What Is This New Consciousness Anyway?

Art by Maria Chambers

It’s no news that this beautiful blue Planet doesn’t yet embrace or honor the feminine energies.  Every man and woman who lives here knows this in their hearts. Continue reading “What Is This New Consciousness Anyway?”

Women As Ascended Masters

Art by a Maria Chambers

It is true that as our soul, we are genderless, but I find it interesting that most of the Ascended Masters I have heard of have been men.  One could argue that history, in this case spiritual history, had a way of not recognizing the achievements of the female of our species.  But I suspect that’s not the case here.

So, female Ascended Masters. Mother Theresa doesn’t count.  She never got past playing the martyr.  Yeshua played the martyr at the end there…but then he transcended it when he recognized that playing martyr gets you nowhere. Continue reading “Women As Ascended Masters”

The Barista

Photo by Maria Chambers

As many of you know, I love frequenting a local Starbucks for what I like to call my morning ritual.  Over time I found the one I like most.  As we know, all Starbucks are not created equal.  They may all look similar, but each one has its own energy signature.

The staff is friendly, and as I observe them over time, I notice they are a close-knit group and seem to enjoy working together.  Of course that trickles down to the customer.  We can sense those things and it can make for a much more welcoming experience.

I always say, one of the most important relationships in life is the one with your barista.

So one morning one of the young male baristas was pouring my dark roast.  He had been part of the staff there for awhile.  He was friendly, and seemed to enjoy working with the others.  We exchanged our usual pleasantries and he asked, “room for cream?” after which I proceeded to say, “Yes, ma’am!Continue reading “The Barista”

Let it Be


Enjoy African Forest from Cosmic Blend while reading the post:

As I sit here at Starbucks with my morning dark roast, I feel like I am on safari.  The decor has that African feeling to it, at least for me.  I know I had a life in Africa about 2000 years ago.  My artwork is a portal for me to connect with that lifetime.  While I don’t have any real memory of the details, I can feel into it.

I can feel there is a part of me that doesn’t want to let go of my connections to my past, to my family and my lineage.  Despite the struggles and limitations, I can feel the richness of those lifetimes and those experiences.  It even feels like I would be lost and alone without that safety and familiarity that was part of being in a family and a lineage.

And then there is that part of me that is already free of all that.  The part that has all the wisdom and sweetness of all those lifetimes and experiences, but is unencumbered by the patterns and limitations.  The part of me that can take the essence of the experiences and go off and explore something entirely new. That part is my soul.

My soul is o.k. with me not wanting to let go.  It has compassion for its human aspect, who calls herself Maria, who has been so deeply and intimately connected with her family lifetime after lifetime despite the physical and emotional pain and all the limitations.  That expansive part of me just wants to be with me, not try to change or fix me.  That’s how much my soul loves me, my human self.  My soul wraps its arms around me and just loves me, and provides me with a safe space to just be who I am.

In that space I feel at peace.


When I was considering moving on from my cafe community, it felt unsettling.  I felt sad.  I wanted to stay in spite of that part of me that was wanting to move on.  I suppose I should have expected it to be bitter-sweet.  So I gave myself permission to stay as long as I needed to.  I felt a deep compassion for that part of me.

And amazingly, much to my own surprise, in short order, I found myself ready to make the move.  It was that acceptance of things as they were that created that safe space in me, that feeling of being loved, that initiated the movement forward.

Can we call this the feminine energy of allowing and receiving?  No pushing, no trying to change circumstances or trying to change our mind.  It goes against everything we’ve been taught.  That imbalanced male energy of pushing, trying, and overcoming.

Women are just as caught up in that as men are.   But that’s o.k. too.  It is what it is.  But it’s why we are here now in this lifetime.  To create new potentials in ourselves, to set ourselves free as much as we are able, using the feminine energy of just letting it be.  And THAT is our service to the rest of humanity.

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