Say Goodbye to Guilt

Art by Maria Chambers

We can’t take the emotion of guilt with us into the new energy, into our embodied enlightenment.  That emotion has had its day.  It serves no one, especially ourselves.  But it’s seductive.  It loves trying to pull us in and make us feel responsible for others.  And of course then we see that emotion reflected back to us by others in our life.  Some of them love to make us feel guilty, to make us responsible for their unhappiness, or for their joy.   Continue reading “Say Goodbye to Guilt”

You Are Worthy

Right now there are more energies available for creating than ever before, and not just earth energies, but crystalline and cosmic energies.  And they are just waiting to be of service to us for creating our own personal versions of heaven on earth.  We are of a high enough consciousness to now create responsibly.  A result of all the work we have done to awaken ourselves.

But the problem is, we are not using these plentiful new energies fully because we are still grasping onto the old ways, the old beliefs that keep us stuck in a kind of spiritual mediocrity.  The most significant of those beliefs is that we are not yet ‘worthy.’  That we still need to ‘perfect’ ourselves, whether that means becoming more ‘spiritual’ or more abundant financially or younger or thinner or more ‘giving.’  Many more can be added to the endless list.  Whether it’s to clear our issues or write our best-selling book.

We are magnificent creators.  Creating more joy had been difficult because our consciousness was not expanded enough for so very long.  but now it is at an all time ‘high.’  Don’t buy into the belief that some past civilizations were more evolved than we are now.  Or some Alien civilization.  Maybe technologically, but not spiritually.  There is no better time to be alive than right now.  And there is no better place to be than right here on Planet Earth.  And don’t buy into the old belief that you need to struggle your way to your joy.  That you still need to make it difficult, have extreme or dire circumstances in your life in order to appreciate life.

You are here for vastly different reasons than other humans.

You took on a personality and many experiences of a human but it’s not the true you, as you are discovering.  You could never really fit into society’s concepts of  ‘normal.’  You opted on a soul level to awaken yourself, and you went through or may still be going through the dark night of the soul, when you felt totally abandoned, lost and lost things from your life:  money, jobs, homes, people, maybe health.  Things you held near and dear.  You needed to strip yourselves of anything that was keeping you stuck.   So as painful as those losses were, they were appropriate.  You wanted to feel the true freedom of your spirit and your soul, but there were too many distractions in the way.  Then you discovered that when you were face to face with only yourself, free from most outside distractions, you also had inner ‘demons’ you needed to address.  So you did lots of processing of your issues.  All appropriate.

You discovered or are discovering that enlightenment isn’t what you thought it was.  It’s not becoming a better version of yourself, of your personality.  It’s not working at being more spiritual or more interesting or more worthy.  It’s actually becoming free of all that.  It’s actually something much simpler than that.  It’s just recognizing your true self.  Not your body or your personality or your talents or your profession or your goals.  Then you discover a new passion for life.

That’s where you find your self-worth.  That feeling that you are eternal and that you are god in a human form.  And that you are worthy simply because you exist.

Now it’s time to take all the wisdom from all those experiences of being human and stop trying to build a better George or Harry or Susan.  It’s time to say ‘no more!’  It’s time to proclaim, ‘I am enough just as I am right now.  No more striving to be a better human.  It stops right here and right now.’  Because if you don’t make that choice and take that deep breath and just allow yourself to receive without question, you will be forever seeking and searching and never truly feel the joy that is your birthright.

Ask yourself, ‘when will I feel worthy?  When will I be good enough?  What will it take?  How many more workshops and activation techniques and channeled messages?  When will it be done?’

It will be done when you decide it is done.  When you boldly say…

I am enlightened.

And, don’t worry, you are.  It is already done.  You’re just time traveling back from the ‘future you’ to experience it.

 Photo on 12-14-13 at 8.30 PM 4Enjoy My song, Still Love Your Company (original Version)

Women And Anger

Art by Maria Chambers

A woman I know, a dear friend of mine, was upset because she didn’t like herself when she allowed herself to get angry at her mate, who enjoyed pushing her buttons regularly.  She said that wasn’t her, that person who ended up yelling and saying things she was later ashamed of. Continue reading “Women And Anger”

Stop Trying To Be Spiritual!

One thing I discovered being a musician and artist is that a work of art or music can be technically perfect but can lack real ‘soul.’  That the so-called imperfections sometimes are what make the work unique and relatable to other humans.

One of the biggest illusions, the greatest lie going, is that you must strive to ‘Be Spiritual.’  That you have to perfect yourself before you can ascend.  That you have to display certain characteristics, heal certain issues, act a certain way, be always loving, forgiving, and patient for example before you can receive your enlightenment.  That you must strive for this ideal.

If that is what you embrace, then by law of attraction you will continue to ‘strive’, or search for yourself and your enlightenment.  In an earlier post entitled, “Perfectionism in Spirituality” I explained that the Masters of the past were also human, and displayed idiosyncracies, but stories were passed down throughout time that they were perfect, saintly beings.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Once they stopped trying to perfect themselves, and accepted all of their humanness, they became enlightened.

But then our society holds up impossible to attain images of the ‘perfect’ body, the ‘perfect’ lifestyle, and our religions teach us that we are ‘imperfect’ beings who need forgiveness.  So it’s no wonder that we carry these concepts over into the spiritual arena.  What happens when we beat ourselves up for not being this perfected  spiritual being is that we pull in past memories, from this or other lifetimes  where we believed we had done something less than ‘good.’  We actually believe that we have to heal or transform the event.  But the problem with that is we are not our past. We are spiritual beings having human experiences.  Period!

Our soul took the wisdom from the experience, yes.  But it is not who we are or who we continue to be unless we choose that.  One of the most difficult things to wrap our minds around is that we are perfect exactly as we are.

Instead we push ourselves to become better human beings, better spiritual beings.  It’s exhausting.  It’s a waste of time.  Enlightenment is just a breath away.  There are no courses you need to take, no books you need to buy, no rituals you need to practice.  That can become a bit of an addiction, a distraction.  Because do you notice that there’s always one more cd to buy, one more channelled message to read, one more issue to resolve?  Where does it end?  When will it be done?

What is actually happening in the process of ascension is we are recalibrating our bodies and minds to a faster vibration in order to embody our spirit, here in this lifetime, on this planet.  And as this happens we will be releasing patterns of thinking and being that no longer serve this end.  But that being we are beginning to embrace isn’t necessarily one who walks on water, or parts the seas, walks around curing the sick, or sprouts wings and a halo.

It’s not necessarily someone who cares about saving an endangered species or the soul of his fellow-man.  It’s actually someone who doesn’t care much about anything in particular.

You will probably lose interest in the ‘new age’ altogether.

You will probably have less and less interest in ‘making things happen’, or fix anything.

You will become more grounded, more peaceful in the full understanding that all is well, and that all your needs will be met easily.

You will walk around in a knowingness that everyone else is just where they need to be, and you’re not trying to prove to them or yourself that you know something they don’t.

As you move out of linear time you will realize that your enlightenment already happened, so there’s no anxiety about it.

One of the hardest things to get over is the concept that ’tis better to give than to receive.’  Because if you are wanting to become enlightened, to remember who you really are, you need to get over that one!  Because the foundation of the new energy is about receiving.  It’s about receiving the abundant energies available to you in order to create your desires.  You can’t give those energies to anyone else, it goes against the laws of the universe.  It simply will not work.

In fact, it’s being a bit arrogant.   it’s saying that others are weak, that they are incapable of creating for themselves.  And even if you tried to give it to them, it simply wouldn’t work.

But you are giving to them by your example, by being a living, breathing example of someone who loves themselves enough to create with the abundant energies available to EVERYONE.

You are also a living, breathing example of someone who accepts themselves, and all their so-called imperfections.  Someone who knows that they are a creator god embodied in the human experience.