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Human Needs And Desires


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There’s a misperception that in Ascension the human needs and desires are not important any more. That there is a letting go of materialism. That’s not true. But what is true is that as the human who is connected more to their soul, they will not be worrying so much about the things they need and desire, because they are just there for them in a fluid and synchronistic way.

The Embodied Master has no needs or desires, but everything is just there….the money, the health, the resources, the friendships…. So is this just a natural part of our ascension, or are we talking about some impossible to solve transcendental paradox that makes you want to throw a few brick at an ashram? Continue reading


Is Time Speeding Up Or Are You Slowing Down?


The other day I glanced at the calendar and noticed that it was already half way through May.  That it was already the weekend.  It felt like it was just Monday and suddenly it’s Friday!   And it’s not the typical, yeah, getting older, time speeding up type of feeling.  There has been a noticeable and profound shift.  Almost like riding on a train that is accelerating in speed very quickly.  But unlike the train that eventually locks into a certain speed, my experience is it’s accelerating, and there doesn’t seem to be a cruise control option. Continue reading


Are You In Your Body?



You have chosen this lifetime as your designated lifetime for your ascension. You knew on a soul level ahead of time that you would be going through some emotional and biological challenges. Perhaps diseases and imbalances that you inherited from your family bloodline. But you also knew with certainty that you would move through them easily.

Now that you are here and going through emotional and or physical issues, you are wondering why it seems so difficult. Well, as we know things always seem easier when we’re not in our body. When we were nonphysical between lifetimes we recognized our abilities and we knew who we were and what we are capable of. Continue reading


Creating In The New Energy

Do feelings of impatience overwhelm you at times when you are not seeing tangible evidence that what you want is possible?  But then you criticize yourself for the feeling?

Well, that feeling is quite understandable.  In the non physical realms you are able to manifest instantly.  It’s actually your natural state of being.  There is no buffer of time.  So who wouldn’t be impatient when things seem to take forever to materialize???

But we came here to create in the physical so we could see ourselves and all of the aspects that we were not addressing in the non physical.  Yes, that’s right, we had issues even there.  And here we can work through those issues in a tangible way.  Of course we get impatient, but the time buffer serves us, otherwise can you imagine the miscreating here on Earth???

And now that time is accelerating, and the veil is thinning, the time-lapse is growing shorter between desire and manifestation.  Yet some things, some conditions seem to be stuck within us.

But we need to recognize that some things just require more time to move through and out of us.

There are several factors involved:

Our bodies are being recalibrated to allow spirit to reside within us.  Along with this process we are releasing physical and emotional ‘debris’ that no longer serves us and can’t reside in our newly forming bodies.  We are also letting go of our attachment to our human, physical identity.  We can no longer see ourselves as a singular human with just a body and a mind.

And, even though the old operating system of our human identity was getting clunky and painful, we don’t want to give it up without a fight. After all, it’s who we thought we were for eons.  And we are still not quite sure of what’s up ahead.


We create our reality in every moment.  So each moment is a new, fresh opportunity to choose again.  The new energy is much more fluid and we can manifest with much more ease.  It is actually a simple process of imagining and allowing.  In fact, it is not necessary to continue imagining the same thing over and over.  When we believe we have to persistently and continuously imagine what we desire, it is a sign that we really don’t trust it will happen.  But there is an important requirement, and that is to release resistance.  Resistance comes in the form of worries and concerns.  We ask, why isn’t it here yet??  That’s resistance.  Or we insist it needs to come in a specific form.  Resistance.  I won’t be happy until it is here.  Resistance.

So our biggest challenges in creating and in this whole transformational process is dealing with resistance.  And all resistance comes from the mind.  The mind doesn’t trust this process yet.  But it’s getting closer to allowing spirit, the part of you that is responsible for your creations, to take over.  Because you are getting tired of all the resistance, of all the trying and thinking.

So once you set your desire in motion, with feeling, it’s OK to relax and let it come to you.  The resistance will come in but you don’t need to react to it.  You don’t need to wrestle with it.  That takes practice.  And that takes bold choice on your part.  Your mind will come in screaming for attention, trying to get you to react to its drama.  When all those feelings come up and seem to be whirling you around emotionally, just turn down the volume on that radio station, step back and breathe.  If anger or sadness comes up, do express those feelings safely.  (Look for my next post on Ascension and Anger – An Update). But do not take those emotions as your TRUTH.

So you really don’t have to try to figure anything out.  Keep it simple.  Set your desires in motion, and resist the temptation to keep checking in to see if they are there yet.  I remember as a kid my brother and I would be whining from the back seat of dad’s Oldsmobile, “Are we there yet?” while on a family outing.  And dad would reply,  “Stop asking or I’ll turn this car around and go right back home!!”

Kids are impatient.  That’s because they just came from the non physical where they could manifest a trip to the Grand Canyon with a snap of a finger.  And it’s not about tolerating uncomfortable conditions or suffering, but it is to remember that we chose a very challenging path that is leading us to a life of grace and ease.  But we are in a period of releasing and transformation that requires a little more patience and compassion for ourselves.

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