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Once upon a time there was a CEO of a large company. His name was Bob. The company was handed down to him by his father, and his father’s father because this company was in the family for generations. Bob took a great deal of pride in running his company. He loved so many aspects of being in charge of so many people, so many departments, and so much enterprise. He worked very hard to maintain his position because, just as his father and grandfather and great-grandfather passed on to their beneficiaries the physical business, they also passed on their ideology of working hard, being competitive, not trusting easily, and not taking anything for granted. Continue reading “The CEO”

Who Am I?

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As we go through the awakening process, we begin to feel detached from family, friends, co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, offspring, the community, and mass consciousness. We no longer feel attached to the role of father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, accountant, artist, musician, writer, caretaker.

Getting recognition from the outside, from others, just doesn’t satisfy us any more.  Our accomplishments, our achievements seem to pale in comparison to what we desire now.  Doing and goal setting seem things of the past for us.  And when we try to go back to that way of being, things just get mucked up.  Or nothing happens.

We’re not totally certain what we are walking into, but we know it is amazing, and we are beginning to feel like we are just getting in our own way.  There seems to be this empty space.  This nothingness, feeling detached and bored.  And because we are uncomfortable with the seemingly empty space we find ourselves in, we attempt to fill it up with activity or worry.  We are addicted to doing.  We need to do something, anything but just relax and allow.


We are in the process of releasing our ancestral lineage, which goes back thousands and thousands of years.  We have been carrying around the emotional, mental and physical attributes of our ancestors since we came here.  And it has kept us stuck in many ways.  So many patterns of behavior, beliefs, physical imbalances and diseases are the product of our ancestors.  We had an influence on our bodies and our creations but it seemed so many times they were sabotaged by some type of limitation.

But now all that is changing.  We are reaching a time where we now can consciously release, through ascension, the limitations of our past.  It is to honor our ancestors and release them with love.  There will be resistance because we are leaving the familiar.  The resistance comes in because who we are has been an accumulation of lifetimes of experiences, and has been for the most part influenced by our family bloodline. Even if we think we broke out of the family dynamics we still carried patterns of thought and bodily conditions and attributes through our DNA.  It is hard to imagine ourselves without a connection to our ancestors.  To imagine being able to consciously create from such clarity.  Of course there are many beautiful energies that our ancestors have contributed to our makeup.  But now it is time to release them and for what, we ask?

For our freedom.  For our enlightenment.  For the experience of being in a physical body that is now the product of our awakened self.

But we can’t have it both ways.  We can’t move into our embodied enlightenment without releasing our ancestors.

It is unchartered territory.  This is revolutionary.  But for many of us, we wanted this to be the lifetime.  We wanted to do it now.  We didn’t want to wait for humanity to catch up.  For many of us, this will be our last lifetime in the cycle of reincarnations.  We don’t want to come back for yet another lifetime in order to go through the awakening process.

Many of us said, “ENOUGH!.”  We are ready.  We are willing to have patience with our human self, and with our body, but we said, “I’ll do whatever it takes to become enlightened in this lifetime.”

Many of us who came in as the female gender wanted to be the last of our lineage to carry the burden of being the emotional caretakers.  We wanted to set ourselves free.  To become a self-loving, enlightened woman who no longer cares about making others comfortable at the expense of her own joy.

For men perhaps it’s to finally give themselves permission to allow life to serve them, to allow all their feelings.  To receive from life, from spirit without pushing and trying.  To let go of the need for power through achievements, money, position.  To get out of the mental prison.

 And for all of us, it is to feel that love from our soul that has been calling us for a long time.


This ascension is about coming home. Coming home to the sweet love of our soul. But in order for that to happen in completion, it also requires saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to parts of ourselves and our past. Those people from our past and all of our experiences since we came to this planet. It’s releasing and saying goodbye with love in our hearts. It’s not about forgetting it is just about releasing. It is about releasing our human self from the burdens of having to carry us in this lifetime. So it is saying goodbye to our old identity of that human who must shoulder the burdens and the responsibilities for our life. That hurts our heart a little. It is who we have known ourselves to be for such a long, long time.

But let’s look at it a little differently now, from the perspective of our soul. Now, we can enjoy life without the fears and anxieties that seem to color our experience here. And with the love that we are feeling from our soul naturally our body and our finances just come back into balance. Aren’t we ready for that? For a joyful life experience in a healthy body. That is waiting for us as well. And we are free to visit any of those experiences and people from our past anytime we want to. They are not really lost to us nor we to them. As we set ourselves free, we give all of them the opportunity to set themselves free. We do not have to discard our cherished memories. All of that can come with us. We are just setting ourselves free from the hardships that we have placed upon ourselves.

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We live in a very seductive world. We are constantly being seduced. We are being seduced into drama, we are being seduced into worry, fear, and victimhood on a regular basis.

Those of us who made the choice for embodied enlightenment are no exception to that. If we are not being seduced by the outside we are being seduced by the thoughts of our mind. There is a prevailing belief that we are limited beings. That we have only so much time, so much money, so much health, so much love. As we are letting go, as ascending beings, of the old patterns and old beliefs and limitations, there is an escalating struggle with the mind. After all, the mind tells us, what would life be like without drama? Without struggle? Without worry and concern and fear? That is the way the mind controls and assists us or so it believes.

That belief is reflected in our literature, TV shows and movies. If there is not some sort of drama, don’t we lose interest pretty quickly? There needs to be some sort of challenge and then some sort of resolution, and that satisfies our mind…and understandably. The mind loves challenges and it loves solving things. Unfortunately though, as far as providing joy and creating enlightenment for us, it does not have a clue.

So it is very easy to get seduced into the ramblings of our mind, even though that mind of ours is not equipped to really understand how to create for us. And that leaves us in a place where we feel quite out of control. Many of us are just beginning to trust our soul and to trust that our soul is what brings us joy and fulfillment. Our soul wants to work with us and wants us to trust it enough to allow it to create for us what our heart desires. We are beginning to feel on a more tangible level that kind of love and devotion. And as this happens, our mind will try even harder to seduce us with its fears.  But it takes moving out of our comfort zone of responding to our mind and all its emotions. It requires us to move into our soul zone.

Meanwhile, Our mind, while it does appreciate the break, is also not quite trusting enough yet to allow this new relationship to bloom fully. So in the meanwhile it will still try to seduce us back into reacting to the worry, concern, and fear. Our mind is a bottomless well of questions without answers.  But we are beginning to get wise to that dynamic. While we allow and acknowledge all of the feelings that come up, we are beginning to shift away from them more quickly and into what do we want to feel.  And our standards are raising in terms of what we want to feel.


We have been raising our standards in terms of what jobs we will take, what relationships we will become involved in, and now we are raising our standards in terms of what we choose to feel no matter what’s happening within us or around us. And that’s because we are beginning to see how potent our feelings are in terms of creating our reality. In fact they are becoming even more potent in this new energy.

So we are becoming less seduced by those feelings of hopelessness, and worry or whatever else may be coming up. Of course there’s a lot for the mind to feel fearful of because it believes it’s being replaced or worse!  And it’s biggest fear is it can’t protect us.   And it is OK to allow the mind to have its feelings. But now its questions and concerns need to become more background and we need to shift into our soul and its feelings of joy need to become the foreground of our life.

Just as you can’t afford to allow yourself to be seduced by mass consciousness, or a relationship that isn’t right for you or a job or any situation outside yourself that compromises your joy, you can’t afford to allow yourself to be seduced by the emotions of your mind. As you begin to love yourself more, naturally things will come up to be cleared, whether it is physical or emotional. But your mind sees those as negative and reacts to them with fear and concern. It does not understand that you are going through a recalibration and that things will come up that need to be released. But now you can’t afford to respond to those feelings as if they are your truth, because then they become your truth. This does not mean pushing those feelings away or suppressing them. It means allowing them to be there, even to feel them, whether it is sadness or anger, whether it’s fear, doubt, grief or hopelessness.  Even boredom, that feeling of being so disconnected from it all.  But to also know that those emotions are not you. They are not yours. That will take some practice. Most people suppress their feelings because they are so afraid of being consumed by them. But we on the Ascension path are adept at working with both dark and light energies. We understand that the dark emotions had their source from the light originally, so they are to be loved as much as the light.

The emotions sometimes feel like unruly children who we just can’t seem to control. But if you look at it as the mind trying to seduce you, then you could separate yourself a little easier from those emotions. You may have had an experience with someone, an adult or a child, who tried to manipulate you emotionally, with either tears or anger. You may have found yourself giving in initially.  But then you saw that they were playing a game with you and, once you became wise to that, they did not have the same power over you anymore. In fact, over time, they stopped being so manipulative with you because they saw that it didn’t really work very well.

The same is true for your mind. After a while it will recognize that you’re not responding to it. It will also recognize that you are not rejecting it either. You still love it and you still want it to come with you into the new energy.   And ultimately your mind and your human personality and all its aspects will be very relieved that they no longer are responsible for your life!

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Ascension Defecit Disorder

The worse your symptoms, physical, mental, emotional and financial, the closer you are to establishing that long desired connection with your soul.  You are going through a healing crisis.  Don’t mistake it for anything else.  Don’t be tempted to over analyze things.  Or to think you’ve done something wrong.  You haven’t.

The biggest hinderance to our awakening is our belief that we are not ready or worthy.  Because as long as we believe that, that’s what we attract.  More of not being ready or worthy.  And don’t be tempted to pull in some drama, either from others or from your own aspects.  Those parts of you who are in your face, waving their fists and accusing you of all sorts of things.  Those parts of you that try to convince you that something is terribly wrong and becoming ‘wronger.’  Where you are going life is sweet and filled with passion, without the drama.

Meanwhile you will feel a little lost, maybe bored.  Consider those feelings an indication of your progress toward your enlightenment.  

Often when the body is sick or injured, it will begin to rebalance itself, and in the process it will often begin to feel worse.  You may remember such times.  As children we understood this process intuitively.  We would stay home from school and lay in bed, knowing that we would recover.  We even enjoyed it because it gave us a needed break.

And that’s going on now, whether it’s an emotional, mental, physical, relationship, or financial issue.  Or all of the above.  This seeming breakdown doesn’t necessarily constitute drama, but how you choose to respond to it does.  You chose to awaken in this lifetime, to condense several lifetimes of learning into one.  Do you realize what an incredible undertaking that is?  Your neighbor probably doesn’t recognize who you are.  Maybe not even your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or your children.  If you are connected to a religion, they most certainly don’t know.  That’s why it’s hard to see yourself for who you truly are.  That’s why you tire of the small talk with them.  Oh, make no mistake, you do love them, you just aren’t so interested in spending too much time with them, or talking about the things they are passionate about.  They may want to be in your energy.  They can feel there’s something different about you.  You radiate a light, even when you are feeling like you want to throw in the towel.

It’s easy not to recognize our light.  We tend to get so immersed in our issues.  In the day-to-day stuff we need to deal with.  But as we invite our soul and our spirit into our every day life, as we do those every day things, especially things that put a smile on our face, our life becomes richer, more balanced and we feel more connected to our true passion for living.  You find that you want to express and create from your soul. Not really from your personality-self any more, but from your true self.

And when you feel more connected to life, and the operative word is feel – you naturally bring in more energy.  And you can use that energy to create your heart’s desires.

We threw ourselves into the depths of the human experience to discover our true selves and then as embodied masters to be the standard for others to see.  It was never about perfecting our human selves in order to do that, but to love and accept our human selves as we are.  We wanted to go to the depths of sorrow and fear to know joy and freedom.  We no longer are required to do things so extremely to get the point.  There is a new way to live, and there is a new way to feel passion for life.  But don’t expect the old rules to apply any more.

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