Side Effects

Note:  This article is not intended to replace medical advice.

Most of you at one time or another have taken medicine for one thing or another.  You have also probably experienced some type of side effects from those medicines or drugs. Continue reading “Side Effects”

Expressing Our Soul

Art by Maria Chambers

Some people say they are not creative or expressive. But in actuality, they are expressing all the time. Perhaps not in the traditional way we know that to be, through an art form, music, writing, theatre and other forms. But being in physical is a form of expression. Our body is expressing on our behalf all the time. It expresses repressed emotions in the form of illness and imbalance. Same for our mind. And our life. Whatever we see around us in our environment, the people, the events in our personal lives, are all forms of expression, telling the story of our life. Continue reading “Expressing Our Soul”

Beyond Healing: From Fixing to Integrating

Image credit Maria Chambers

We are used to taking action to fix things, including ourselves: Bored? get busy, fill up your time with activities, pull in a relationship. Lonely? Same solution as Bored. Tired? buy an array of supplements. Start eating ‘better’.  Sick? Go to a healer. Go to a doctor. Take medications. Overweight? Start yet another round of diets, exercise more. Depressed? Go to a doctor. Go into self-analysis. Take medications. Financial problems? Look for a better paying job. Pull in your resources. Clip coupons.

Even some of us on the forefront of the ascension process tried to improve on our situation with various spiritual practices, positive thinking, and various esoteric healing modalities. Continue reading “Beyond Healing: From Fixing to Integrating”

There Are No Missed Opportunities

It’s important to know that in this transformational process you are going through, there are no missed opportunities. Whether you feel as if you’ve missed the boat in terms of your age, in terms of career, relationships, marriage. Whether you feel you are too ill with a disease or two or three. No matter what stage of that disease, no matter what age you are, you have not missed any opportunities. You have a magnificent, exciting future.

Your body is going through a major transformation. You are doing the groundwork for your soul to reside within your body and your life. To believe that it’s too late, or that you have missed the boat somehow, is just old energy thinking. In terms of your enlightenment and your brilliant, joyful life ahead of you, you are very young.  There’s so much to look forward to. Don’t buy into the limitations that society lives by. You are not in society anymore. You really are not there. You have created your own reality. Your own set of rules prevail now. You have accomplished this because you have allowed your soul to be in the driver’s seat of your life. You have only to decide what your heart desires, and allow your soul to co-create that with you. Rather than focusing on the symptoms that disturb you, look for the small and big miracles that have taken place in your life. Those things that have come in ways that you never expected and with grace and ease. They are there. Sometimes you just have to look for them. Acknowledge them, and celebrate them because that’s just the beginning. Sometimes things change for the better and it kind of sneaks up on you. You may have turned around one day and realized that there was more money flow in your life, or that your health was beginning to improve in some areas that you weren’t even thinking about. Perhaps an opportunity to be more creative appeared that you never would have imagined. These exact scenarios may not apply to you but if you stop to consider it, you will find that there are some changes that have occurred to you that are tangible proof of this process being real.

Sometimes the situations or illnesses that are the most disturbing seem the longest in transforming. And that is sometimes because there is a bit more resistance built up around them, wanting them so much. Have you noticed that things that come to you easily are things you do not really have a great deal of resistance about having, or you were not even thinking about very much.

We are beginning to allow ourselves the bigger dreams now. Knowing that they will be fulfilled. We are no longer being held back by an old energy system. The only thing that slows it down for us now is our own resistance.

Someone very wise said, pertaining to our Ascension, our embodied enlightenment, that we have no choice but to get well. So true. We have no choice but to become free.

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