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The New Deal


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There is no greater motivator than fear.  But we are noticing more than ever how taking action from a place of fear is counterproductive. And as we feel into the predominant energies of the planet, it is a fear-based reality. And it’s heating up. People want things to improve in their lives, they fear that their sense of security and support systems are being threatened, but at the same time, there is a fear of change. People see change – real change – as bad.

And their fears are being fed by the media, and more recently by political figures. Continue reading




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As we know, there is the physical gravity here on the planet that keeps us grounded. There is also a psychic gravity that prevails. It tends to keep us locked into patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and they all exist in the mental sphere. Continue reading


Letting Go Into Our Expansion

It’s been three weeks now since I left my coffee shop community of 15 years.

Over all those years I felt so comfortable there, sitting and having coffee each day, and writing in my journal, sometimes for hours at a time. It was close to home, and I could even zip back and forth a couple of times a day.  Everyone there was so warm and welcoming. Yet I knew it was time to move on.  Because over time it became congested with too many energetic entanglements. It felt like my freedom to just be was infringed upon by too much attention from others. It became harder and harder to set boundaries, especially with those who were used to me participating with them in the old way, in which I would accommodate their needs even if it made me feel uncomfortable.   Even when I tried to make myself less available and stated my desire to just sit alone, there were those who simply didn’t want to let me go.

So, while I had already made the decision, and had already released all my associations to others there, and to the energies there, it was bitter-sweet.   Its walls and tables, chairs and booths were infused with so many memories.  The idea of not spending time there any more felt so sad.  It felt like I would be too lost and lonely without it.  After all, being there was such a big part of my life.  It was  a home away from home, a familiar and cozy refuge from the storms and uncertainties of so many life changes.  Even with all the energy feeders frequenting the place, it felt comfortable and safe.

one of my new cafes

One of my new cafes

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Just A Reminder

Sometimes it’s easy to forget who we really are and what we are doing here on Planet Earth at this time, in this lifetime.  We tend to take things personally.

Maybe it’s something someone said, didn’t say, or especially something we hear from our own mind, a thought that feels awful, a thought that evokes fear in us, which could be related to our health, our finances.  And we respond to that fear as if it is our truth.

Most of humanity believes they don’t have a choice.  They are going around responding all the time to whatever thoughts and feelings are coming from the outside and from the inside.

But we on the forefront of ascension know better.  We don’t always follow through on that knowledge, but we are aware that we always have the choice.  It’s the gift we were all given as humans.  We are living in a world in which everything we are experiencing is a mirror of our consciousness. Continue reading