Who’s Riding on Your Coat-tails?

You probably have experienced someone trying to ride on your coat-tails either financially or emotionally. Maybe it used to be something you enjoyed, or thought was your responsibility. You thought that your service to humanity was in that capacity. To hold energies for others and for the planet.  But you may have noticed that it no longer feels right.
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The Art of Being Real

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

So I was once again coming up empty, staring at my Netflix and then my Amazon watch list.  It’s happening, and it’s a little depressing.   Nothing much left to watch.  I watched the crap out of the t.v shows and movies I love, and the ones I try on are at best moderately entertaining.  And just when I think I can sink my teeth into something, they present a female character in a major role, maybe as a prosecutor, or a CIA agent, who is physically flawless, under 25 years of age, and looks like she is posing in Vogue. Continue reading “The Art of Being Real”

Our New Normal

We as human beings are great adaptors in life.  If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be here now.  Our bodies and minds have amazing abilities to adjust to changing environmental conditions.

We adjust to things in life.  We adjust to financial lack, to illness and disease, to not so joyful situations, jobs and relationships.  Little by little we adapt our bodies and minds and the unhealthy situation becomes our normal.

Of course it’s important to see the good in all situations.  And these situations and conditions are just pointing out where we are not aligned with ourselves.  And as we awaken we are less and less tolerant of anything that isn’t joyful.  We can no longer sweep it under the rug and adjust to less than joyful conditions, even if those conditions include our minds coming in and chattering in our ear that we are not doing it right!

There is still that part of us that tells us we should just settle.  That doesn’t yet trust that we can have our heart’s desires.  Maybe we will stand out too much from the crowd.  After all, people are suffering all over the world!  Or we believe we are not yet ready or worthy.  That we are not perfect enough yet spiritually.

You know, Jesus often doubted himself, but gradually recognized that he was perfect just as he was.  He felt the weight of mass consciousness, which by the way was much more dense back then, and he took time away.  We are not required to be available 24/7.  The notion of struggle and suffering to be spiritual is going by the wayside.

We are house cleaning on all levels:  physically, emotionally and even our actual homes.  We may find ourselves clearing and cleaning old energies in the form of furniture, books, papers and a variety of other objects in our homes.  We are becoming more sensitive to energies that no longer resonate with us.

They say you can’t release something until you love it.  Well you can love that financial lack as a messenger that gifts you with valuable information about yourself.  And the same for whatever bodily imbalance you may have.  And then you can choose what you prefer.  Without guilt or trying to justify why you want it.

Many of the conditions we settle on are the result of long standing emotional patterns and vibrations.  As the unsatisfying conditions manifest now, we have the opportunity to allow our soul to clear out the patterns and heal and balance our bodies and our emotions.  We know on a deeper level that we are not meant to just put up with them.

We all have aspects from other lives that were also balanced emotionally, financially and physically.  That perhaps had qualities and skills that we appear not to have.  We can call on those aspects now to bring forth the qualities we desire.

There is no longer any need to suffer, there is no longer a need for lessons.  There is no longer a need to believe we are not yet ready to allow spirit to love us and to be a part of our everyday life.

It is time to see ourselves as spirit having a human experience, not as mere humans struggling to find god.  Sometimes it comes down to, how tired are we of the struggle, and the settling and the adapting to less than joyful conditions?

For many of us, this will be our last lifetime on Planet Earth.  We have completed a cycle of lifetimes and we will be choosing other options.  So why not go out being a shining example of joy, health and wealth?  Why not truly enjoy life as an embodied master?

That may seem like a fairy tale for some but it is closer than you think.  Those gifts are waiting, they are already done on the spirit plane.  But most of us are not comfortable with the receiving step.  But as we awaken we are pushed to do or die.  We can’t remain on the fence.  We need to let go of control and trust that we are ready and we are worthy of a joyful life experience, from the inside out!

Women And Anger

Art by Maria Chambers

A woman I know, a dear friend of mine, was upset because she didn’t like herself when she allowed herself to get angry at her mate, who enjoyed pushing her buttons regularly.  She said that wasn’t her, that person who ended up yelling and saying things she was later ashamed of. Continue reading “Women And Anger”