Big Dreams Equal Big Resistance

For those of us who seem to have more intense experiences lately, whether they be emotional or physical, we can be reassured that it’s not a sign that we are doing something wrong.  It’s a sign that our desires are big, and that right along side the desires, the dream of becoming enlightened, is a whole lot of resistance. 

We did not come here on this beautiful planet this lifetime to just lump along. We did not come here to just have an average life.

We may have gotten a little side-tracked along the way, but our desires for this lifetime were pretty big. We wanted to be in the forefront of the ascension. We wanted to be the first to come and experience this transformation. We each have our own way of experiencing this, but there are many commonalities among us.

We asked to have spirit, Christ consciousness, become real in our life and in our bodies. But in order for that to happen, we had to go through and are going through a major recalibration on a physical and emotional level. This means different things to different people, and can range from moderate aches and pains and emotional uneasiness to major diseases and mental anguish. Because we are opening up to our divinity, we are also opening up all the old patterns and wounds that no longer are able to reside within our bodies and our lives. Most of those we have inherited on a sliding scale according to our family lineage.

Another way of putting this is the bigger the dream, and our dream is to ascend while remaining in our physical bodies, the bigger the resistance. And by resistance, I mean the emotional and physical conditions and energies that have kept us stuck.

When you think about it, we are creating an entirely new template for the human being. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a pretty big dream. And when I say dream I don’t mean something that’s unattainable. I mean it is something that has been a deep heart-felt desire in us for a long time. And by us I don’t mean just the human us, I mean our soul.

Our soul is orchestrating this enlightenment.  It’s our soul that has the wisdom and compassion to do this. Well that’s great we say, my soul can do this! So why is it so damn difficult?

Because of all the resistance.

The soul does not have resistance, but our human personality certainly does. And, we need to honor that it will take some time and adjustment on our human part to release the resistance.


What resistance means on a more tangible level.

We can all agree at this point that we want to embody spirit. That sounds like a nice concept, but in order for that to happen there are certain energies that need to be transmuted. In the process of embodying our soul, we are beginning to feel the love from that soul and even though it may not be constant, it opens our hearts and gives us a feeling of unconditional love. But there is a dynamic that takes place whenever there is a strong desire from the heart, and that is an opposite desire or belief surfaces.

Desire:I want more love.  Resistance: You are not worthy of love. You’ve been hurt before when you’ve opened up to love. It is dangerous to be so vulnerable.

Desire: I want to feel free. Resistance: When I tried to feel free in the past I was controlled and abused. It’s dangerous to feel free. I would be disrespecting those around me who don’t feel free. I need to please others and hold myself back.

Desire: I want to feel healthy. Resistance: My body is vulnerable. My mother and her mother were sick.

Desire:I want to be wealthy. Resistance: Wealth is a sin. I don’t deserve it. It requires too much hard work. I would stand out too much. Wealth and spirituality don’t mix.

Desire: I want to feel joy. I want to fall deeply in love with myself.  Resistance: I have no past reference to that feeling. That’s just not possible. How could I possibly be worthy of such joy and love? With all of my issues and all of my actions or inactions?

Desire: I want to be worry free. Resistance: That’s not possible because if I stop worrying something terrible will definitely happen. Worrying is my way of protecting myself.

And I’m sure you can add more to this list. But the point here is that if things feel really intense and out of control, it’s because something really great is happening. It’s because there is so much resistance going on and being pulled up to the surface so that it can be acknowledged and released. It does not matter where the resistance came from or why it’s there. Just take it at face value that as human beings, we are filled with resistance and lack because that’s part of the human experience. But, now that we are integrating our divinity into our human selves, all of those energies of lack and resistance need to be transmuted. But it is also not done from a place of analyzing it from our mind. Why? Because the mind is not built for it. It will just make you crazy.

So the real challenge is not that we have all this resistance to our integration. It’s our mind coming in and trying to tell us that there is something wrong because so much is going on that we don’t understand. The mind is trying to figure out why am I tired? Why am I feeling so lonely? Why do I feel so dispassionate? Why am I in such physical pain? Why do I have this disease? Why am I so angry? Why are my finances in such a mess? Why do I want to be alone? Why am I so afraid?

And in all of that questioning, it kind of mucks up the process of our transformation. But that’s OK. Part of the compassion is working with the mind so that it does not feel so overwhelmed.

But really, our soul has it under ‘control.’  And if we could just relax a little more, and let the seeming chaos do it’s thing, this process would go a little easier for us.  Maybe another way to put it is, stop resisting the resistance?

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What’s Your Story?

Everybody’s got one – a story, that is.  What’s yours?  Is it a story of barely enough? Always sick? Too much drama? Never enough time, money, health, Love?  You want change desperately, but when your life begins to change, you desperately cling to your story.

Maybe you want a better life, but you don’t feel you have earned it yet.  That’s quite a story.  So you allow just so much good stuff in, and then you stop it.  And then when the stuff you want isn’t coming you blame it on your inability to create.  But you ARE creating.  You are creating a life in which you don’t get what you want because you think you haven’t earned it yet.

We want change.  But we want to hang onto our stories…they keep us warm at night.  Maybe we want to be the embodied masters in this lifetime, but we think we haven’t earned that yet.  We haven’t become holy enough, perfect enough, humble enough.  We are afraid to let go of the old identity, even if the identity was painful.  It’s who we are.  Who will we be if we relinquish the old story?  Will we become so full of self-love that we become arrogant?  Who will we lose from our life? Dare we own our true creator abilities?

The good news is we are remembering who we are.  We have access to the abilities of the avatar.  But we still see ourselves as the puny little human too much of the time.  The silly human who doesn’t know what they are doing, so we wait and see, we wait to create because we aren’t ready yet.  When will we be ready?  What will it take to feel our god-selves?  How many times can we tell ourselves to be patient?

We can continue feeding ourselves the little feel good catch phrases and not take full responsibility for our enlightenment…or we can choose to create what we desire using the amazing and free energies available to us right now.

As was once eloquently said, “Seize the day!”  Take a chance.  Allow the bountiful energies available to serve you.  Don’t hold back!  If it doesn’t work out exactly the way you wanted or expected, don’t sweat it.  It’s not like you get only one shot at it.  Stay open.  Don’t get overly defined about what you want, but stay with the feeling, the essence of what you want.  Don’t over think it, but don’t bury your dreams either.  Let them out to air.  Breath yourself into them.

We are comfortable with our stories until we begin awakening.  Then they begin to feel like a heavy wet blanket upon us.  They become more and more uncomfortable, yet we are fearful of relinquishing them.  What if our life changes so much that we can’t handle it?  what if we don’t recognize ourselves anymore?  Yes, there will be fear.  But no great change can come without it.

If you are reading this, you are releasing your stories, at least the ones that are not working for you anymore.  They are coming up to be transformed.  Dare to cast off the big, heavy wet blanket and walk into your dreams!

Neutralize Your Fears To Create your Dreams

You have been creating many wonderful things in your life, things you probably take for granted.  So you don’t give them too much thought or concern.  But the bigger dreams, the things or situations that seem more out of reach, you think about more, worry about more and are probably a subject of some frustration.

When we want something that feels out of our reach, there’s usually fears.  We are afraid we don’t deserve it, we didn’t ‘earn’ it, we’re not worthy of it, it’s not practical, what if we get it then lose it?  What if having it makes us stand out too much from the crowd?  How will having it change our life?  Will we have to make sacrifices to keep it?  Maybe our higher self doesn’t want us to have it, and a myriad of other reasons.

It’s no wonder we keep so many wonderful things at a distance from ourselves.  It’s just too painful to even think about them.  But, the dreams don’t just go away, I have discovered.  They lay there, just under the surface, building energy, because it’s all about energy.  Resistance builds around the dreams.  And that resistance is wanting to express somehow.  It often expresses itself in a bodily imbalance:  Fatigue, illness, or worse.

When we are resisting our desires and dreams.  It clogs us up energetically.   There are so many fears surrounding our desires.  What most people do is shove the dream away, and just live with the resistance.  It’s why there are so many heart attacks and heart issues.  There’s conflicting emotions.  I’m discovering that when I desire something, and on a heart level it feels right, (and I am referring to something just for myself, not involving any other person) and when there are fears around that desire, it’s an opportunity to move through those fears.  In fact, that’s what’s happening to so many of us right now that are going through the  awakening process.

We are facing fears and old patterns in order to clear them.  The trick is to not over analyze them, going back in time to find out where it came from.  It’s more a process of feeling the fear, without judgement.  Walking through it with our soul self, that part of us that has gleaned the wisdom from the experience that created the fear in the first place.    Because it has, and it knows that we are worthy of anything we desire.

The fear may have originated in childhood, maybe from an encounter or someone passing on their limiting beliefs to us.  The event may have been traumatic, or it may have been a series of influences that became a pattern in us, a deeply embedded one.  But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a role we played in order to learn.  It was just an experience.  So in order to release it, it’s necessary to feel the feelings, and to bring in the understanding from our soul self.  In this way we neutralize the fears and clear them from our DNA.

Then we can more easily create our heart’s desires.  Interestingly, it’s not that hard to create. There’s an abundance of energy just waiting for us to use for that very purpose.  It’s just sitting there waiting for us to activate it.  The difficult part is our belief that it IS difficult.  That there has to be some kind of struggle involved.  But when we have the courage to face the feelings that come up around our desires, without blame or judgement, feel them with the help of our higher self, then they can be neutralized or put another way, alchemized.  Then the process of creating become one of joy.  Allowing the good stuff to roll.  Because each time we do this, we release more resistance and the process gets easier.  And, actually, it’s not so much the end result, but it’s the joy of the journey.  It’s purifying our DNA and our cells and our emotions so that we can embody our spirit.

The Ascension Continues

Well my dear friends, how are you all doing? I trust since you are here and are reading this post that you’re doing okay. Oh, I know many of you are suffering from emotional upheaval, bodily aches and pains and unusual physical conditions, some a little frightening, but by now I’m hoping that you have relaxed more into this amazing transformational process. I myself have gone through so many mutations, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. One of my biggest symptoms right now has been fatigue.

It seems no matter how much sleep I’ve gotten I wake up feeling exhausted. We’re doing a tremendous amount of work in the dream state. I find that if I ask my entourage  (that is my non-physical assistants) to help me to just allow the body and the mind to rest during sleep, I wake up more refreshed. Sometimes we forget that we can ask for assistance. It doesn’t mean anybody is going to do it for us, no, we wouldn’t really want that. We are God, we are creators we are here to manifest.

Simply put the Ascension process is the integration of mind, body and spirit. It’s the slow opening of the heart, which will ultimately integrate the lower and higher chakras.  It’s a soul decision and it can’t be forced or done through the mind.  It isn’t necessarily about achieving or getting somewhere, as it is a way of being. Please never compare yourself to anyone else in this process. We are all so unique. We all have so many diverse histories and predispositions that you couldn’t really put a one-size-fits-all onto this process. Having said that, there are some common symptoms that many of us are going through during this process and I have listed them in my previous posts, “You’re Not Alone: Emotional Symptoms of Ascension” and “You’re Not Alone: Physical Symptoms of  Ascension.”

One of the things that I have found happening with me is I am shedding many of my caregiving roles. And some people in my life are interpreting that as being selfish. I have to admit, previously I would have been insulted by that remark but now I take it as the highest of compliments… after all isn’t that what we’re going for here?  Aren’t we in this process becoming more sovereign, more independent, more free-spirited, more ourselves? And do we not wish that others could do that for themselves too?

And besides, regardless of what they may be telling you, everyone is selfish.  Those who claim to be altruistic and selfless are acting from a place of wanting to feel good aren’t they?  They say they are giving of themselves…whether it’s time or money, and putting others’ needs first.  Well, if you look past the words, what are they really saying?   Either that they truly enjoy giving (which ultimately makes THEM feel good) or, they are kissing ass so they can get the approval from others, or from God!  The ascension process is all about loving ourselves unconditionally…and from there we can begin to love others.

Even those who are not on the Ascension path are feeling the impact of these potent energies coming into the planet right now. They don’t quite know what’s going on, but they do know that they’re feeling more anxious than usual. To try to explain to someone what is going on if they are still asleep is not necessary and can be very frustrating. However if someone looks to you for some kind of comfort, you can put your hand on their shoulder, you don’t have to say too much… they’ll know. You are a balanced being even though you may feel as if your world is upside down sometimes. And if you have come this far in the Ascension process, trust me, you are integrating your Spirit. Others sense this about you. They feel a certain comfort in your company. Now, here is a challenge.  Are you comfortable with that? With being the comfort for them? Or are you feeling them pulling on your energies? Because if this is the case, you will have to make an adjustment. Deciding not to allow any feeding is important. You need to understand that they carry the divine within them also, and you are not their source. See them as the divine beings that they truly are. See them as capable of taking care of their own energetic needs. It’s imperative you are discerning: you do not want to drain your precious energies taking care of anyone else.

This process can be tremendously difficult if we are not taking care of ourselves. I myself have let go of various people and activities in order to commit myself to my enlightenment in this lifetime.

I am still pulled in occasionally by others’ needs and dramas, but now I recognize it for what it is. Sometimes it can be a distraction. But as I become more and more single-minded in this process, I am allowing myself to enjoy life more, but I am being much more discerning. I feel my inner spiritual confidence more and more, but if I’m in other people’s worlds for too long, I find that I lose that sense of confidence in what I am doing. Especially if they are not an awakening human.

Yes, duality is very seductive is it not? There’s nothing wrong with that, life should be enjoyed. We don’t enjoy life enough. We thought that spirituality and materialism were at odds. Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are divine human beings and are here to enjoy the physical. Why else would we be here? But, in this amazing Ascension Process, our energies are required right here within ourselves more than anywhere else.  We are not required to take care of anybody else in our life. In fact it goes against everything we’re going for in this Ascension process.

I am talking about seduction from a place of fear or lack.  From a place of feeling lonely, for instance.  Because the journey can be quite lonely at times, can it not?  We sometimes feel like strangers in a strange land.  But that’s just part of this amazing process of opening to our true selves.  We need the alone time to integrate our soul.  Often we seem surrounded by those still asleep, and we are finding it more and more challenging to connect with them.  So we may find ourselves going into relationships that temporarily quell that sense of alienation and loneliness. But ultimately it just puts off the inevitable facing and feeling of these emotions, and the subsequent opening up of our heart chakra.

The good news is, as we integrate our light body, we will be experiencing life from a broader perspective, and others can’t really feed off of us because there will be no real resistance…they will then have the choice of moving to the frequency of unconditional love of self, or moving on.

I will be writing more on the Ascension process, and my personal Light Body Process in hope that many of your concerns can be put to rest.   Until then go well my friends.