I Am Woman: Hear Me Roar

As I sit here at a cafe sipping my Gold Coast, I notice an elderly man in a wheelchair, on his own too.  I feel a deep honor and compassion for him.  For the road he is traveling can’t be an easy one.

So there is also that part of me, as a woman, that feels compelled to talk to him, make him feel cared for and loved.  But now I am becoming more aware that those feelings, as powerful as they are, as much as it feels like it’s in my DNA, those ARE NOT MINE!

I am becoming more and more aware that there is also another part of me that doesn’t need to nurture.  It is not my job to nurture the male because he may or may not feel lost or abandoned by the feminine.

At this point doing so just thwarts my light body and ascension process. Continue reading “I Am Woman: Hear Me Roar”

Soul Talk – Think Big

Your Soul, your Divinity isn’t some lofty, far off being.  She is right there, within you.  She IS you.  You are in the process of remembering that truth.

Have you been talking with your Soul lately?  Sharing your concerns and your dreams?  Because she is listening.  You know those synchronicities you have experienced? That’s your Soul.  The human you could never have orchestrated those happenings.  Being at the right place at the right time. Finding the exact right book or website.  That missing item you were in search of for months suddenly appears almost out of nowhere.  And these things just come to you.  There really is no effort involved. But they are unexpected.  It’s almost as if linear time and space are taken out of the equation.

They are!

Spirit doesn’t operate in the same time-space we do.  Things seem to defy logic when they happen.  We are sometimes amazed at how this person or item or information just landed in our lap.  Perhaps unexpected money.  And, this is where we are going.  This type of synchronicity will become commonplace.  The old, hard way will be but a distant memory.

As we allow our Divine Presence into our bodies and our lives, life does become more fluid.  Things come without effort and struggle.  We finally let go of it having to be hard, of our addiction to The Challenges!  We no longer need extremes.  We no longer need to be broke to understand true prosperity.  We no longer need to be sick to know health.  We may worry, will there be any passion in our life without anything to overcome?  Without an emotional, physical, financial or relationship issue?  Without a little drama, will I even want to tune into my personal soap opera called__________? (Your name here.)

Let’s be honest, don’t we get bored if a movie or TV series doesn’t have some sort of dramatic edge to it?  We love a challenge.  But most of us also love a happy ending!

And in the New Energy, we can still have challenges, but without all the drama.  We can still have passion, but it need not be born from tragedy and struggle.  It will be a new way.  It requires being in the energy of our Soul, our Divine Self more.


So let’s take a glimpse of life with our Soul as our life partner.  In fact, let’s have a conversation with our Soul:

CHRIS DIMAN (DIMAN=DIVINE HUMAN):  Good morning dear SOUL.  Is it true that one day I will no longer need to address you as separate from me?

SOUL:  Absolutely.  We are in essence one.

CHRIS:  Good.  I want to imagine myself living a life filled with joy and passion, but it’s not coming easily to me, the allowing myself to dream big.

SOUL:  Well sometimes it’s o.k. to start small, and just enjoy the moments.  Just get to a feeling good place, no matter the circumstances, and I can magnify that feeling.  You represent all those on the awakening path, and you are all doing fine.  Have patience.  I do. I have eternal patience, but I also know having a physical body in such a dense environment is challenging, and this transformation is wearing you down at times.

 But you all are beginning to trust yourself and this who!e process of us melding.

CHRIS:  I feel your PRESENCE, and have invited you in many times in my life, through my art, my music, my other creative expressions.

SOUL:  And all those synchronicities.  And I look forward to us being together in such a way that you allow me to love you, and then your, our whole life becomes fluid and synchronistic.

But, I have patience.  I know it will take time for you to trust in my love once again.  And without you wondering what price you must pay for that love.  Well, the price you pay will be feeling a love that truly has no bounds.  A love that will blow you away.  Oh, you wanted to believe I was there, in your darkest moments.  But, because you were still trying to do it alone, I had to honor that.  That is how much I love you.  You see, you are not familiar as a human with that type of love.  The love between humans is filled with agenda and expectations and one is always trying to push their wants and beliefs on the other.

CHRIS:  I feel I have been listening to you more.  Loving myself more, including my disenfranchised self.  Trying less, relaxing more.

SOUL:  You have!  You are inviting me in closer and you are owning my voice over the voice of your fears and concerns.  You are inviting me along in your day to day activities.  Like food shopping.  Do you notice how much more fun it is with me along?  The aromas and beautifully packaged products…even your fellow shoppers.

And traffic flows better when I’m driving with you.  Lines at the coffee shop move quicker.

But have you noticed that with certain activities, or being with certain people, you are feeling bored?  I’m bored too.  That’s me gently nudging you to consider other options.  There were so many times in your life when you finally left certain groups, activities, jobs, and even relationships because they no longer engaged your soul – me.

You know, my love, I also have my preferences.  I will not get involved in drama, trauma, playing victim, or anything that engages just the mind, and not the heart.  You’re on your own there!   If you’re eating something you consider delicious, and savoring each bite, I’m there.  But if you’re eating something you consider healthy but are not enjoying it, well, then neither am I.  If you are belittling yourself, and believing all the thoughts that come from your mind that disrespect you, I will not participate.

CHRIS:  So do your preferences override mine?  Because it feels like this whole ascension process is not in my control.

SOUL:  I won’t argue that one!  This ascension was a soul agreement.  But, how you go through it is also up to you.  Kicking and screaming, or gracefully.  At this stage in your awakening its safe to say you know I am here, and that we can work together to make this process easier.

CHRIS:  Really?  Because it feels so much of the time like ________!!!!

SOUL:  Wow, you may want to edit out that last word!  I understand.  You as just the human have a long, long past to base that feeling on.  You have been disrespected, even killed, for your beliefs.  You have been abandoned and rejected.  Used and abused.  And you have also played the role of perpetrator.  But, this new energy is called new for a reason….it is NOT based on your past.  And as a human it’s hard to get ‘past’ that.

But to answer your question, we now are coming together as partners, who love and respect each other.  You as the human self get to have your needs met, and I as soul get to experience life through you.   Just as with another human, our relationship requires open and honest communication.   Talk to me about your needs and concerns, and then trust I will take care of them for you.  But you need to let go of how and when.  That’s the trust part.

Bu, I caution you, dear sweet love, as I look at your dwelling, or the job you have, or your friends through your eyes, I may say, “so, this is your big dream?”  Because if you leave it up to me, I would be living in the most luxurious of homes.   I would be driving a very expensive sports car,  I would travel first class and wear the finest of clothing.  The most expensive meals would be savored by me, in the finest of restaurants…but I would also enjoy sipping coffee and a gooey desert or two (that’s right, I wouldn’t worry about my waistline) at a local cafe, just enjoying light conversations with the locals!!!  I would do my shopping at the most beautiful of stores.  Certainly not Wal-Mart!

I would enjoy life experiencing the best of everything, on an emotional and sensual level.  And why not?  We deserve it!!!

But, dear sweet partner.  I also honor you and your preferences.  And if you want those things I mentioned, or a mix and blend of them, I also know it takes time to feel you are ready.  And then I can create them for you.  And we can meld our preferences, yours and mine, into a life that will leave you wanting even more.  Why?  Because you, we, are always growing, and unfolding.

CHRIS:  Thanks my dear soul…now, let’s go get that ice cream cone!!

SOUL:  I’m on board with that!!

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Conversation With Your Soul


Enjoy my song, Sea Spirits, from my album, Cosmic Blend, while reading the post.  Listening to the music helps to ground the message.

You don’t have to change a thing about yourself, or about your life to invite spirit into your body. You don’t have to resolve all your issues, your relationship issues, your health issues, or your financial issues, or even your self-worth issues.

Your life could be falling apart. You could be at the end of your proverbial rope. In fact, that’s actually the best time to stop, take a few deep breaths, and have a conversation with your soul. Treat your soul as you would a good friend, as a confidant. Share what you are feeling and going through with her. Don’t leave anything out. Tell her what your needs are on the physical, financial, emotional and relationship level. It’s of course best if you are in more of a calm space when you are sharing this. You have more access to your inner being, or your soul, when you’re feeling more relaxed. So set aside some time, where you can be alone, and find a way to just relax. Whether it is a warm bath a shower, listening to some music or having a cup of hot tea or glass of wine. It could be while you are taking a leisurely walk in nature.  It doesn’t matter, whatever gets you in that relaxed state. Then, tell your soul what your needs are. Because you have been battling your mind, who is trying it’s best to do the figuring out for you, but the mind simply can’t do it. It was not designed for that purpose. And yet we continue to listen to the advice of the mind as if it knows what it is talking about. So it is going to require depending on Spirit more and on the mind less. But it is possible to allow our spirit into our minds, bodies and our realities here on earth, and we don’t have to wait for any designated time of enlightenment or Ascension. We are qualified right now, just as we are, with all of our so-called problems, our physical, emotional, relationship, and financial issues.

Our soul is ready, willing and able to work with us with the new energies, these new crystalline energies, whenever we feel ready. And being ready doesn’t mean having resolved all our issues. All that is required is that we begin to accept ourselves just as we are right now. Seeing ourselves as worthy right now of this relationship.

We have processed, expressed, integrated, and while there is more to release, we don’t have to complete another cycle to begin to have a real relationship with our soul. It can be as intimate as we want it to be. We can enjoy the simple things in life with our soul right alongside us.  Our soul loves us completely and unconditionally and wants to experience life with us.

Struggle and Suffering

We still carry the notion of struggle and suffering within our energy field to a certain degree. In the past we suffered and struggled to find God. So in this Ascension process, we still believe, even if we are not a part of any organized religion, that we are not worthy yet and that we must struggle and suffer in order to have God in our life on an intimate level. We are still not yet convinced that there is a certain ease in the new energy. That all we need to do really is to command the energies to serve us. And then to step aside and allow this process which is totally natural.

That is okay, we are in the process of releasing centuries of old patterns and beliefs. Whenever we go deeper into self-love, things come up in our energy to be cleared. Those parts of us that feel unworthy and incomplete are still there and wanting our attention. It is why sometimes things seem to get worse instead of better. We think we are doing something wrong or not loving ourselves enough, but in actuality sometimes as we do open to self-love, we invite in our aspects that have been in shadow. I know for myself, I have been going through this process now for quite a while. I have been facing some very deep fears, some of which I have never felt in my entire life. At times they have overwhelmed me. I have felt so out of control but actually I was trying very hard to control things and that’s why I was in such pain. I am slowly releasing my mind as being the creator of my life, and I am tentatively and cautiously allowing my soul to work with these new energies on my behalf. I have to admit, this has been one of the most difficult times of my life, because I am facing some of my deepest fears. At one point it was so uncomfortable, that I truly felt I wanted to leave the Planet. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to leave, I’m sure we have all felt those feelings during this intense transformational process. I had to remind myself that these issues were not really personal, that they were universal issues that so many of us are going through right now, and we need not feel alone with them.

So when we are having that conversation with our soul, it is important to be clear about what we are feeling, and what our physical human needs are at this point. To take those needs seriously. Because our soul doesn’t truly understand what it’s like to be physical. It wants to share this physical experience with us, and wants to use all our physical senses to enjoy life here with us, but we will not be of much use to that dear soul of ours if our body is breaking down, and our finances are a mess, or if we are in unsatisfying relationships. So, if we are to move forward into the new energy, with our soul in these bodies, we need certain things. We need strong healthy bodies, we need to feel comfortable in our home, whether that home is in the country or by the ocean or in town. We need to have plenty of sacred space all our own. We need to have a good means of transportation, and some good friendships. Some of us may want a mate, but that is not necessarily a requirement. But it is nice to have others of like mind, to share with on an intimate level.

We have been through so much to get to where we are now. There is no reason whatsoever that we should not have the things that make our stay on this planet more comfortable. If you are suffering from a physical condition, whether it’s a disease, or a malady, it does not matter where it originated. You don’t have to try to figure it out from your mind as to why it’s there. All you need to do is ask your soul to clear that disease or imbalance for you, And to clear the underlying patterns and emotions that may have created it. Now in that process, there may be feelings that come up such as deep sadness or anger, and that is good. It’s to just feel the feelings and allow them breathing space, to let them come and go. Most of those illnesses and imbalances aren’t even ours to begin with, as I have discussed this in other posts, so I will not go into detail here.  But suffice it to say that it is time to be clear to ourselves and to our soul about what exactly we want and need. And of course over time, as we accept and love ourselves as we are, our needs and wants will be taken care of without even thinking about it. Some of us may already have this experience. Everyone is going through this process in their own time and way.

We deserve to have a joyful and fulfilling life for the remainder of our years here on the Planet. This transformation is not an easy process, and is not for the faint of heart. Those of us going through this are absolutely courageous, absolutely resilient, and maybe a little crazy. But the fact that we are still here, after what we have gone through, is an indication that we are ready to receive the love and support from our soul that we so deserve. There is still a lot of work to do in the new energy, and even though many of us may feel detached from mass consciousness, a little bored, and maybe even confused, we are stepping into a whole new energy, with new rules, a whole new operating system, and we are going to be creating our reality in a whole new way. We can’t drag the old tools into the new energy and expect them to work. Believe it or not one of the old tools was struggling and suffering. We used pain and suffering to motivate us to want a better life for ourselves. That is not necessary anymore. And even though we say we want it to be easy, that struggling and suffering energy still clings to us to a certain degree. If that were not the case, we would not have these issues and problems that seem to overwhelm us at times. But that is okay, as I said, this is a time of releasing old outmoded patterns that have been with us for a very long time. So even though we feel sometimes like we are at the end of our rope, we need to have more patience with our human self. Because that human self is really doing the best it can to keep up with these changes. So, I hope as you are reading these words you are embracing your human self, you are acknowledging its needs and wants, and you are also feeling into the expansiveness of your soul. This is an amazing time because we now get the opportunity to meld our human and our souls selves into this amazing new energy being.

Return To Magic

New Energy Music

Enjoy my song, Forest Dancewhile reading the post.  The music helps ground the message.

This process of transformation from human to Divine human has taken its toll on us emotionally, mentally and physically.  We may be feeling worn out and discouraged.  Add to that the mundane, daily maintenance required of us just to be here in these bodies!  Having to maintain our home, our car, the lawn, maybe you have a mate, children, a pet that requires attention.  And, god forbid, a ‘job’.

All of that can literally extract the joy right out of us!  We hear about the joy that awaits us, in the higher dimension, yet it feels elusive.

Yet, it’s joy and playfulness that will bring us into the new energy and reunite us with our soul self.  It’s allowing ourselves to become that child again, where you believe everything is possible.  Picasso said that it took him a lifetime to paint like a child.  He had to go through the ‘serious’ training, embracing all the protocol, all the rules, before he decided to throw them all out!

And that is what we have been doing.  We went through the conventional ways of learning and strove to fit into a left brain world, untill we finally said, enough!  We sensed there was another way, a more joyful way, to create our reality.

Now, you can be playful even as you are creating a painting with dark colors, a brooding landscape.  Remember as a child you pretended you were a pirate, a ‘bad guy?’. Wasn’t it fun?  As a musician I have created some rather sad songs, that evoke tears.  But its all from a place of honoring our feelings and expressing them.

But, more and more we prefer the lighter feelings.  So the colors of our life canvas are becoming predominantly more pure and bright.

To be more playful requires us to be more in the moment.  It may look abnormal to other people.  It requires a kind of easiness and freedom.  So much happening to us now is pushing us to be in the now moment.  To be in our bodies.  Why is that?  Because that is where home is, at least for now.  For our Soul to reside within us, we need to be home. Not somewhere else.  Worry and anxiety are a mental energy that is focused on the past or the future.  And our soul is not interested in worry or anxiety.  Our Soul is whole and complete and just wants to savor life in a human body.  Our Soul, like a child, wants to experience the sensual nature of life on the planet.  Our Soul has the ability to create with ease.  Our Soul knows how to heal our body, and how to create wealth, if that is what we desire.  But our soul needs a physical vehicle that is present, that is grounded here, to do that.  It needs a trusting human.  A human who isn’t trying to do it all by themselves.

The lack of trust and anxiety may have its origin long ago, but it’s not necessary to try to figure it out.  All that is necessary is to invite in our Soul, into our bodies and our life, just as it is, and then all that stuff just clears up.  You begin to focus more and more on, how can I have FUN today?



If you want to feel your soul, and to rekindle passion and health and abundance, you have to be selfish.  (See my post, Get Selfish And Stay There). You have to show yourself that you are serious about your enlightenment, that is, serious enough to be playful.  You have to demonstrate to yourself that you are loving you on a daily basis.   That you deserve your hearts’ desires.

Take that walk in nature.  Sit by a big tree.  Feel its roots.  Feel yourself as that tree.  Strong, deeply rooted in the earth, able to withstand storms, wind, snow, rain, and always in the right season, yielding new leaves. You are now being nourished by the rain, soil, and sun of your Higher Self. You have been like the tree, going through your iterations.

Your leaves are about to sprout new leaves.  They have been dormant for a while, as you were in the winter of your soul.

Give yourself treats.  Don’t be stingy with yourself.  This is not the time to be holding back.  Give to yourself with the understanding that energy is LIMITLESS. This will be challenging for many lightworkers, who have been taught that Tis Better To Give Than To Receive..  They will feel guilty.  Shouldn’t they be out there healing the sick and saving the Planet?

And for those striving for that, how’s that working out? We have learned that we are of more benefit to our fellow man if we are in our own joy and balance.  It’s all about self-love now, and a love that runs deep.  A love that accepts all of you, physically, mentally, emotionally, accepts your past, your actions or inactions   it’s a love that also understands that you can’t love yourself easily from your human perspective.  So you invite in your Soul to balance the human love with unconditional love.  It’s not done from the mind.  It’s a trust and a surrender, and it’s initiating a playfulness that you may think you left in your childhood.

That magic, that playfulness is what will activate the long-lost love of you for you.

Maybe get a children’s book with playful images and saturate yourself with that energy, of magic and mystery.  Nature herself is a magical kingdom, and small children are seen talking to the fairies and those beings in the other realms.

Give yourself permission to sing, to dance, to draw or paint.  Just for yourself. For the fun of it.  You came here at this time to break free of all the old limitations of this world of form, of duality and polarity.  You played in that old world for eons, and now you say, enough!  Now you want to create with more ease and you want more joyful experiences.

And it begins with the everyday you, and you don’t have to wait.  You can start just where you are at.  Just allow that child-like innocence to come forth more and give that child within priority.  That child holds the key to the magic and to your connection to your Soul.