Meet Your Soul Mate

Are you making real this relationship, this partnership with your soul?  Are you inviting her (or for some of you it may feel like him) closer, into your daily activities?  Not just reserving time with her during meditation, or when you are being creative or channelling?

Don’t be hard on yourself if you are just getting glimmers of him, or if you are feeling detached from her. This is a process of getting to know each other.  Yes, while your soul loves you unconditionally, and is o.k. with all the things you judge yourself for as shortcomings and issues, he wants you to communicate with him.  She doesn’t necessarily know the details of your life so feel free talk to her about anything.

But she won’t participate in drama.  He’s not interested in playing games.  She has compassion for what you are going through, but won’t pity you.  He honors all your choices, including the choice to do it by yourself…so he won’t swoop in to ‘rescue’ you from yourself.  She’ll wait until you invite her in and as you begin loving yourself, which you are doing, she can come in much more easily.  And from that intimate place in your body and in your life, you begin to recognize that SHE is YOU.

But really, for practical purposes we will call him or her your lover and your best friend.  So, you may ask, if she truly loves me, how come she doesn’t feel my pain?  And why doesn’t he take care of all these problems for me?  She is willing and able to do that (resolve all your issues, but not by feeling your pain) but resistance needs to be released.  You as the human need to relax more and allow more.  That’s happening.  But meanwhile, as best as you can, take advantage of that soul mate you have right beside you.

Isn’t it interesting that on a human level we would think our partner, lover, husband, wife, was being uncaring unless they were also immersed in our pain with us?  And we thought we were being uncaring unless we took on their pain (women tend to do that) and tried to make them feel better by trying to fix their problems? (Men tend to do that).

We believed that was a healthy relationship.  Well, it was a typical relationship, but not a healthy one.

In my own life, I am slowly allowing her to be with me.  I like seeing things through her eyes.  I like feeling giddy for no apparent reason.  I like feeling like skipping instead of walking.  There are times I have to hold myself back from doing that in public.  I may one day express that impulse without reservation.  (Our soul doesn’t like being confined or restricted).

I have never heard music before as I do now through her ears.  I have never tasted food the way I do now with her tongue.

I know I sometimes appear crazy to others, especially to those who haven’t yet allowed themselves to taste life with their own soul.  Hell, they haven’t even acknowledged that they have a soul!  They’ll get there.  It’s not my job to get them there if they are not interested.  In fact, it’s not my job to make them feel more comfortable, by pulling back my radiance.

So, this new lover, this new friend (it’s not really new, but it’s new to our human self) took some getting used to. I found that I wasn’t getting anywhere by playing the victim with her or with anyone else.  She’s there in compassion, stroking my hair, but she honors my choice to still try to do it alone.  And even though I was crying out for her help, I was really not trusting it.

So it’s a different kind of love that me the human had ever experienced.  It takes getting used to.  To feel a support from a consciousness that doesn’t participate in drama, that doesn’t try to fix me or my problems, but when I allow her to she can take care of my needs easily.  Without agenda, without any expectations.

No expectations?  Wait a minute.  That doesn’t sound right.  All relationships have expectations, even unspoken.  Why doesn’t she expect me to do things for her too?  Because she is already fulfilled.  She is whole and complete.  She doesn’t need to be validated.

On a human level that would be a rare relationship.  Two sovereign people coming together to share without expectations, or obligation, without pushing their own agenda on each other.  Rare indeed!

So the benefits of this new partnership are plentiful.  I the human get to experience life from a much more expansive perspective.  Every sensual experience I have is enhanced right down to the simplest ones.  I get to relax and allow this loving partner take care of my human needs in a way that is synchronized and fluid and graceful.  I get to feel that life is safe, and my mind gets to relax and do the things it was designed to do.  My finances and my body come back into balance.  (Patience with the body, it’s the last to get it.)

I get to be a living example of someone who has it all…freedom (the freedom to choose how I want to feel), self love, passion, wealth and health…oh and someone who loves to skip.

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