink my teeth into them.  But when I get to the series finale, there’s this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t want to watch that last episode.  Because that’ll be it!  Show over.  How sad. Continue reading


Compassion, Not Sympathy

You have a big heart, and you do not enjoy seeing your fellow humans suffering.  Hell, you don’t enjoy seeing YOU in pain.  And you have held your hand out countless times to those who you felt a heart connection with, whether they were someone you knew or a complete stranger, trying to soothe them in any way you could.  For that you are deeply honored.  That had its place. Continue reading