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True Passion

Years ago when in my twenties, I left New Jersey and a controlling Greek father behind, and drove, with a college boyfriend, to a small midwest town named Iron River, Wisconsin.

log-cabinWe lived for almost a year in a small cabin type home in the woods, along with another young couple.  What could be more exciting and new?

What started out as just a vacation ended up being more.  I worked at the local fishing pole factory, since jobs there were scarce.  My days involved wrapping wire around fishing poles, and inadvertently inhaling solvent based glue without proper ventilation. (Back in the early 70’s). Continue reading


Your New Vehicle

This ascension, this embodied enlightenment isn’t what we thought it would be, is it?  Early on, we thought now that we have discovered this idea that we are more than these personalities, and these physical bodies, and that we create our own reality, primarily by how we vibrate…if we are feeling good, then more feeling good comes to us.  We had discovered the Law of Attraction.  We were so excited by this realization.  We thought, now I can put this into practice and my life will just steadily improve.  I can get healthier, more youthful, attract more money, have loving, supportive relationships and live happily ever after!!! Continue reading


The Fifth Wave (The New Feminism in the New Energy)


Artwork by Maria Chambers

If you’re reading this and resonate with it, you are one of the few who came to this planet to discover who they are, and to change the direction of history. If you are a woman, you came here to become the new role model of the enlightened woman. You were brave enough to make this lifetime the lifetime of change for yourself.

Personally I am done looking for role models of an enlightened woman. Let’s be honest, isn’t it embarrassing how women are still perceived in the world. In this day and age, there are women in certain countries that are still severely oppressed. Add to that the ridiculous depiction of women in the media and in the entertainment world. I keep looking for role models but all I see are Supermodels. Major and minor roles alike in movies and television are showing women as more and more young, glamorous, thin and classically beautiful.  I’ve taken to watching more TV shows that originate from England because at least the women are cast as normal looking, and not as glossy magazine runway models.

We have been challenged as women to see our self-worth as either nurturers or emotional and physical caregivers.  In order to be taken seriously in the work world, we had to act like a man and embody that mental, competitive edge.  Our self-worth has been heavily defined by our body image, which generally can never meet up to the unhealthy standards set by our culture, at least here in the United States.

We’ve come in with a few handicaps. But we also knew that the new spiritual leaders are women.   It’s all changing now. Continue reading


Ascension and the Healing Crisis

Enjoy Sea Melody, from my album, Simply Divine, while reading the post.

You are in the process of releasing your past.  the ancient patterns that have created emotional and physical dis-ease. In this natural process, you may temporarily feel a little lost.  You may be asking, who then do I become?

You become more yourself, more of yourself.

And as you release these energies, you do so by honoring yourself, and by honoring your ancestors (and, when you think about it, you are your own ancestors, you may be your great-grandmother or great-grandfather)…and you set them all free.

Meanwhile you may be feeling all kinds of stuff…sadness, loneliness, anger, confusion, and you may be experiencing illness in your physical body.  These are all ascension symptoms…they are just coming up to be released.  They, for the most part, are ancient.  You need not try to figure any of them out with your mind.  Do what you need to make yourself comfortable.  Feel the feelings.  For the most part they are not yours.  Some have been buried for so long that they have become petrified in your body.  But not to worry, they are not permanent residents…remember your body is the last to come on board with your evolving consciousness, so don’t let your mind distract you from that truth with its fear and worry.  It takes as long as it takes.

But, having said that, it’s o.k. to go to a doctor or practitioner if you can’t seem to quiet the fears.  There is no right or wrong.  Do what gives you the most peace…eventually you will come to realize, if you haven’t already, that your body is purging old patterns and old systems, even sometimes in the form of a disease or two…and it is doing this in response to the download of rarified light and love coming onto the Planet and into your body, and this process is going to go so much more smoothly if you accept it, and keep your mind’s fears and concerns in the background, not the foreground of your day-to-day life.

Sometimes things seem to get worse.  There is something called the Herxheimer Reaction.*  It’s what happens in the body after it is given a substance to eliminate the bacterial toxins.  The body gets worse, the symptoms worsen, before there is a healing, because the toxins take longer to release.  It can also be called a healing crisis.  That is what is happening in our bodies, and even in our minds and emotions.  The symptoms feel worse for a while.  The body is responding to the growing intensity of light, and is working overtime to purge the energies that can’t sustain themselves in that light.  If we keep this in mind, we will not need to overreact and create drama.  Because, right now, our creative abilities are very potent in this new energy.  What we focus on, whether it is something we enjoy or something we fear, will manifest, and quickly.  So it’s important to, yes, feel all the feelings as they present themselves.  Yes, express them all safely, from tears to pounding a pillow, or yelling or whatever you are feeling.  And in that acceptance of them, they do transmute.  Just don’t over identify with them.  Remember they are not you.  They are from your distant past.

They are an accumulation of ancient toxins that are being purged.  Even if you think the feeling is a reaction from something that happened an hour ago, something to do with your spouse, or your friend, or your kids.  Yes, some of those feelings are because you are tired and you are impatient and want this ascension thing to be done already.  Who doesn’t?  No one wants to be uncomfortable.  But, interestingly, one of the toxins that are being released now, is the addiction to being uncomfortable.  The victim energy that is pervasive in our world.  But don’t worry about the rest of the world.  They are going at their own pace.  But you, dear new energy pioneer, are going at warp speed, even if you do not recognize it.  You are doing in this one lifetime what would take several lifetimes to do.

You are beginning to feel the love growing in you, from your divinity, and for your human self.  And your human self has been a neglected child of yours.  Those people in your life that appear before you who seem so needy of your attention and affections are merely a reflection of your own inner child who has been starving for your love and attention.  Some of you succumbed to illness and disease just to get a modicum of attention.  Or to have a reason to retreat into your own space for a while.  It felt like there were no other options.  You didn’t want to appear to be ‘selfish’…putting your needs first over others in your life…but that game is coming to an end.  You can’t afford to play in that sandbox anymore.  You certainly can’t afford to play the game of appearing to others with a sunny, nurturing, compliant disposition when at times you are feeling quite the opposite, or you just want to be by yourself, enjoying your own company.

And as you fill yourself up first, you will appear quite sunny, quite content with life and in love with yourself. You may then want to share that joy with others, but not from a place of putting on a happy face to make others more comfortable.  In fact, you may make some quite uncomfortable.  You won’t be doing the knee-jerk response of dimming your light.  You will be shining the light from your soul, through your eyes, and it will show just by the way you walk into a room.  Not everyone can handle that kind of radiance.

*The Herxheimer Reaction is an immune system reaction to the toxins (endotoxins) that are released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off, and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough.

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