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Still Trying To Hold it Together?

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Have you ever found yourself trying to make a relationship work?  Or watched other people trying, and you just know, in your soul, that it isn’t supposed to be that hard.  But then you hear the voices of others who whisper in your ear, “Relationships are work.”  Or “Anything worthwhile is hard work.  Sacrifice. Continue reading


True Passion

Years ago when in my twenties, I left New Jersey and a controlling Greek father behind, and drove, with a college boyfriend, to a small midwest town named Iron River, Wisconsin.

log-cabinWe lived for almost a year in a small cabin type home in the woods, along with another young couple.  What could be more exciting and new?

What started out as just a vacation ended up being more.  I worked at the local fishing pole factory, since jobs there were scarce.  My days involved wrapping wire around fishing poles, and inadvertently inhaling solvent based glue without proper ventilation. (Back in the early 70’s). Continue reading


I’m O.K. With That!

You know how in the New Age community there’s all kinds of mantras being offered, from, “I am that I am, I am at peace, all is well,” and so forth. Well, there is one mantra that beats all the rest:

I’m OK with that.

Now on face value that may sound a bit wishy-washy. Being OK with things. After all, we haven’t done all this work just to accept things as they are. We are becoming more discerning as to what we will invite into our life. But that’s not what I am talking about here. What I have discovered over time, is that as I just accept where I am at in the moment, and I mean really accept it and not just say I am accepting it, it dramatically changes the energies.

For example, many of us now are feeling rather detached and board. Rather passionless. Yes we have our moments of passion and feeling connected to our soul, but there are times where we just don’t have it. So rather than trying to manufacture some sort of passion by trying something or doing something to make that feeling real, I now just say to myself, I’m OK with that. Because I have tried the other way. I have tried to do things, go places, bring in a new experience so that I can feel some more passion. Well you probably already figured out that does not really work. That is actually coming from the mind and not the heart. There was a part of me that was not OK with feeling passionless. Of course, it is not the most comfortable place to be when we are feeling disconnected. And of course we want to feel passion and connection to our soul. But I have discovered the way there is through saying to myself, I’m OK with that. I’m OK with my mind feeling bored. I’m OK with me not really wanting to clean the house. I’m OK with me not really wanting to be creative. I’m OK with me wanting to just lounge around and watch Netflix.

Many of us feel the physical and emotional discomforts that naturally are brought up in this process of embodied enlightenment.    We may feel that it is taking so much longer and is harder than we anticipated.  Can we say, “I’m o.k. with that?” because our body and emotions are doing their best in this major transformational process…especially our body, for it is the last generally to catch up because of its density and old programming.  But it will, and it is also responsive to our state of consciousness.  Just like a dear friend, it responds much better to praise than to criticism.

So as we exercise this being o.k. with where we are at in any moment, an interesting thing begins to happen. The energies shift and change. As I accept where I am at in the moment without judging it as bad, the energies move and shift. I begin to feel more passion. Perhaps not immediately, which is OK. But it does happen. The self acceptance transforms energies. It is true alchemy. We tend to think that if we accept things the way they are that means we are just giving up on our desires and dreams. Of course that is not the truth. Allowing things to be, in a non-judgmental way, is not giving up. Well, it is giving up the old ways of the mind trying to change our reality. That old way that demands that we take action, that we analyze things, and that we force energies to do our bidding.

It is giving up the notion that it has to be difficult.

This also applies to feeling angry, sad, hopeless, or any of a number of feelings. This is true masterhood. It is allowing all of the feelings that come up without identifying with those feelings. I have talked about this many times but it can’t be stated enough because there is such a tendency to go back to the old way of doing things.

But as we do the allowing and accepting of where we are at in the moment, it invites our soul in because our soul is already doing that. Our soul already accepts us just as we are, wherever we may be. And the advantage of having our soul with us so dynamically and intimately is that life become so much more rich and passionate and fluid and prosperous and healthy.

Who would ever believe that such a simple formula could be so potent?  The I’m OK with that formula. And the I’m OK with that also includes being o.k. with getting ourselves into a little drama with ourselves or other people, playing victim. That’s a hard one to be OK with because we keep slipping into the belief that because we’re on the spiritual path we need to be these perfected beings that display patience, compassion, and understanding at all times.

Our soul is OK with that. But don’t expect your soul to participate with you in those moments of drama. Your soul will step back in those moments but it does not mean that your soul is not accepting of where you are at. It understands what you have been through, and has compassion for all the feelings you are feeling.  So it is challenging of course to do this but I have discovered it does get easier.  Little by little my mind begins to get on board with it being OK to be bored for example. And rather than trying to fill up that boredom with some activities, my mind actually enjoys the feeling of being connected with me and with my soul.

And as I say, I’m o.k. with that, it moves stuck energies, and I then choose how I want to feel, and that brings to me tangible evidence of those joyful feelings….I experience new creative opportunities, more material and monetary abundance in ways I would never have anticipated….. and life is so much more fun!

Well this post may has been a little long-winded, but I’m OK with that.:)

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Big Dreams Equal Big Resistance

For those of us who seem to have more intense experiences lately, whether they be emotional or physical, we can be reassured that it’s not a sign that we are doing something wrong.  It’s a sign that our desires are big, and that right along side the desires, the dream of becoming enlightened, is a whole lot of resistance. 

We did not come here on this beautiful planet this lifetime to just lump along. We did not come here to just have an average life.

We may have gotten a little side-tracked along the way, but our desires for this lifetime were pretty big. We wanted to be in the forefront of the ascension. We wanted to be the first to come and experience this transformation. We each have our own way of experiencing this, but there are many commonalities among us.

We asked to have spirit, Christ consciousness, become real in our life and in our bodies. But in order for that to happen, we had to go through and are going through a major recalibration on a physical and emotional level. This means different things to different people, and can range from moderate aches and pains and emotional uneasiness to major diseases and mental anguish. Because we are opening up to our divinity, we are also opening up all the old patterns and wounds that no longer are able to reside within our bodies and our lives. Most of those we have inherited on a sliding scale according to our family lineage.

Another way of putting this is the bigger the dream, and our dream is to ascend while remaining in our physical bodies, the bigger the resistance. And by resistance, I mean the emotional and physical conditions and energies that have kept us stuck.

When you think about it, we are creating an entirely new template for the human being. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a pretty big dream. And when I say dream I don’t mean something that’s unattainable. I mean it is something that has been a deep heart-felt desire in us for a long time. And by us I don’t mean just the human us, I mean our soul.

Our soul is orchestrating this enlightenment.  It’s our soul that has the wisdom and compassion to do this. Well that’s great we say, my soul can do this! So why is it so damn difficult?

Because of all the resistance.

The soul does not have resistance, but our human personality certainly does. And, we need to honor that it will take some time and adjustment on our human part to release the resistance.


What resistance means on a more tangible level.

We can all agree at this point that we want to embody spirit. That sounds like a nice concept, but in order for that to happen there are certain energies that need to be transmuted. In the process of embodying our soul, we are beginning to feel the love from that soul and even though it may not be constant, it opens our hearts and gives us a feeling of unconditional love. But there is a dynamic that takes place whenever there is a strong desire from the heart, and that is an opposite desire or belief surfaces.

Desire:I want more love.  Resistance: You are not worthy of love. You’ve been hurt before when you’ve opened up to love. It is dangerous to be so vulnerable.

Desire: I want to feel free. Resistance: When I tried to feel free in the past I was controlled and abused. It’s dangerous to feel free. I would be disrespecting those around me who don’t feel free. I need to please others and hold myself back.

Desire: I want to feel healthy. Resistance: My body is vulnerable. My mother and her mother were sick.

Desire:I want to be wealthy. Resistance: Wealth is a sin. I don’t deserve it. It requires too much hard work. I would stand out too much. Wealth and spirituality don’t mix.

Desire: I want to feel joy. I want to fall deeply in love with myself.  Resistance: I have no past reference to that feeling. That’s just not possible. How could I possibly be worthy of such joy and love? With all of my issues and all of my actions or inactions?

Desire: I want to be worry free. Resistance: That’s not possible because if I stop worrying something terrible will definitely happen. Worrying is my way of protecting myself.

And I’m sure you can add more to this list. But the point here is that if things feel really intense and out of control, it’s because something really great is happening. It’s because there is so much resistance going on and being pulled up to the surface so that it can be acknowledged and released. It does not matter where the resistance came from or why it’s there. Just take it at face value that as human beings, we are filled with resistance and lack because that’s part of the human experience. But, now that we are integrating our divinity into our human selves, all of those energies of lack and resistance need to be transmuted. But it is also not done from a place of analyzing it from our mind. Why? Because the mind is not built for it. It will just make you crazy.

So the real challenge is not that we have all this resistance to our integration. It’s our mind coming in and trying to tell us that there is something wrong because so much is going on that we don’t understand. The mind is trying to figure out why am I tired? Why am I feeling so lonely? Why do I feel so dispassionate? Why am I in such physical pain? Why do I have this disease? Why am I so angry? Why are my finances in such a mess? Why do I want to be alone? Why am I so afraid?

And in all of that questioning, it kind of mucks up the process of our transformation. But that’s OK. Part of the compassion is working with the mind so that it does not feel so overwhelmed.

But really, our soul has it under ‘control.’  And if we could just relax a little more, and let the seeming chaos do it’s thing, this process would go a little easier for us.  Maybe another way to put it is, stop resisting the resistance?

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