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The Human

Art by Maria Chambers

Can you have the deepest compassion for that human who is having trouble with this transformation?  Who is scared, who is still not so sure of anything.  The human who wants to stay close to home.  The human who wants change, but is afraid of it.  What if things don’t work out?  What if it is all alone because that human has let go of so much, of so many people, of so many energies? Continue reading


Our New Reality

face-1370958_1920Sometimes we are so physically and emotionally ‘shell-shocked’ from this integration process that we can’t see the beauty of this embodied enlightenment.

How we are literally creating a new reality, right here within an old, dualistic one.  And this new realty never existed before – in which opposites come together.  The human and the eternal self.  We are still surrounded by a very dense, and often harsh 3D reality but we are becoming less and less subject to its influences, even to its physics.  Yes, we are beginning to defy physics itself! Continue reading

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The Now Moment of Being

Enjoy my song, “SOUL TO SOUL” while reading the post.  Listening to the healing music helps to ground the message.

The hardest part of this transformational process we refer to as Ascension, or Embodied Enlightenment…..the hardest part may be the lack of passion.  The disengaging from drama, from goals and plans, and just living in the now moment.

We may still have our projects and creative expressions, but it doesn’t seem to involve the same emotional fervor as before.  We sometimes envy those around us that are deeply involved in their various goals and projects with passion.

 But for those of us who are awakening, it seems we are being pushed, often kicking and screaming, into that place of living in the moment.  We get pulled back as we engage in worry and drama, and even use drama as an artificial passion.  We may even mistake this temporary disconnection as a sign that we do not want to be here anymore.

But this is just the mind trying to figure out this new energy.  And it can’t.  So it does take trust.  Trust in the process.  Not easy considering we are the first to go through it.

But what I am discovering for myself is that the more I allow that way of being in the moment, the more my life just flows.

Recently I decided to renovate my apartment,   and living alone, at first the job felt overwhelming to me.  But as I began to discard things and give things away, people just seemed to appear to assist me.  I didn’t need to ask anyone!  From taking away big pieces of furniture to helping me shop for new things, to helping me to let go of the minutia the I was clinging to.  A dear friend was by my side, giving me support, generously purchasing some things for me, making what could have been a daunting experience actually fun!  He even offered to paint the apartment, but the management offered to do it for me for free!

So the experience reminds me that we are renovating from the inside out.  That we need not feel alone, that we can relax, enjoy the moments and everything we need comes to us.  Also, during the renovations, there were moments when I wanted it to be done, when I thought I couldn’t relax until everything was in order.  But then I realized that was a limiting belief.  We want it all to be resolved, our health, our finances, before we can feel good.  But it doesn’t work that way.  We are discovering that being in the now moment is the only real way to find that joy and peace and passion we desire.  And then, almost like magic, what we need is there.  And it’s because we are not being so resistant.  We’re not trying, pushing for results.

Of course it goes against everything we are taught. Which is why most people are either in the past or the future.

And what happens when we are present, with ourselves, enjoying the moments, is we begin to feel creative.  We want then to express, whether it is art, music, writing, gardening, dance, or anything really that is fun.  But without question, our soul wants to express.  Why?  Because it can!  Because it exists, and it wants to express through the physical body.  It wants to express its joy.  Not for an end result, but for the joy of the process.  Unfortunately many people believe that this is a waste of valuable time, yet it is exactly what created life on this Planet!  Spirit desired to express itself.

So, here we are, at the end of a thousands of years cycle, awakening from the dream, wanting to express once again.

But just for the joy of it.  Not for an end result, although there will be tangible, physical results from the thrust of desire to express.

One of the problems with the concept of being in the moment is it’s too easy..  Without lots of effort, and something to overcome, it can feel like we are not worthy of our desires.  But we are beginning to remember the part of us that knows we are worthy, and knows it is a creator god, so of course it is easy!

You’ve probably heard the story of the dog that was put outside and was free to run around but couldn’t go beyond the confines of a low voltage electrical fence.  And when the fence was taken down and he was free to run without limitation, he continued to stop short of where the fence once was.

So now that we reside in a more limitless energy, we still believe we are limited.  Old patterns.

That’s o.k.  We are here to break old patterns.  To create new ones, in which we are much more expansive and free.


You Are Trend Setters


Enjoy my song, The Riverfrom my album, Cosmic Blend, while reading the post.

Dear Awakening human, you are in a wonderful position now. You are setting new standards and trends. Because you have worked hard and diligently to break out of so many old patterns and roles, you are now establishing new patterns, new ways of being and living. You may find yourself wanting to celebrate the holidays or not. You may want to celebrate them in a whole new way. Or you may find yourself enjoying the Christmas music and the decorations and the good cheer, but in a way that doesn’t feel like an obligation anymore.

You may find yourself enjoying more time by yourself than ever before. You also may find that you enjoy the company of others, but are not care taking them anymore. Those things that were once very acceptable you may find that you are not interested in participating in anymore. You are finding yourself doing more self loving things, and your family, mate, and friends are seeing a new person that they have never seen in you before. At first they may not like it because you may appear selfish to them. Taking more time to yourself, nurturing yourself more, giving to yourself more. But soon they will see that it’s working for you and that maybe they would like to do that for themselves also.

A dear friend of mine thanked me the other day, saying that I helped him to relax more, and to allow things to come to him, rather than him pushing things into place. He said it has helped him tremendously on a personal and a business level. He noticed that as he allowed more, relaxed more and trusted more things came to him in an almost magical way in the most appropriate timing. The doing less, creating more formula is very appealing to people.

So, as you release old ways of being that no longer are joyful, you are creating a new standard that is recognized by others and by the universe. And it is important to trust your new ways of being. Another important trend you’re setting is the idea that a spiritual person does not need to be perfect. That the new spiritual person is also human, and embraces their humanness. They allow themselves to feel angry, to feel impatient, and other emotions that others think should not be displayed if you are a true spiritual being.

They may not feel drawn to world events or trying to save the trees or the whales, and they may not be drawn to wanting to save anyone. They may be someone who just wants to enjoy life. Someone who simply wants to wake up in the morning, go outside and smell the fresh morning air, go for coffee, sit and talk to friends or just chat with the locals, and walk along the beach. They may be someone who enjoys their job even though that job is not a spiritually based one. They may just want to taste life on a very relaxed level. But they will be recognized for the inner joy that they feel moment to moment. No they will not be someone who always has a smile on their face, at least not yet, but they will still be recognized as someone who has something very special going on in them. Their light is on. Wherever they walk, they radiate such a love and compassion. They still look like an ordinary human, with ordinary qualities, but they are truly extraordinary.

And that is because they recognize more and more how extraordinary life is, and how extraordinary being human is. They are recognized for who they are, not necessarily by everyone they come in contact with, but they are recognized more and more by the light that they carry.

They are a living example of the new standard. They are a living, walking example of the new divine human. The new standard of someone who is falling in love with themselves, and their soul nature. And as they do that, they will display more qualities of unconditional love towards others.

So just remind yourself that each time you love yourself a little more, you are establishing a new pattern that is recognized by others and the universe. You are in the process of integrating your Divinity into your body in this lifetime. Your mind and your body need time to catch up with this integration. Your mind, your body, and even parts of your personality are not going to be left behind in all of this. It’s all going to be integrated. It’s not about floating off into another dimension, but rather about bringing spirit right here into the physical.

So, you’re setting a new standard for Ascension. Ascension has never been done this way before. The ascended masters of the past left this planet fairly quickly after their Ascension because they were not prepared physically for the light. You are. You’ve been working on this for quite some time. All of the chaos that you are going through or have been through physically and emotionally and mentally are all in preparation for this integration. So in doing that you make it so much easier for others who are following to go through the Ascension process.

You are the trend setters, setting examples by experiencing it – not by just talking about it. You are experiencing this Ascension in a deep and profound way. You are not on the outside looking in, but rather you are creating from the inside out.

The boredom, and perhaps the sadness that you feel at times is not a sign that you’re doing something wrong, but rather that you are in the process of integrating your soul. The many that will follow you will be in a much better place because of your work, to begin their integration.

The joy and peace that you more and more are experiencing will be noted by others. They will look to you, and wonder, how is that possible? How can they feel peace when the world is going crazy? How can they feel content when even in their own life things aren’t working out so perfectly? And the next question from them will be, how can I get me some of that?

And, dear light worker, you are also in the process of allowing yourself all of your heart’s desires. No longer showing the world that because you are a spiritual person, that you must struggle financially, or physically. You are in the process of being that spiritual person who understands that they are worthy of their heart’s desires. And really, those things that you do desire such as health, loving relationships, and financial balance come naturally as a result of that self-love.

So, you are setting new trends on so many levels. Even when you think your life is out of balance in some area, you are in the process of rebalancing it. Not necessarily perfecting it, but just allowing life to flow in a way that you haven’t let it flow in a very long time.

Others will recognize that things are flowing better for you, and that you are in a type of synchronistic life. You will be a person that is more interested in joy than in struggle.  Your husband, wife, children, friends….all will benefit from your transformation.  They are witness to the incredible process you are going through, and…not necessarily on a conscious level, but on a soul level they want you to ascend.  They want to see the new standard ‘in the flesh.’

So I hope you are feeling good about that and you give thanks to yourself for how far you have come.